mongul vs apocalypse

Apocalypse has so much power, that he burns out his own superhuman body, and must transfer his essence into new ones on a regular basis. Mongul The Elder vs Apocalypse. Adding Apocalypse is a bit much. If that’s the case, then it must count double for superheroes and their opponents, at least if Superman is anything to go by! Killer Croc stands and has the power to mentally control all reptilians. He is a younger age version of Thor where Hulk can even beat him easily. no prep, both full powered who will be the victor? Mongul would then be called by Wonder Woman who wanted to make a deal for the possession of Warworld,[10] a deal she arranged by force. [16], Mongul eventually returned to Warworld, where he participated in a massive battle. His Celestial armor was generally breakable, these days it seems closer to real Celestial metal if not the same. @comic_book_fan: A young, brash Thor without his hammer, who hasn't matured physically or mentally. @comic_book_fan: Am I being trolled right now? Apocalypse is high meta to low herald. Just like how sidious allowed vader to get close enough to him to throw him over the death star, but does that mean vader can take sidious 1 on 1? This is a tough one..I am leaning toward Mongul though. But, Apocalypse takes it cause physical there shouldn't be much difference between the two,and although they both have energy abilities, Apocalypse can do a lot more including project and expel large and vast amounts of concentrated plasma energy from his body and channel that energy through either his hands or eyes though which he can mentally control and are so powerful it once took Cyclops's optic beams, Jean Grey’s telekinesis, Gambit’s kinetically charge playing cards, and Storm’s thunderbolts, to barley overpower his energy attack, create, generate, and project powerful and nearly impenetrable protective force fields, infuse his body with his own energy, in order to speed up his reflexes and reaction time to higher superhuman levels, dimensionally phase shifting his entire hand through another object or person at will, absorbing massive amounts of various forms of outside energy and mass into his body with almost no upper limit in order to augment the levels of both his physical superhuman strength and durability as well as his other superhuman powers to even higher superhuman levels giving him almost unlimited potential as he once absorbed all the practically near infinite supply of energy from Cyclops’ optic beams leaving him temporarily depleted for months , and can manipulate energy to an unknown degree, but once he was able to channel energy attacks shot at him back to where they came from by making his own body act like a conductor which he has done before with plasma energy and thunder bolts against Strom and Havok at the same time and once turned himself into a living explosion of energy powerful enough to knock out beings as durable and as powerful as Colossus while using his Shape-Shifting powers to reform himself. JavaScript is disabled. IIRC this Mongul matched Superman, so he's at least Large Planet level+. apocalypse is just as strong if not stronger than mongul he has a more versatile power set he would own mongul. Since a young age, he strongly believed that the strong had natural subjection of the weak, and thus wasn't willing to share anything with anyone, not even his own kin. @comic_book_fan: I never talked about lifting planets. Him taking them all on, plus Guy and others is just fanboyism. The only time I've seen Apocalypse win is when Thor was incredibly young and without his hammer, and even later with some crappy axe, Thor nearly cut Apocalypse in half. Also, Mongul is the holder of the yellow power ring, which is as diverse in its ability as Thor's hammer. Mongul would need an amp to contend here. If Op doesn't state what version site rules say we use current versions only as current Apocalypse almost decapitated Thor with one punch (well with 3 hits Thor retreated) so whats current Mongul feats ? If Apocalypse is at full power (as in nobody woke him too early or something like that) Apocalypse is able to contend with Mongul physical. This is where Thor and Loki compete to show Odin who's proven to be worthy, so that battle was a useless one to compare. I have no doubt he would make mongul into his host. Ultimate Thor vs. Pre-Crisis Superman (Earth-2) match! After killing his younger brother, his parents spend years trying to induce discipline upon him, eventually igniting a war between the family that ended up ravaging their home planet, with Mongul as the family's sole survivor. Soon he is vaulted by Adam into the other side of Warworlds planetary surface. He even showed up Beast (who is not only a world renowned biochemist, but was even stated later on by the super villain group known as the Intelligencia and by Mister Fantastic himself that Beast is one of the eight top minds on the planet who was using Shi‘ar medical equipment at the time) when Apocalypse saved Charles Xavier of a Techno-Organic Virus. By Apocalypse: "Rise my children and take your places as my Horsemne of Famine(Mr. