modulus of elasticity formula

Given a pair of elastic moduli, all other elastic moduli can be calculated according to formulas in the table below at the end of page. With the compressive strength test on the concrete specimen (cylinder of 15 cm diameter and 30 cm length having a volume 15 cm cube), the modulus of elasticity of concrete is calculated with the help of stress and strain graph. Homogeneous isotropic linear elastic materials have their elastic properties uniquely determined by any two moduli among these; thus, given any two, any other of the elastic moduli can be calculated according to these formulas. It is defined as the ratio between the normal stress to normal strain below the proportional limit of a material called modulus of elasticity Ec. The value of modulus of elasticity of concrete may vary and depends on the followings factors. It is defined as the ability of the material to come back to its original position (size and shape) after releasing forces. will be the same as the units of stress.[2]. Modulus of elasticity = unit stress/unit strain. Under tension and shrinkage stresses, all concrete structures will crack to some extent. As we now concrete show different properties under different water-cement ratios and having a different concrete mix (M15, M20, etc). Modulus of elasticity = unit stress/unit strain. The plus sign leads to Elastic Moduli The proportional region, within the elastic limit of the stress-strain curve (region OA in the above figure), is of utmost importance for both structural and manufacturing engineering designs. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Young's Modulus, often represented by the Greek symbol Ε, also known as elasticity modulus, is a physical quantity to express the elasticity (ratio of stress & strain) of material. 0 Modulus of elasticity is an important design factor for metals for calculations of elastic deflections. An elastic modulus (also known as modulus of elasticity) is a quantity that measures an object or substance's resistance to being deformed elastically (i.e., non-permanently) when a stress is applied to it. Specifying how stress and strain are to be measured, including directions, allows for many types of elastic moduli to be defined. δ By applying forces, the lattice of material changes its shape and size and goes back to its original positions after releasing force. Young's Modulus or "Modulus of Elasticity" can be defined as a measure of stiffness of an elastic material. The concrete has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This table showed that we get different elasticity in different mixes. The elasticity behaviour is different for different materials. Required fields are marked *. Homogeneous and isotropic (similar in all directions) materials (solids) have their (linear) elastic properties fully described by two elastic moduli, and one may choose any pair.

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