naming a weapon

On the newer, second site (, Wait, there's even more! Currently the position is filled by Ebenezer McCoy. The most famous of these are Public Domain Artifacts, but sometimes they're just ordinary weapons. By tradition warships are allowed more grandiose names than merchantmen being often named after items of religious or ideological significance (Constitution), or simply warlike qualities (victory, conqueror, devastation, and so on). 2: So that when the quartermaster is rummaging through weapons to hand out to the unit, he only needs to know the name of the rifle to grab. Abaddon the Despoiler sports the Talon of Horus taken from the Warmaster himself after his death in one hand, and the demon sword Drach'nyen in the other. "Rare government image of J. Robert Oppenheimer (in light colored hat with foot on tower rubble),... [+] General Leslie Groves (large man in military dress to Oppenheimer's left), and others at the ground zero site of the Trinity test after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (some time after the actual test)." In response to queries (mental or spoken), it guides the user's hand to point at the correct one/direction ("Which person is lying to me," or "where is my son," or "which plate of food is poisoned," "Which path isn't trapped," or what have you). 150,000) and Nagasaki (ca. The disciples of Ichigen Miwa, the former Colorless King, have swords given to them by their master, with names. Fingolfin's sword Ringil; sister-swords Anguirel and Anglachel (later when wielded by Túrin Turambar known as Gurthang, ", In his minor works, Giles' weapon Caudimordax ('Tailbiter') in, In fact, in Middle Earth protocol apparently requires you to formally introduce your sword or other weapon to opponents and prospective allies alike, e.g. The Heleopolis (ἐλέπολις: "Taker of Cities") was used by the famed but ultimately flawed Macedonian general and king Demetrius Πολιορκητής (Demetrius "the Besieger"). The downside is it won't harm an unarmed person and refuses to let itself be dropped until a battle's over, leaving the wielder susceptible to. ^.^ Some magic weapons are used almost exclusively in games, but others, like crystals and orbs, do make their appearances in other works of fiction. People like naming their weapons. 10 new random names. Pretty much every demon sword has it own personal name however, since their basically the result of a demon hammered into sword from or a possessed weapon. His Avatars still wield his signature weapon. Most people who manage their own domains name all the computers on the domain for easy reference. We are told that the weapon had nine levels of catapults and stone-throwing mechanisms. The downside is that unless you specifically request a. I Know Your True Name: Someone or something's real name is important. The next 3 names are generic descriptive names and the last 3 names are names with a title. The series' ultimate weapon plays with the trope: it is a sword so powerful that it has the capability to annihilate the entirety of Earth and everything on it. In addition to several of the weapons which appear in, There are also several other named weapons, such as Jarnbjorn (an axe formerly wielded by Thor and gifted to Uhtred), Laevatennin (a wand. Presumably because it would take a. Which is why he is deeply pleased when he gets it back at the end. Subtropes include I Call It "Vera" (for nicknamed weapons), Legendary Weapon (for well-known and mythical weapons), and Stock Weapon Names (for common named weapons). He rides through the clouds with a chariot pulled by goats wielding this mythical hammer. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from There is the sword named Need. The Vietnamese king Lê Lợi/Lê Thái Tổ bore a supposedly magical legendary sword by the name of Thuận Thiên (Heaven's Will). I am interested in Roman, late antique, and early medieval history, archaeology,…. Most refer to them as the "[Province] Runefang", but they do have their individual names as well: The trio of weapons used by the ranger Talion and his bound Elven wraith companion in, The vast majority of wargear in the single-player mode of. Though he doesn't want to be used as a sword. Very oddly averted in the case of the one item in the series that should by all rights have had a name; the Daemon Sword, usable by Eliphas the Inheritor. Artemis Entreri has an intelligent (but less chatty) sword called Charon's Claw. My book, Trade and Taboo: Disreputable Professionals in the Roman Mediterranean, is forthcoming from University of Michigan Press (Fall, 2016) and looks at the lives of marginalized tradesmen like gravediggers and tanners. The myths of Thor