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Batman Villains. ", Mongul: "I choose the hard way makes things more interesting. He's nearly immortal otherwise, and possesses powerful regenerative ability. and apocalypse has fought that thor and knocked him on his ass. First Appearance @mr-luxcipher: lady thor is exactly the same and she stalemated unworthy thor and apocalypse seemed to casually break her neck. He does it right at Apoc's face and its a done deal battle. He STOMPS. Mongul is a powerful alien supervillain from DC Comics. Mongul, without the rings, can go rounds with Superman, someone who outclasses Apocalypse in almost every way. Adult Thor's feats way outclass anything Apoc has done. Would be a hard fought battle, though. And it still didn't change the fact Hulk would have almost won this battle going up against Apoc where Thor can beat Hulk a little easier. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. With rings this swings things heavily in Mongul's favor, but then, Apocalypse vs. any high end ringslinger will be one-sided against him. And latest Mongul would beat Apocalypse because of his Yellow Lantern Rings. @alphaaboveall: Apocalypse recently killed 2 thors and badly hurt lady thor possibly killed her. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – at least, that’s the prevailing wisdom. Not sure Apocalypse is casually swatting away Superman and MMH like this. and thor has never beat Apocalypse without his plot weapon. Born in ancient Egypt, he has several centuries of experience, and genius level intellect, with a knowledge of genetics rivaled only by Mr. Sinister and the High Evolutionary. Win awesome prizes! [12], Mongul was nonetheless confident of himself, deciding to join the battle and confront the latest addition to the corps head on, he is defeated in the end by Sinestro, who had outsmarted him by turning his allies in the League against him and banishing him into the depths of space via Sinestro ring fragments jettisoning him to parts unknown. Mongul took him prisoner going over how he draind the fear lanterns power ring using the technology of Relic while he awaited for the rest of his Corps, but was unaware that their number now counted a New God amongst them. Well in that case Mongul loses pretty badly. Other than that, he had difficulty just beating Hulk where Mongul can take on the Hulk easily. i miss when apocalypse actually was "that dude" and not a punching bag. @hellionvulcan: Those 3 Thors were weaker forms than Current Thor. Loki is not physically as strong as Thor, depending on writer he may be close but has been spanked away. he has shown to be stronger than thor everytime they fought. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Mongul punching his sister's head off impresses me more than anything I've seen from Apocalypse but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise in this battle. Apocalypse also has powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities (Can lift almost as much weight mentally as he could physical) Can fly, teleport, and can interface, communicate, control, and even merge with the various forms of technologies. Stop presenting that scan out of context. The Thor he battled was the one "Heir To The Kingdom". It may not display this or other websites correctly. @comic_book_fan: Well those threads say it all. And I can keep going lol. Mongul finds himself outmatched and once again feels the sting of fear for the first time since his emotions were stripped from him. Apocalypse was a beast on the battlefield. Apocalypse could never stand up to Guy, Jon, Kyle, and Sodom Yat. Those by the number norse-gods are nowhere near as impressive/powerful as the original. Mongul fled for the time being to Earth in order to plot his revenge. Mongul's greatest weapon in the power ring, which is definitely nothing to scoff at, but I don't think he's got quite the chops or experience to take down Apocalypse. She used the Warworld's power to damage Brainiac enough for Superman to defeat him and end his threat. If everybody's saying that Captain Atom can stomp Apoc, then Mongul would definitely stomp him. ", This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Sinestro Corps members category.". And all of that is in "Messiah war". Even Xman and mags together was not able to stop apoc! Powerful beings where Apoc would get demolished if he ever were to go against them. Apocalypse: "Mongul, join me and this planet and you shall become one without it … Superman: Villains #1(May, 2020). 8 years ago. Welcome to the forums! So I'm leaning on Mongul in this fight. @hellionvulcan: Oh I didn't know that. And to apoc he was just a mindless pawn. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Killemall. Apocalypse can't handle Jon, Sodam, or Kyle. There isn't much to see from what Apocalypse can do. Created by HelixFlame. In general, I don't really see him being above Captain Atom. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The guy is composed of metal... @comic_book_fan: Mongul's strength is around Superman's, so that's not true. Win awesome prizes! Apocalypse opens a portal back to the Marvel universe Fmine and Pestilance step through and disappear from sight as the portal closes. The Gang (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia), Match 1550 Apocalypse and Doomsday vs. Mongul. that crappy axe was a plot device kang gave thor to kill celestials with and still the only reason why thor was able to win was because apocalypse let thor hit him because he didn't think it would hurt him that thor was not that young he was fully grown just didn't have his hammer yet and apocalypse nearly killed him in 3 hits.

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