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For filofax or discbound bullet journals dividers can work super well too because you can shift pages elsewhere, so you could have a divider just for some of your collections, and for monthly pages. If you decide to use the index, there are a few things to consider before you setting up your bullet journal notebook index page. Apart from your own preference, using an index can be very helpful depending on how you use your bullet journal. 4 ┃ When your bullet journal is sectioned off randomly as you go and your collections end up placed within planning pages. An index in bullet journal make it a lot easier to search by topic and it’s constantly rolling. Powered by Shopify, The Index serves to help you easily find your entries. Perfect for when you don’t have many collections to search for and just need to easily open your monthly pages. What to do when you run out of index page? Some dot grid journals already come with printed index pages, such as the LT1917, but an index can be added manually to any notebook. Connect the Indexes by. And that is it! If you work on multiple complex or long-term projects, you can create a dedicated Index for each. That is because their pages are so different from each other mostly and a simple flip through is enough to get you in the page you want to. For instance index all of your collections (recipes, picking lists, journaling lists, event memory pages, etc.) It’s very similar to a list of content only it doesn’t have to be in chronological order necessarily. But I have seen people using anything from 2 to 12 index pages! What to use in the first page of the book instead of an index. To give them further context, you could underline with different colors. Start at the back if the notebook: and never run out of index pages again! We share lots of bujo, calligraphy and doodle ideas to get you started. 5 ┃ When you want to find one-off pages from old journal books. Let’s get the discussion going on and dive into the pros and cons of bullet journal index. It’s the master, Indexing also provides a great visual timeline. By splitting the Index in half you get twice the amount of room which is helpful in case you find that you have a lot of entries. - Colorful Dot Stickers with a clear guide that doubles as a writing mat, - White Stickers that you can color with the colors of your choice. Then you color the edge of the page in the same height to match that category. This can work in any of the above methods because it treats each entry in the Index as an actionable item. This is one of those very subjective sides of bullet journaling. Help! However, there are some great advantages of using an index in your bullet journal. You will find that mostly you will have to flick through to find the pages you want but at least it will help you sort through types of content. Lightcage LLC, All rights reserved. If you love the ribbons and would like to have more, simply grab a few ribbons and tie them around the top of the existing ribbons and voila! 2. If you use a index notebook such as the Leuchtturm which has numbered pages you just need to go indexing pages as you create them. The lines match up to that topic. If you like to use this system I just recommend leaving the next couple of pages after the index blank as if you run out of pages you can carry on from there. If you would rather not split your Index or assign pages (especially if you’re new to the Bullet Journal) and just want to add to the Index as you go along, but find that you need to have certain ones stand out more, then you could consider underlining some. Add an extra index in the middle of the notebook: You can have more than one indexes even though it will make the process a little bit harder. Normally you need to find where a specific spread/page that you will revisit often is and not regular journal entries. 3. If you are just starting out all these words I am mentioning don’t make much sense to you yet, here are a few articles you might want to check out. Be the first to know about news, tips, and deals. Dot stickers are better suited if you want to mark the edges of your pages with dot stickers instead of ink. Add Monthly logs and Collections to the Index. Powered by Shopify. Many people also wonder, when not using the printed index of notebook, how many pages to leave blank for indexing. We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Your flip out paper features all the categories that you have indexed. These topics can be indexed as such: “New Zealand Trip: 5–10, 23, 34–39, …” The Index … Easily divide your main sections with these tabs. I can’t seem to use any color! These methods work beautifully along with the traditional Index as Ryder presents it. These cute markers can be used as well, just like the washi tape color coding technique. - Same as before, but some different ideas for the dot stickers. The most artsy I go with this page is adding a flourish header and the rest is plain straight lines and dots. So, how many pages in a bullet journal should you eave for the index? You will find that quite often artsy bullet journalists, such as myself, don’t use an index. Add new pages if you use a disc bound notebook: the beauty of disc bound bujos is the page flexibility. You can of course use a mix of all the above and come up with different bullet journal index ideas. If you bullet journaling style is one of the below mentioned, you might be happy to use your bullet journal without index: 1 ┃When you use thin notebooks: if you use notebook with fewer pages (i.e. Want to keep a bullet journal? Alternative ideas to traditional index for bullet journal. This works really well if you don’t have a large amount of things to look back to. Instead of writing “Udemy course” write the actual course’s name “Photography Basics”, If you run out of room in your Index, simply flip to the next available page (or start from the back) and continue business as usual. For example, you could have one side for meeting notes and the other side for the rest of your projects or other Collections. I hope this article helps you get more out of your Indexing journey! In your index you can reference the pages of all your mood trackers at once. This is a simple bookmark to make and use for a page or two. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read on to learn my best tips on how to use it and some little hacks that can help you index your content in an effective way. 50 pages) an index might be redundant. You can check my notebooks guide here. The original bullet journal method from Ryder Carroll presents the index as a permanent feature and one of the first things you set up. There are a few popular ways to mark the edges: with black ink, colorful ink, or page flags. When you are actively using a notebook you probably know pretty much where most pages are but it will take a lot of flicking through old journal to find specific pages.

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