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As the filtration system begins to leak more water, Ramsey gives Warren a device that emits a subsonic pulse, and Warren is successful in clearing the jam. "Nothing. Ramsey just flips Ransom onto a table, before apologizing for her "instinctual" reaction. I'm just phasing.

Mariner happily accepts the offer, not realizing that Ramsey is actually serious in her offer.

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Phibeas thanks them, and he dives back into the water with a few more of the other amphibious beings. In the workshop, Rutherford is experimenting with the ship's transporters, with the hopes of making it go slightly faster.

Durga restores the artificial gravity and the systems start to come online.

(voice), supervising producer (as Shannon Prynoski), executive producer (as Eugene Roddenberry), Supervising Sound Editor / sound effects editor.

On the bridge, the visiting captain arrives, and Mariner is unenthusiastic, until she sees the captain is her friend from Starfleet Academy, Amina Ramsey. Boimler tells her that normal dogs don't do any of those things, which surprises Tendi.

As Ramsey records her log in the ready room, Mariner is goofing around, making Ramsey laugh.

Boimler is sent to a Starfleet medical ship after a transporter accident puts him "out of phase."

", "Rutherford, we need your transporter thing up and running!

| Boimler asks how long it will take to get to The Farm, and the Edosian simply replies for him not to concern himself with that, saying that "The Farm cures all," before giving a seemingly sinister laugh as they board the ship. Command ensign with accelerated growth and reverse aging,, This episode is the twelfth episode or film to feature the name of a character played by a member of the series', The Division 14 Medical Specialist was the first appearance of an, In describing the in-universe character's familiarity with the events of other.

Boimler's story is a take on the ol' transporter (or other science) accident. "Barf! Boimler is sent to a Starfleet medical ship after a transporter accident puts him "out of phase.".

The Cerritos exits warp, finding the Rubidoux adrift. Mariner seems confused by the claim, saying that the only thing outside is the Cerritos, but Dayton says that they are inside it. He then wishes everyone a successful recovery, before letting out another seemingly sinister laugh. No!

The Farm lives up to its reputation as the officers enjoy relaxation and treatments by the on-site nurses. Mariner contacts Rutherford and tells him to get his transporters online. Ramsey introduces Mariner to her senior staff, Ottessa Warren, Drew Prachett, a Rigelian, and Durga, a Vulcan, and says that when it comes to boots-on-the-ground planetary action, Mariner is one of the best officers to be with. Written by The ensign who plotted the mutiny is ashamed of his actions, and apologizes to the Edosian specialist, but the Edosian specialist notes that his own reaction to hearing about their mutiny was uncalled for as well, saying that they should have just talked everything out.

Directed by Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner: Mariner tells her that she thought she was still on the USS Oakland, and was not aware that she was promoted to captain. Boimler suggests a meeting with everyone where more information can be shared, but the specialist lets out an enraged howl before destroying his desk.

The hull stress shatters the viewscreen, resulting in a massive hull breach, threatening to blow the crew into space. Everyone seems taken aback by it, but he simply tells them that is his normal laugh. Mariner agrees with this.

(voice), Lieutenant Drew Prachett Mariner asks if they can talk about this after their current situation is resolved, but Ramsey realizes that Mariner has been deliberately screwing up to sabotage her efforts of getting a command position aboard the USS Oakland.

Cerritos and the daughter of Captain Freeman.

However, the ensign suffering from accelerated growth and reverse-aging simply says that Boimler's abnormality is already cured and that he shouldn't be at The Farm any more.

"Sometimes when I say that I'm going to the bathroom, I'm really recoding her DNA."

As the entity begins to tear apart the Rubidoux, Mariner takes charge and begins to usher the crew to safety.

Mariner simply tells her that she didn't want to be tricked into a position she didn't want. Boimler walks in and asks if his hair looks good for a possible promotion, but gets interested in Rutherford's experiment. Boimler begs for mercy, noting that he's just like them, when his phasing suddenly wears off.

"I am the rules!

Informed of this, Ramsey desperately tries to contact Durga to stop her from restoring power to the ship, but her transmission is garbled. Rutherford warns her that he was unable to fix the problem that Boimler had when he used it, but Mariner simply yells at him to get them out of there.

Ramsey and Mariner gaze outside at the entity, and Ramsey notes how these kinds of discoveries are what make Starfleet such a great career. Ramsey says that her offer for Mariner to join her as her first officer still stands, but while Mariner admits that she appreciates the offer, and that it's very tempting to be her first officer, she still has things she wants to figure out for herself as an ensign. Rutherford suggests that Tendi is messing with them and the dog is perfectly normal, but as soon as he says this, the dog begins to shapeshift, and crawl on the walls and ceiling, much to Boimler and Rutherford's discomfort. Tendi is happy that The Dog is happy, and says goodbye once more, and The Dog begins to fly away, bidding her farewell.

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Later, however, Boimler reports the planned mutiny to the Edosian specialist. Dayton loses control of herself and begins panicking, and Mariner knocks her out and tells the crew to pick her up and make for the bridge, which is where they beamed in, saying that they might be able to get a signal out from there. "BOIM US OUT OF HERE!

Boimler ignores the dog and says that he's looking forward to working with the visiting crew, but Mariner just guesses he's excited for a new captain to kiss up to. Much Ado About Boimler Should have stopped watching 3 episodes ago, but there you go.

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