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Employ a workforce that reflects the diverse community we serve and maximises personal and commercial opportunities. We work to an International policy framework that includes compliance with ‘law of the land’ plus additional M&S requirements, including: The M&S Pension Scheme has been a signatory of a United Nations- backed initiative called the  ‘Principles for Responsible Investment’ (PRI): Being a signatory commits the scheme to working in collaboration with other investors on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in line with six principles: The Scheme maintains a policy in respect of ESG issues and encourages the entities the Scheme is invested in to improve their awareness of ESG issues by expecting its appointed investment managers to have integrated ESG factors as part of their investment analysis and decision-making process. We are committed to direct employee engagement and participation through democratically elected Business Involvement Groups and Works Councils as we believe that the people who work for us: In addition to communications throughout the year we also have an annual Your Say survey as well as confidential (on request) helplines and a process of annual performance reviews. All the decisions we make relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias and based solely upon work criteria and individual merit. Every registered employee of the company can easily login to with ease. There are many of the tips provided for the Mandspeoplesystem login. Our ultimate goals are to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically and help our customers to lead healthier lifestyles. x��Z�n�H}7��9�:}gs��dfcl60�>0�,s#�Io�w�G����(�t[�,��U�u9��ߞ/��}q�fW�����BH��d��)���ӓ?~f��'o��l�:=�l�yX8)��y���ӓ����U��{�����o�8;c�i�IxW����UJr��Ƥɸ��x� 3N���ۢ�M{_��1�v�zH/L�tq_�(�2����1�v��9)y���5��1� k���p7���I��n�~z����P��jG,�g������X:�:�J'&)oS��/���!ܕYr���T�I�H':�o�7K�_�.��*�2Y�9�XA����\(f�D� We’ve identified 180 key commitments, created the unique Shwopping experience and countless other initiatives besides. You can also access through ipads by adjusting the similar settings. Our more sustainable Little Shop 2 campaign has been the best yet, and Marketing Manager Lauren has played a key part in its success. 30,000 national & local employee discounts are on the platform. Once you have been with us for three months you’ll be eligible to join and we’ll send you an invite to your home address. Blog 2: What’s all the fuss about Vitamin D? Find out more about our approach to respecting human rights. Wait for a while till it opens in your Smart device. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], By doing this, you’ll pay less Income Tax and National Insurance each month as well as building up an investment. If you’re ready to play your part, you’ll be richly rewarded too. Open Farm Sunday 2014 - the best one yet! M&S business news, financial results, presentations, company reports and the latest share price, Keep up to date with all of the latest news from M&S, Discover more about the stories behind M&S - our products, stores, suppliers and people, We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest. From its humble beginnings as a Leeds market stall, M&S is now an international, multi-channel retailer. Its settings and many. Today M&S staff can also access a free physiotherapy service, free confidential 24/7 helpline and counselling and access to an in-house occupational health service. As a valued employee of Perks at Work, you have access to deep discounts from thousands of name brand merchants. Once the account gets open, your successfully done!!! And because we want to be the best, we want you to be your best. Mandspeoplesystem is the marks and spencer employee login website. Like this website works on the type of browser that like google chrome and internet explorer. We know it’s our people who make M&S successful. Employee discount – You’ll get 20% discount on all in-store and online purchases. Once done filling out the details, tap on the ok button. If we can bring out the best in our people and give younger people a better start in their careers, that’s incredibly rewarding – and something we’ll continue to do. Employing people in different countries means responding to different cultural and social norms and different employment law and commercial considerations. So that means we have equally big responsibilities. endobj Heath & Wellbeing – At M&S your wellbeing is a big priority, and we want you to be the best you can be. What are the major agricultural themes in 2016? Raise colleague awareness by designing and delivering training programmes that support the Equal Opportunities aims. Be in touch with mandspeoplesystem for learning current updates at the right time. This is made up of a combination of franchise and part-owned operations. Supporting the community - Supporting the community plays a big part in most of our lives, whether we are supporting schools, health services, charities or local action groups. Responding to Stakeholder Concerns on Human Rights, From field to fork – our farming standards, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy for M&S Business Partners, Medal celebrations at the Chelsea Flower Show. = id; Recognition for our leading approach to farm animal welfare, #AccessDay - Access all Areas, Access for All, Now there is even more reason for business to stand up for Human rights, Our pitch to make innovation the ‘new normal’, M&S DAIRY FARMS: NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO CUT & RUN, Introducing Skin Kind - a stylish solution for allergy concerns, Adding Chilled Food To Our Food Surplus Scheme, A year on from our first report, M&S is even more committed to standing up for Human Rights and helping to eradicate