make sentence with plant

In the same way, no love is wasted. The city is lighted by gas and electricity, - it was one of the first cities in the United States to adopt electric lighting, - and has a good watersupply system, owned by a private corporation, with a 41 acre filter plant of 18,000,000 gallons per diem capacity and an additional supply of water pumped from deep wells outside the city. the numerous galls on the oakbut the gall itself furnishes well adapted protection and abundant stores of nutriment to its particular larva, and often appears to be borne without injury to the plant. The average cost of constructing an exchange circuit in the metropolitan area (including the installation of telephone instruments and of exchange apparatus, but excluding the provision of spare plant) has been £33. For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. The plant will grow in almost any soil, but best on light rich soil, by the side of rivers and brooks, where sheltered from the wind. The primary root is a downward prolongation of the primary axis of the plant.

The road edged a thatch of forest past the water treatment plant and the power plant, and circled the central command hub in which she worked before leading to the main entrance of the compound.

We plow them under so we can plant a garden and then spend half our time pulling them out of it so we can grow something to eat. You are to find your way to the underworld. In 2005, rice became the first crop plant whose complete genome had been compiled. The plant societies are also)ubtless due to slight variations of the habitat. In British Honduras an alkaline decoction prepared from the Moon plant (Calonictyon speciosum) is used for the same purpose. One special plant is selected each year from the Soo raised from the previous season's test plant, and in four years' time the progeny of this plant constitutes the " general crop.". The Mosses and Liverworts include forms with a more or less leaf-like thallus, such as many of the liverworts, and forms in which the plant shows a differentiation into a stem bearing remarkably simple leaves, as in the true mosses. Four or five annual crops grow from one plant, but not more than three can be marketed, unless locally, as the product deteriorates. In Caulerpa the imitation of a higher plant by the differentiation of fixing, supporting and assimilating organs (root, stem and leaf) from different branches of the single cell is strikingly complete. No doubt the primary object of the cell-wall of even the humblest protoplast is protection, and this too is the meaning of the coarser tegumentary structures of a bulkier plant. Men are mortal. Secondly, the histology of fossil plants, particularly woody plants of the carboniferous period, has been placed on a sound basis, assimilated with general histological doctrine, and has considerably enlarged our conceptions of plant anatomy as a whole, though again. We may speak, indeed, of the plant as possessed of a rudimentary nervous system, by the aid of which necessary adjustments are brought about. The tea plant thrives and is being planted fairly rapidly on the Black Sea littoral in Transcaucasia.

The duty of a railway with deficient plant or facilities would seem to be to make up for their absence by moderating the speeds of its trains, but public sentiment in America appears so far to have approved, at least tacitly, the combination of imperfect railways and high speeds. A garden is a complex of aesthetic and plastic intentions; and the plant is, to a landscape artist, not only a plant - rare, unusual, ordinary or doomed to disappearance - but it is also a color, a shape, a volume or an arabesque in itself. The pursuit of this study has not only thrown valuable light on the economy of the plant as a whole, but forms an indispensable condition of the advance of morphological anatomy. Please login to your account or become a member and join our community today to utilize this helpful feature. The introduction of new plants, which made it possible to dispense with the bare fallow, and still later the application to husbandry of scientific discoveries as to soils, plant constituents and manures, brought about a revolution in farming. Students can use these worksheets to learn parts of a plant, vocabulary words for plant life, and more. Th Japan received cotton from India before China, and the plant is extensively grown, especially in West and Middle Japan. Plants are multicellular organisms that contain chloroplasts. This intermediate-level bean diagram has labels and definitions for the epicotyl, hypocotyl, radicle, embryo, seed coat, and cotyledon. The first accurate description of the plant is given by Theophrastus, from whom we learn that it grew in shallows of 2 cubits (about 3 ft.) or less, its main root being of the thickness of a man's wrist and 10 cubits in length.

This serves a double purpose, bringing up from the soil continually a supply of the soluble mineral matters necessary for their metabolic processes, \vhich only enter the plant in solutions of extreme dilution, and at the same time keeping the plant cool by the process of evaporation.

The waiting room consisted of two chairs, an empty magazine rack, and a potted plant in the corner.

This diagram has labels for stamen, carpel, petal, sepal, ovule, receptacle, filament, anther, stigma, style, and ovary. Every plant is constrained to carry Out its functions of germination, growth, nutrition, reproduction, &c., between certain limits of temperature, and somewhere between the extremes of these limits each function finds ao optimum temperature at which the working of the living machinery is at its best, and, other things being equal, any great departure from this may induce pathological conditions; and many disasters are due to the failure to provide such suitable temperaturese.g.

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