have been revived in part via modern comics and movies, but one of the oldest known Eddic hymns we know of also recounts the loss of Thor's hammer to Thrym, King of the Giants. a far more physically powerful and experienced swordsman easily disarms him and stabs him with it, This was before its canon name was revealed to be "Hush.". Loki had allegedly taunted the blacksmith-dwarves Brokkr and Sindri into making the hammer. Magic weapon name generator. has since taken over the body of a drow. The names have been divided into 4 types. "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven", which, The Southeast Asian Keris blades (especially the masterwork ones and/or those which are supposedly magical in nature) almost always bore names, although often the names are simply denoting its make and kind. Due to the very nature of the works it's based on, (see Literature). Considering that daemonic weapons in this universe are the result of literally putting a powerful daemon of Chaos in a sword or axe or something, they tend to be named after that particular daemon. Often alternately and randomly within the space of a minute. The first two of these show up in. Coinspinner: anything and everything its current owner does. Roland's Uncle Charlemagne wielded Joyeuse, a sword said to shift in colors and was supposedly one of the most beautiful swords in existence. Lift's spren Wyndle joins the party. Charlemagne used the sword to fight the Saracens (a derogatory term used for Muslims in the medieval period). It appears that Robert Serber originally named them after American detective novelist Dashiell Hammett's characters, but the sizes allegedly also echoed the body types of the leading Manhattan Project scientists: Groves and Oppenheimer. Gaff and the Slasher are the battle spurs that belong to Chauntecleer the rooster in, The foremost are the 7 bells wielded by necromancers and the, Named swords also exist, usually ones forged by the. Initially averted in military science fiction. You may opt-out by. In the Battle of Vinheid, Egil wears a sword called Adder which he looted in Courland and which he uses to kill Jarl Adils. Speaking of spaceships, all ships in Rogue Trader that can be obtained by the player is assumed to be older then dirt and have an aged machine spirit. Although the king ultimately gave up the siege and signed a treaty with Rhodes so that they would not aid Ptolemy, tales of the massive siege weapon lived on. Their names are often fairly similar, although game names tend to often go the extra mile. The ceremonial sword of Polish kings, Szczerbiec. Some of the most powerful or legendary weapons earn a name and become holy relics. 75,000) were very real people. The new designator reflected the increasing complexity of weapons that required separate development of auxiliary systems or components. Townsaver: A little like Shieldbreaker, except it only works when in defense of groups of people, and it will use the wielder's body as a shield, if need be, to defend those people. This is done for two purposes. He's fine with turning into a sword and being admired as a work of art though, or turning into a fork and being used to eat dinner though. Sometimes they are named in honor of someone special to the captain, other times it's just to make it easier to refer to the craft. That said, it's also a sea of generic Bloodslashes and Agonyslayers the Staff of Some Guy. it destroys all the other Swords of Power except for Woundhealer — which destroys it in turn. Catti-brie has a longbow named Taulmaril and an intelligent sword named Khazid'hea. There's also the sword Moralltach, or the Great Fury, wielded by Aengus Óg and which he later gave to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. Notably, the blacksmiths who made such weapons for heroes and gods often go down in the lore of the sword as well and are celebrated craftspeople. The first 4 are normal names. At first, the bomb was referred to as "Gadget," but later the plutonium and then uranium models received their own names based on the elements within them: "Fat Man" and "Little Boy." It steals the souls of its victims, including its wielder. Copyright© 2012-2020 Groves was a strongly built man, while Oppenheimer was smaller and thinner. In next week's follow-up column, I will be counting down the top five named weapons. The name translates to "The Destroyer." Fat Man and Little Boy: Within the confines of the Manhattan Project during World War II, J. Robert Oppenheimer encouraged the use of code names to refer to the atomic bombs being built, rather than explicitly calling them an "atomic bomb."

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