modern slavery, M&S and National Grid: a successful partnership for Demand Side Response, Making Every Moment Special in the Community - Northern Ireland, Helping our local communities by doing more with our surplus food and waste, M&S looks to innovative solutions in denim, for a more positive environmental impact, World Water Week – Our Water Stewardship Journey, M&S CELEBRATES 50 YEARS IN NORTHERN IRELAND, Business can help take the stigma out of mental health, There is no place for modern slavery in any business, Why we’ve joined the call to action on the Cerrado, The 2017 World Cocoa Foundation’s annual partnership meeting – collaboration, investing in standards and building capacity, Celebrating 8 years of fundraising for the Royal British Legion, ‘Momentum for Change’ for carbon reduction, M&S, Paddington and NSPCC – Christmas 2017, Collectively: how 100 ‘intrapreneurs’ are hoping to inspire big business to tackle inequality, Protecting our oceans in 2017: Blue Planet II, Sky Ocean Rescue and fewer plastic bags. So, therefore, here we go. Pay – We regularly check our salaries against other companies to make sure we’re competitive and keeping up with changes in the market. Enter any email address below, and we'll send you a link. Find out more about our mental wellbeing activities in our 2020 update. Ensure that all decisions relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias, and based solely on work criteria and individual merit. M & S PARTNERSHIP WITH SHELTER - RAISING £8 MILLION! Our people bring our values to life. Pioneering Best Practice in the Fishing Industry. Welcome to the M&S website. This has come with various subsidiaries and branches managing a huge number of employees in a perfect well-mannered and systematic way. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); �Kw)N.�3xF��O#���MwM}p��7�T��l��z�s�*Q��R�ׂ��� \ *J���̭�S���Ѐܞm-K(4Y�Z�=���uLJ ����C�e}p����s͕�δ#;]�\�13���D Discounts – It’s not just in-store where you can benefit from generous discounts. And then, you are perfectly allowed to access all the work-related details like pay stubs, work schedules, holidays, cuttings, and many more at the right time. Marks & Spencer has always had a good relationship with the wider community from where we draw our colleagues and our customers. New 'Easy dressing' range in conjunction with The National Autistic Society, ADDRESSING OBESITY AND HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS MAKE HEALTHIER CHOICES, M&S Pedal to Paris for The Royal British Legion, LOCHMUIR SALMON – 10 YEARS OF BEING RICH IN OMEGA 3, Nature – the world's most productive factory – is under threat, Announcing the ‘M&S Energy Community Energy Fund’ 2016 Judge’s Prize Winners, M&S is on a sustainable journey with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. These are certain requirements that need to be cross-checked and gather before initiating the entire process. Who are the Twitterati that inspire the Plan A Team? Especially employees can have an opportunity of getting access to the payslips very well without facing even single trouble. M&S and Breast Cancer Now celebrate partnership! … Initially, you are requested to gather any Smart device like PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone respectively. Then, you are requested to open the web browser and suggested or allowed to visit it’s the official site now without any fail. Does "clean eating" equal healthy eating? Dept. <> And if your new, need the contact number to get register yourself @0345 304 7474. The relationships you build with your employees is … Some awards highlight the efforts we’re making as an employer, or how we’re starting to tackle youth unemployment. At M&S we feel it's vital that our people are well rewarded. If you have a disability or learning difficulty which means you are unable to complete the application process online, please call us on 0845 300 3725 in order to complete a telephone assessment, and select option 3 so we can make alternative arrangements for you. 25 years of Fairtrade: Celebrating our partnership with M&S, Mental Health Day: Putting our minds at the fore, Celebrating 20 years of the M&S Milk Pledge, How we’re sharing our digital expertise with our local community and working to correct the gender imbalance in tech, The Lingerie Trends that have shaped the Decade, Building on our chicken welfare standards with new Hubbard range. When Michael Marks and Tom Spencer joined forces to create M&S in 1894, not even they could have foreseen the global success story that was to unfold. endobj Supporting working parents - M&S recognises the importance of the family and the need to support working parents in ways that help them balance their work and family lives. } Shwop & Sew Lab – Bristolians, give your clothes a second life! Ensure that our workers are not disadvantaged in any aspect of our employment policies or working practices unless justified as necessary for operational reasons. Celebrating our M&S Energy Community Energy Fund Winners, Reducing food waste - ACS Hillingdon School visit, WhatsApp? Did you know you can access Perks at Work from home? What’s more, we’ll give a partner or family member who permanently lives with you the discount too! Our food products are loved by our customers for being innovative, delicious and great quality. We promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation and work hard to ensure everyone is offered equality of opportunity to achieve their full potential. Not only are we responsive to the needs of our employees and customers but we also take pride in the role we play in the community at large. Claire Hughes on health and wellbeing: blog 1, Celebrating M&S support for #lovefoodhatewaste, M&S given green light to trial frozen food redistribution.

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