magic cookie bars with shortbread crust

ek! These are an ideal morsel for a cookie exchange or holiday party, as they're decadent to eat and festive to look at, too. To compensate for that, I sprinkled the top of the baked bars with kosher salt just before serving. Question, do you think the crust would do ok in a 9×13 pan? I liked the caramel addition. Top with pecans, if using. I don’t like over baked nuts. Use of this site automatically constitutes your agreement to these terms. Yes, I corrected the recipe. I’ve never had a magic bar, due to the coconut. No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies, Garlic-Herb & Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes. W-O-W! Place pan on a wire rack to cool completely, then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before cutting into squares. In any event these are delicious and my specific tweak  (referenced the different types of  oconut I used in each individual batch). I will have to make these for an occasion where several people can enjoy (otherwise I would consume the entire batch in probably one sitting). These look so good. Thanks. Thank you for a new bar on my Christmas list. I’m sorry, I don’t understand this bit of the instructions: Visit all my recommended products at Paula’s Picks on Amazon. Nutritional values are based on one serving. I shouldn’t have looked before breakfast! These look delish! And Butter Scotch chips One of my Favorites recipes.But the Short Bread crust sounds even better. I buy it from from they’re the best, and no, I have no affiliation with them!! Hi Dylan, Yes! Tried this recipe? They’re not quite as epic-looking as the ones from the bakery, but they are every bit as delicious. Melt butter in a 13x9" baking pan in oven; remove from oven. I’ve made so many of your recipes and love every one. Hello, All content herein is meant for your personal enjoyment only. Your email address will not be published. Bake 27 to 30 minutes or until center of bars is set. Yes, I’d be interested also. Read my entire Privacy Policy here. Magic Bars on speed :) And I love magic bars! No doubt I’ll be making these before sundown! Required fields are marked *, Stay up to date. Hi Carolyn, I did not, but you can definitely do so! I am going to double the recipe with a 9×13 pan and freeze some. Thanks Michelle. Cool completely before cutting. Five years ago: Baby Shower Sugar Cookies. Other than linking to a page Call Me PMc asks that you do not copy or otherwise use images or original recipes for any other purpose. I hadn't!) You get multiple flavors and textures when you bite into these. Pecan Pie Magic Cookie Bars with Chocolate Shortbread Crust My layers start with a chocolate shortbread crust. They are wonderful! I then topped the milk with chopped pecans, coconut, caramel and chocolate chips. :). I thought the crust seemed too thick for a 9×9, so I put it in a 9×13 which is what I wanted to make anyway and it was perfect! This post contains affiliate links. The really great thing about this recipe it’s really customizable. Your email address will not be published. These absolutely look insane as you have described. Dump the mixture into the prepared pan and press into an even layer. We love Olives & Peppers, but for quick delivery, we usually default to Adrian’s. If you find a good one, let us know! FRESH RECIPE NOTIFICATIONS DELIVERED INTO YOUR INBOX! When baked the sweetened condensed milk binds everything together and they magically become one gooey, crunchy, amazing dessert bar. Hi Shauna, I had some store-bought that needed to be used up, so I used that. Luckily, we have officially entered Christmas Cookie Season, so it won't be hard to remedy this situation. After 30 minutes in the oven, the sweetened condensed milk sticks all the layers together. Hope that helps. I couldn’t stop eating their chocolate caramel bar, which is a five-layer bar, which is basically a magic bar on steroids. If you're going on a family vacation soon, make sure to check out Bluegreen timeshare resale rentals online to save up to 50% off the resort's prices. Remove from the Bake until the edges are light golden brown, about 15 minutes. These are heaven. And, it was a wonderful thing! Subscribe to receive blog updates in your email inbox, Copyright © 2020 Call Me PMc. Holiday Magic Cookie Bars with a Shortbread Crust. Four years ago: Gazpacho The fact that I could stop at that bakery every time I go to the grocery store is totally dangerous! Gently, so it doesn't disturb your carefully laid-out toppings, pour the sweetened condensed milk evenly over top in an even layer. It was so disappointing to me that I never could figure that out. I have all the other ingredients and can’t wait! I made them as per the recipe and they’re delicious! