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These images were widely distributed through publication in various media. 65th anniversary of NFB animation with an international retrospective of These revenues are from print sales, film production services, rentals, and royalties, and total up to $10 million yearly; the NFB lists this as Respendable Revenues in its financial statements. National Film Board of Canada - M.C.Escher Sky and Water 1 by Danux01. wartime events as well as contemporary issues in Canadian culture. [34], In the 1980s, the National Film Board also produced a number of "alternative drama" films, which combined documentary and narrative fiction filmmaking techniques. [37], The NFB was a pioneer in several novel techniques such as pinscreen animation, and as of June 2012, the NFB is reported to have the only working animation pinscreen in the world. [14] The success of Canada Carries On led to the creation of The World in Action, which was more geared to international audiences. First Stories was followed by "Second Stories," in which three filmmakers from the previous program—Gerald Auger, Tessa Desnomie and Lorne Olson—were invited back to create 20 minute films. With six regional studios in English Program: And four regional studios in French Program: Upon its merger with the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau in 1941, the NFB's mandate expanded to include motion as well as still pictures, resulting in the creation of the Still Photography Division of the NFB. an special film pioneer, John Grierson, a British documentary producer. The politicized Oscar. develop a huge group of films who were recognize with academy awards because of The following is an incomplete list of the winners. ... 1970 to 1979; 1980 to 1989; 1990 to 1999; 2000 to 2009; 2010 to 2019; Date modified: 2012-10-22. Digital Platforms: Chief Digital Officer: Human Resources: Director General: François Tremblay, Digital Studio in Vancouver, headed by Executive Producer, Animation Studio based in Montreal, headed by Executive Producer Michael Fukushima, Atlantic Centre based in Halifax, headed by Executive Producer Annette Clarke and Producer Paul McNeill, Quebec Centre based in Montreal, also headed by Executive Producer Annette Clarke, Ontario Centre based in Toronto, headed by Executive Producer Anita Lee, North West Centre based in Edmonton, headed by Executive Producer. [6], In addition to the English and French-language studios in its Montreal HQ, there are centres throughout Canada. [180], Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor, "National Film Board" redirects here. 1965: As a result of a report written by producer Gordon Sheppard on Canadian cultural policies and activities, the NFB began regionalizing its English production activities, with producers appointed in major cities across Canada. and making the NFB more attractive to French-speaking filmmakers. Finance, Operations and Technology: Director General: Luisa Frate, Marketing and Communications: Director General: Jérôme Dufour. [11], As part of the 2016 Canadian federal budget, the NFB will receive an additional $13.5 million in funding, spread out over a five-year period. funding was cut 10%, to be phased in over a three-year period, as part of [23], In the early 1970s, the NFB began a process of decentralization, opening film production centres in cities across Canada. The National Film Board of Canada (or simply National Film Board or NFB) (French: Office national du film du Canada, or ONF) is Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor. The NFB continued to be involved with IMAX breakthroughs at subsequent world's fairs, with NFB director Donald Brittain directing the first-ever IMAX film Tiger Child for Expo 70 in Osaka, and with the NFB producing the first full-colour IMAX-3D film Transitions for Expo 86 in Vancouver and the first 48 fps IMAX HD film Momentum for Seville Expo '92. [65], In September 2011, the NFB and the Montreal French-language daily Le Devoir announced that they would jointly host three interactive essays on their websites, and vignette, was cut by 32%, forcing it to lay off staff and Over two hundred such films were produced, including 27 films about Fogo Island, Newfoundland, directed by Colin Low and early NFB efforts in Indigenous filmmaking, such as Willie Dunn's The Battle of Crowfoot (1968). The headquarters for the company are located in Montreal, Qc. [55][56][57] By mid-2013, the NFB's digital platforms had received approximately 41 million views. In 1956, the NFB's offices were [63][64] In January 2013, it was announced that the NFB film app would be available for the BlackBerry 10, via the BlackBerry World app store. [18][19], In 1950, a revision of the National Film Act removed any direct government intervention into the operation and administration of the NFB. [13], In 1940, with Canada at war, the NFB launched its Canada Carries On series of morale boosting theatrical shorts. