medial in a sentence

It all centres around a part of the brain called the, 20. , There are three classes of wealth in the United States, and the middle class is medial because it is above the lower class and below the upper class. The retention of medial f which in Latin became b; 2. The main position of synovial plica was, 14.
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According to Armstrong, anthracene behaves unsymmetrically towards substituents, and hence one lateral ring differs from the other; he represents the molecule as consisting of one centric ring, the remaining medial and lateral ring being ethenoid. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Statistics help: What is the difference between the p-value and the chi squared value? The arms are LATERAL to the thoracic cavity. What is the difference between an STR and an LTR? When the ends are brought together by rotation of these arytenoid cartilages, the medial surfaces touch. 3. Objective To explore microsurgical totalectomy experience promotion with, 18.

I see a jam., I see a cat., I see a cap., I see a fan., I see a bag., I see a van.. medial ligaments in last Tuesday's Test match. The deeper layer of the ligament is attached to the medial meniscus. Against medical advice he was brought home to England to recover. situated in the middle of something. An example of something medial is the center of a propellor. They do not represent the opinions of The brachial artery lies medial … Injection in exterior OMN affected little parts of, 19.
All Rights Reserved. Between these systems run the main rivers; and these naturally rise near the medial ridge, in the lacustrine district of el-Buka`a, or Coelesyria, and flow in opposite directions. He sustained a 90 per cent tear of his medial ligaments in last Tuesday's Test match. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The eyes, nose and mouth are located in the anterior of the human body. Logged Torn ACL, stable, medial meniscus tear of posterior horn. We were told to teach first initial then final sounds and then medial vowel sounds. On the medial moraine one mile from the front there was no measureable displacement. Taking the Atlantic as our simplest type, we may say that the surface of an ocean basin resembles that of a mighty trough or syncline, buckled up more or less centrally in a medial ridge, which is bounded by two long and deep marginal hollows, in the cores of which still deeper grooves sink to the profoundest depths. 255+65 sentence examples: 1. These papillae have taste buds in the medial walls of the cleft. Ensure that the medial border of each foot touches the line. I decided to consult a medical dictionary. Medial: 1. He soon documented medial. Definition of Medial.

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