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Easy recipe. © 2012 – 2020 All recipes & images are original & the sole property of All Rights Reserved. Visit all my recommended products at. If you click the link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. More keto bar … Quick, easy and very tasty! If you need to distribute the milk, tilt the pan rather than stirring, as the crust might be torn up if you are too vigorous. Naturally I thought the bars would look adorable all dressed up for the holidays, and considering I still had a ton of shortbread from Walker's Shortbread (who sent me samples, and with which I've already made one of my new favorite things, Million Dollar Shortbread Bars), I decided to do a recipe mashup. Don’t leave a comment unless you have something constructive to say. As for the coconut haters? No serious guys, i have to make this. They're also known as 7 layer cookies, chocolate coconut cookie bars, and hello dolly bars. Bake 20 minutes until lightly brown around edges. Made these and they turned out perfectly!! Layer the toffee chips, then chocolate chips evenly over the crust. I make these but use a Gram Cracker crust. TJ’s Salted Caramel would be awesome in this! Did the recipe exactly as it is and turned out great!!!! Traditional Magic Cookie Bars are layers of ingredients beginning with a graham cracker crust and ending with sweetened condensed milk. Subscribe to receive blog updates in your email inbox. If you would like to use any of my pictures you must first contact Call Me PMc & get written permission. I don’t have time to bake today, so I guess I’ll be running to Bartram to get me some amazing treats. Daaaang it!! Do you add the cocoa with the flour? Txs. These are going on my must-make list as I love anything with shortbread involved. Is there something that can replace the coconut or can it be left out without changing the bars structure? But there's always room for more magic, right? I made it today in a 9×13 pan. I only used 1/4 c sugar in the crust. Not sure why but I have signed up twice to receive newsletter; I have not got any. Now, if you already know what a Magic Cookie Bar (or 7-layer bar, or Hello Dolly Bar, etc) is, then you know that these decadent bar cookies, made with a buttery graham crust topped with a slurry of condensed milk, nuts, chocolate and/or butterscotch morsels, and coconut, are pretty much heaven on earth. But otherwise would definitely prefer homemade! Required fields are marked *. My layers start with a chocolate shortbread crust. I got the idea for these bars when I spied Nestle Toll House Holiday Morsels (have you ever seen them? Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 9x9-inch square baking pan with parchment paper, allowing it to hang over all sides. Yum!!! That means we’re ordering pizza from multiple locations to see which one we like the best, figuring out which places are the best for take out, and, maybe most importantly, I’m trying to orient myself with a different grocery store so that it doesn’t take me two hours to shop. Menu tips, recipe ideas, prep timelines, and more! Homemade or store-bought? When I cut the bars into squares, the topping did not hold it’s shape at all and oozed all over the plate. Both were delicious, obviously the unsweetened coconut makes this dessert less sweet, but not by much! It is beautiful. I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. 5 Stars for sure! I had been to the bakery before, but I forgot how amazing the desserts are. I love their apple strudel and caramel bars. I do like the idea of a shortbread crust instead of the usual graham cracker crust, but it did need a little salt. Pecan Pie Magic Cookie Bars with Chocolate Shortbread Crust have a buttery shortbread crust with layers of. Fabulous recipe. I was just thinking about making Magic Bars for an office birthday party – definitely going to make these – the caramel is a great addition. I also made the Carmel sauce and it was perfect as well. These look unreal I’ll definitely have to try them. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until light golden brown. I wanted to make 7 layer bars, but didn’t have graham crackers – did a search and found your recipe – yay! Thanks for pointing that out to me. Your timing could not be better! I am thinking I don’t need any…just brown the butter and let cool slightly. Do you think they could be made as individuals in cupcake molds? Perfect, thanks so much! I’ve made these twice, once with organic sweetened coconut and tonight with organic desiccated unsweetened coconut (finely shredded) only because it’s what I had in the freezer left from a previous recipe.

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