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Think it took a long time for the shuttlecraft to land on the Cerritos? The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. Jax is the security chief of the USS Cerritos and unexpectedly dies in the first season of a new Star Trek show. The educational children’s character “Toby the Targ,” comes from Voyager. Star Trek: Lower Decks will air its Season 1 finale next Thursday on October 8. Captain Freeman insists that she doesn’t want the Cerritos to have cosmetic changes, saying “I hate it when a ship gets repaired and comes out looking all-Sovereign-class.” This references the idea that the original TOS Enterprise looked very different after its refit in The Motion Picture. and the author of the book Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths (Plume 2015. If you started watching new Star Trek in the past ten years, that means your introduction to the franchise might have been the J.J. Abrams reboot films. Riker says RED ALERT twice in these Titan scenes. Because this entire episode is about movie-versions of Trek, it seems possible that this is a slight nod to a script called Star Trek: Renaissance, which was developed shortly before First Contact became the second TNG film. The robot named Peanut Hamper is an Excocomp, a type of sentient artificial life first seen in the TNG episode “The Quality of Life.” In that episode, the Exocomps were recognized as being sentient in 2369. Your password must include at least 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol. In Nemesis, Riker and Troi had Romulan Ale served at their wedding. The latest episode Star Trek: Lower Decks is fully aware of this fact, and in episode 9 of season 1 — “Crisis Point” — the show tips its hat to the larger-than-life cinematic voyages of Starfleet. Boimler absent-mindedly asks Captain Freeman if she likes “turtlenecks or just standard uniforms.” This seems to indicate that the DS9-style turtleneck uniforms might still be in service in some parts of Starfleet in 2380. Xon was intended as a kind of replacement for Spock because, at that time, it was unclear if Leonard Nimoy would return for the role. In Star Trek (2009) Spock helps Kirk and Scotty beam from a planet and onto a moving ship traveling at warp. This is the same planet Boimler and Mariner visited in the second Lower Decks episode, “Envoys.”. This could reference Tasha Yar — the security chief of the Enterprise — who died in the first season of TNG. However, the Pakleds themselves only appeared in one TNG episode ever, “The Samaritan Snare.” As Boimler and Freeman point out, people thought they were a joke back then, too, but it turns out, they’re not anymore! In the first episode of Picard — “Remembrance” — Jean-Luc revisited the Captain Picard Day banner. It really looks like that Boimler has a round photo of Ransom in a place of honor in his new quarters. A targ is a type of Klingon pet that kind of looks like a dog crossed with a pig. Either that, or Boimler is wishing those uniforms could make a comeback. This references the TNG episode “Firstborn,” in which the Kalla system is mentioned as a place the Pakleds hang out. In “Second Chances,” Troi mocks Riker for being unable to play a certain trombone solo correctly on a song called “Nightbird.” Riker’s interest in playing jazz, specifically the trombone, started with the episode “11001001.” Most recently, Riker was listening to jazz in the Picard episode “Nepenthe,” when Jean-Luc showed up at his house.And now that Lower Decks has put Boimler on the USS Titan, it seems very, very likely that we’ll be hearing more of Riker’s jazz trombone playing in season 2. Don’t ask questions! Because this is the episode where the Lower Decks score itself becomes a non-stop Trekkie Easter egg machine. Riker and Troi talk about visiting “Little Risa” on Tulgana IV, which prompts Troi to ask if “we should bring the little Horga’hn.” This references a statue called the Horga’hn which you’re supposed to display openly on Risa if you want to well…get busy. Freeman says she never wants people to get taken advantage of by “a gamester of triskelion.” This references the TOS episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” who are revealed to be talking brains who make bets using a currency known as “quatloos.”.

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