madison seating review

2 1/2 months is not a short delay! By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Highly recommended. 888-704-3435. I also send photos separately embedded in Gmail. After I reached out to Madison Seating about cancelling my order when I did not wish for it to be canceled, they said they did not want to do business with me because of my reviews on social media and to find another vendor. Please return the chair at this point as your reaction to the error has been a tad excessive. I was looking forward to leaning more so than anything, and upon inspection, I saw a little plastic piece broken that controlled the different angles for leaning. No response.On April 28, 2020, not having a response, I emailed Madison to have the chair picked up and that I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company. Again, they informed me that the card declined for a second time. Upon unpacking the chair, a piece of the backrest was found snapped off and laying in the base of the box. Received the chair on 10/29. Response: I am very disappointed with Madison Seating. simple matter. Manufacturers require a photo Orderd a Herman Miller on 7/21.

I have an MP3 file of Madison's voicemail message pretending to be an investigator, coming after me for "being in possession of stolen goods."4. In addition, you will be provided with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and 10-year Madison Seating warranty. That means it would be over a month since I placed my order before it even shipped to me. If they know that there are delays in shipping because of Covid which is understandable, they should be transparent about that when you order the chair.

It's not worth the possibility of saving a couple hundred bucks. 44 ‘Madison Seating’ Reviews. At least, unlike some here, I got an honest answer on the first try.

of the defects he claimed was on this chair, we could have avoided all the They basically sold me a chair they did not have, and then kept telling me it was coming.... this one one for about 2 months before they cancelled my order without explanation. My honest opinion Really really love this place!! Please let us know where we could have improved our services

Share your voice on Do not order from this company. I ordered a chair in July that was supposed to be sent in 10 to 14 days. There was a problem with the first chair so they offered to send a replacement free of charge without me having to box up and return the first one. I had asked to speak to a supervisor and that request was never filled. I see a lot of reviews of people complaining about wait times, which seems fairly silly to me. I have purchased things from several companies that have delays because of Covid. I then called Madison Seating back and told them to re-run the card.

Unfortunately. Consumer This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. It saw very little use until this month when my wife started using it while teaching at home. Overall, if Madison were to clearly call out that they are gray market (is in the fine print) and clearly call out that ALL these chairs are not new, not just the "Open Box" as the last item on the page I would not be able to complain. Madison has very responsive customer service. We ordered two chairs and when one of them wasn't available, someone from MadisonSeating reached out and offered a replacement. I am so disappointed in the customer service and that they canceled my order without asking me if I would like my order canceled first.

The chair is solid, but unfortunately mine came with a defective cylinder. Their guarantee is anything by truthful and their customer service was awful!Desired Settlement: Get a full refund and for them to pay for return shipping. They told me the promo I purchased under allowed me to purchase the wrong thing, they didn't really have it, but they had this other one in a different size, different features, and a different color. When I bought it I was informed that it would be shipped in 10 to 14 business days. I ordered an Aeron, which they keep listing more of for sale... so why couldn't they send me one??? They claimed to have delivered it to my front door, though my doorbell camera clearly showed that such a delivery had never occurred. I received an email a few days later, where they offered to send me a new chair, and I could keep the existing chair free of charge.

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