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Akira's partner Matsu was physically based on actor Yūsaku Matsuda. Standard Equipment: Gaal Blood, Naorigusa, Eden's Apple, Amon Blood, Demon's Cloud. Well, Aside From The Game's Creator",, Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 08:20. Note: The synopsis of Live A Live uses the names and terms from the fan translation. [11] Sasaki encountered difficulties with the graphics, struggling to design the "Secret Orders" scenario and needed to cut elements such as telegraph poles from "The Strongest" scenario. Attack Potency: At least Large Building level+ (Nuggiebears, who are random encounters, are around 4x the size of humans and can cause large avalanches, which Oersted can tank. [34] The release was prompted by fan demand for the title, and then-publisher Square Enix had to get permission from the guest illustrators before the re-release could happen. [3] In 2011, GamePro included it on the list of the 14 best JRPGs that were not released in English, adding that "rumor has it the game was originally slated for a US release, making its absence here sting all the more. For the motif of Odio, Shimomura used a simulated pipe organ, incorporating it into "Megalomania" to reference its recurring threat. [1] Originally meant to be released in Japan before Final Fantasy VI, delays occurred in Live A Live's production and the release order was reversed. [9] Shimamoto was originally going for an anime-styled design for his characters, but changed it to one based on traditional manga when he saw the other designers' work. [2], The turn-based battle system is used across all scenarios, and features the player character and sometimes a party fighting enemies on a 7x7 grid, with characters able to move and perform actions such as attacking or using particular skills. [10] Several staff members, including designer Nobuyuki Inoue and lead programmer Fumiaki Fukaya, had worked on either Hanjuku Hero or the Final Fantasy series. [7][13] Another goal was to evolve the standard gameplay of RPGs at the time. Armageddon (Finale Only, as Odio): Destroys the world. Death Trail: 2 tiles of diagonal range, needs to charge, inflicts massive damage, lowers User's LV. [6] Cube's name, created by a member of the development staff, was a reference to Stanley Kubrick. [7], A notable feature of Live A Live were the artists brought in to design the lead cast of the seven main sections. For the protagonist's "Inheritance" female student, Fujiware deliberately went against stereotypes of martial arts heroines with large breasts, drawing her with a "tighter" figure. [8] Pogo's story drew inspiration from the manga series First Human Giatrus, while the "Wandering" narrative was based on climactic scenes from classic Westerns including Shane. Skills can be used without limit, though some take multiple turns to charge. Reception of the game has been positive, with praise going to its unique gameplay and narrative mechanics, though its short length was faulted. [33] Characters from Live A Live were featured in 20th anniversary crossovers with the mobile games Holy Dungeon and Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal. Oersted is a Danish orgin of name. In the "Final Chapter" unlocked after completing "King of Demons", Odio draws the seven protagonists—Pogo, Oboro-maru, the Sundown Kid, Akira, Masaru. [6] The game was re-released through Nintendo's Virtual Console for Wii U on June 17, 2015. [1][2] While each narrative has the same basic mechanics, individual stories have unique gimmicks; these include the use of stealth, a lack of standard battles, or using telepathy to learn new facts to progress the narrative. Can negate durability in numerous ways. He has decent defenses and high attack power with decent speed. Live-A-Live(ライブ・ア・ライブ) - Soundtrack (SPC), Live-A-Live (SFC) - Wait For Truth -Mecha Chapter-, 27. Hammer Power: 1 tile of diagonal range, can reduce Con, comes out instantly. Straybow Straybow as he appears in the SQUARE ENIX mobile game Holy Dungeon. [35] Speaking in later interviews, Tokita felt that his experience with Live A Live helped solidify his directing and storytelling. If the player character, or party, is defeated, the game ends.[2]. Being a typical knight, Oersted fights primarily with his sword, but can also use energy and wind based attacks in order to fight at range. [15], Retro Gamer lauded both the omnibus narrative and battle system, but felt that the title was too short; the magazine concluded that the game was a "one-of-a-kind experience"[4] Jenni Lada, writing for website GamerTell, included the title in a list of the best Super Famicom titles exclusive to Japan, praising its variety compared to other titles for the platform. [17], Live A Live remains exclusive to Japan. [40] In its review, Micro Magazine's publication Game Criticism lauded the attempt at its omnibus storytelling style and use of popular manga artists, but ultimately felt it lacked substance and heavily criticized the final chapters and "imbalance" between the mature narrative and low-difficulty gameplay. Oersted begins as a typical silent protagonist, but after the death and betrayal of Alicia and Straybow as well as the bad treatment received from the people of Lucretia, he turns into a dark, cruel person believing that sheer might is the key to everything. [23] The music for the Medieval period was the most difficult for Shimomura to write, though it was among the first asked for by Tokita. These are all of the attacks and techniques that Oersted has without optional equipment or Odio's power. Invulnerability, Abstract Existence and Omnipresence make him hard to kill, Stamina: High (Escaped arrest, defeated the Lucretia guard, climbed two mountains and defeated Straybow, who is comparable in strength to Oersted, all while emotionally weakened) | Limitless. [10] The music for the Captain Square minigame was deliberately written to evoke the chiptune style of NES and early arcade titles. Cut One Way: 1 tile of horizontal and diagonal range, comes out instantly. [14] Many of the world suggestions came from other members of staff, with Tokita choosing what he thought were the best. [2] There are also different skill systems in place; there is gaining levels with experience points, which unlocks new abilities, though in others character progression is locked behind story events. As Odio his appearance is altered greatly appearing as a large forboding dark figure floating in the air and when battled his first form consists of two giant eyes that are not attached to a body and a mouth, all of which can move and attack on their own. His other forms consist of his various incarnations throughout the timelines. Live A Live was developed by Development Division 5 of Square, noted as creators of the Final Fantasy series.

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