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) was founded in 1939 in Ottawa, Canada by pioneer Scottish documentary maker, John Grierson. English and the few of them where, in production worked with English work teams. Canada’s public film producer and distributor, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) creates social-issue documentaries, auteur animation, and digital content, providing the world with a unique Canadian perspective. The NFB has been a leader in films by women, with the world's first publicly funded women's film's studio, Studio D, followed subsequently by its French-language equivalent, Studio des femmes. [94], Hothouse, a program for emerging animators that marked its tenth anniversary in 2015. the NFB employed people who were traveling and decide to work during their [41], The NFB was licensed by IMAX Corporation to develop new artistic applications using its SANDDE system for hand-drawn stereoscopic computer animation, with the NFB producing a number of films including Falling in Love Again (2003) and Subconscious Password (2013).[42]. [32], As of March 8, 2016, researchers and librarians at the University of Calgary announced an archival project to preserve records of Studio D.[89], On March 8, 2016, NFB head Claude Joli-Coeur announced a new gender-parity initiative, with the NFB committing that half of all its production spending will be earmarked for films directed by women. National Film Board of Canada. [170] In 2015, the NFB-co-produced webdoc Seven Digital Deadly Sins received three People's Voice Awards, chosen by the public online, at the 2015 Webby Awards. its goods directors, producers, photography and scenes. The NFB's French-language animation unit was founded in 1966 by René Jodoin. [111], Over the years, the NFB has been internationally recognized with more than 5000 film awards. [28], In March 2012, the NFB's funding was cut 10%, to be phased in over a three-year period, as part of the 2012 Canadian federal budget. [96] Cinéaste recherché(e) is a similar program for French-language emerging animators. There is also a description of Women’s Studio (1970-90) Flamenco film. Pacific and Yukon Centre based in Vancouver, headed by Executive Producer Shirley Vercruysse. (political aspects of Academy Awards, 1983).Richard Grenier. [citation needed], Early in its history, the NFB was a primarily English-speaking institution. [177], The NFB is a minority owner of the digital television channel, Documentary in Canada. [174], The Kid Who Couldn't Miss (1982) cast doubt on the accomplishments of Canadian World War I flying ace Billy Bishop, sparking widespread outrage, including complaints in the Senate subcommittee on Veterans' Affairs.[175]. Funding is derived primarily from government of Canada transfer payments, and also from its own revenue streams. Animation, Curator’s Perspective | October 28, 2020 ... 1970, filmmaker Robin Spry listened to the radio as he made breakfast. It has English-language and French-language Principally, the NFB was a In 1996, the NFB operating budget was cut by 32%, forcing it to lay off staff and to close its film laboratory, sound stage (now privatized) and other departments. [167] In 2012, the NFB received two more Webbys, for Bla Bla (best web art) and God's Lake Narrows (best use of photography). [74][75], In November 2006, the National Film Board of Canada and the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation announced the start of the Nunavut Animation Lab, offering animation training to Nunavut artists. departments. The National Film Board produced several industry. [82] After only five months' training about various aspects of filmmaking, participants worked on community development projects and research for future films. English-language production occurs at centres in Toronto (Ontario Centre), Vancouver (Pacific & Yukon Centre, located in the Woodward's Building), Edmonton (North West Centre), Winnipeg (Prairie Centre), and Halifax (Atlantic Centre). [76] Films from the Nunavut Animation Lab include Alethea Arnaquq-Baril's 2010 digital animation short Lumaajuuq, winner of the Best Aboriginal Award at the Golden Sheaf Awards and named Best Canadian Short Drama at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. [78][79][80], The NFB was a founding partner in Wapikoni Mobile, a mobile film and media production unit for emerging First Nations filmmakers in Quebec. [21] The Challenge for Change was also created the same year as a community media project which would develop the use of film and video as a tool for initiating social change. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB; French: Office national du film du Canada (ONF)) is Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor. The Canadian Film Development Corporation would become responsible for promoting the development of the film industry. These films were based on current news and often tackled wartime events as well as contemporary issues in Canadian culture.

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