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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Believing Spence to be innocent, Rosie quests to find out the truth, and soon enough it's learned that Tucker isn't really Spence's son. Nick admits to defeat and asks the maid what she wants. Marisol confronts Nicholas with the truth about Dahlia's death right before going to bed because, you know, talk of dead spouses makes for hot pillow talk. [15] As it turns out, Adrian runs a prostitution business where he hires women to sleep with his friends and then he records the sessions to make his own person pornography. The following morning, Peri is found murdered in her bedroom and Spence is arrested for the crime. [37][18] Refusing to betray Peri after such an act of kindness, Rosie breaks off her engagement to Spence, to his heartbreak, but it's too late, for Peri has discovered their affair. His maid, Opal comes up behind him and asks what is that. This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. Meanwhile, cast Mark Deklin dishes some details about the shady character he plays, Nicholas Deering. Dahlia wanted to go to the Powells and confess, but Nick, not wanting to ruin his career, convinces her to say nothing. Finally, Kim leaves and Nick and Marisol begin arguing. Spence doesn't know it, but Peri is not really pregnant. Marisol reassures him they will be fine and when he comes home they will be best friends. Philippe Delatour (Stephen Collins) is Genevieve's ex-husband, and the man who killed Flora Hernandez. Later on, Opal informs her that after Dahlia’s suicide Nicholas was devastated, and he will never be able to love again - this is why she wanted her to see what Nicholas can be like. [13] In "Grime and Punishment", Rosie learns that director Hugh Metzger raped and impregnated Peri with Tucker, and that The Circle knew this, blackmailing him into bankrolling the cult. [7][33] Rosie and Spence eventually get on speaking terms again, and when Rosie learns that Ernesto's time away involved poor choices on his part, she leaves him while he returns to Mexico to correct his wrongdoings. Rosie (Dania Ramirez), who was taken into custody by the ICE, has been held in a detention center and is in the process of seeking asylum. Jacklyn becomes quite the fan of Carmen, and even interested in her in a more romantic way, but this is all cut short when she becomes aware of her affair with Sebastien. He says that it was embarrassing, and he and Opal were both devastated when she died, and they helped each other get through it. [42] Marisol discovers a positive pregnancy test among Flora's belongings in "Making Your Bed", and Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila reveal that Flora's goal was to become rich off of having a millionaire's baby. [46] Spence proposes the idea of an open marriage to Peri in "Taking Out the Trash", suggesting it be the best way for them to remain together for Tucker's sake. [11] In "War and Grease", Carmen grows concerned about Daniela's reckless behavior, so she calls for Josefina to visit. [41] When Tucker's nanny is arrested for shoplifting in "Proof", Peri agrees to reconsider the custody agreement if Spence watches Tucker for a week while her film wraps production. He is homosexual. As they were driving past the park, Dahlia finally exclaims, "I'm having an affair with Opal." He works to sabotage their friendship, only for Genevieve to choose Zoila over him in the end. After meeting at a bookstore and dating for three short months, the two have become engaged. Opal Sinclair is the former maid of Nicholas and Marisol Deering and the main antagonist of Marisol's storyline in the second season of Devious Maids. Alias presents them with emails they discovered that reveal Eddie proposed to Flora, two months after they started dating, and that she rejected him. The 46-year-old actor said that if Nick's certain Marisol will forgive him, he would have confessed about his dark secret a long time ago. Benjamin "Ben" Pacheco (Carlos Ponce) is a member of The Circle, in cahoots with Peri. This puts her in danger though, because, while Ethan goes on the run, the unstable member Ty McKay decides it's best to kill Valentina to keep her quiet. [1], Three months pass for the second season and the Powells appear to be in a fairly good place, that is, until their home is robbed during a dinner party and Adrian is left traumatized. Genevieve convinces her to pass it off as his, but when Zoila and Javier prepare to get married, she tells him the truth and he leaves her at the altar. When Peri commits a hit and run, Rosie decides to give up on trying to see the good in Peri and to run away with Spence, but this changes when Peri brings Rosie's son, Miguel, to America. ("An Ideal Husband", "Betrayal"), Nicholas and Opal quickly get off the bridge and run to Dahlia's corpse. She also tells the maid that she cant wait for Nicholas to get home because they have a lot to talk about. Stuart "Kill Face" Pearlman (Owen Harn) is a fellow inmate Spence befriends in prison. [26] In "Much Ado About Buffing", however, James ends his relationship with Evelyn upon seeing she still has feelings for Adrian. Ethan simultaneously realizes his car is missing and puts two and two together, Opal gives him the “shh” signal as she rushes out the door to drive Marisol to the hospital. Opal begs him not to be mad at her and insists she did it because she is a great mother. Q) “Devious Maids” became a fast guilty pleasure show. [14], Zoila Diaz (Judy Reyes) is the maid of Genevieve Delatour, and mother of the teenaged Valentina. [26] In "Much Ado About Buffing", Daniela maintains closeness with Carmen in order to study her, secretly planning to audition for the role based on Carmen in the upcoming film adaptation of Marisol's book. Devious Maids Exclusive: What Will Nick Reveal? [12] During Rosie's quest, she learns that Spence isn't Tucker's father, but that Peri was raped by director, Hugh Metzger. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. During the event he becomes infatuated by Evelyn Powell, asking her out on a date at the end of the evening. Nicholas says he hates himself for that, but he told nothing to her because he was afraid of losing her. He sits in the audience as Evelyn is maid of honor, but the wedding is interrupted as it seems Marisol has been kidnapped. Carmen is touched by this and the two get back together, deciding to move in with one another, but Carmen is then offered a deal by Alejandro: pose as his wife for two years and he'll have his record company sign her on. He calls for her to come back but she storms out of his hospital room. The Stappords wound up hiring a maid, Marisol; however, she is secretly the mother of the man arrested for Flora Hernandez's murder, and Michael represents the real culprit in the court of law. This comes as a let down to Sam, but it's when she sees him with another woman that Carmen begins to feel something in return. Since moving to D.C. and back to Beverly Hills, Taylor and Michael's relationship has slowly begun to deteriorate, which leads Taylor to having an affair with Sebastien Dussault. While saving money to get her son, Miguel, to America, Rosie goes about life serving the Westmores and also tending to their one-year-old son, Tucker. In order to accomplish that, she has to find a job. [17] Sam quits his job for Alejandro, leaving to become a manager, and he returns wanting to make Carmen a star. Sebastien Dussault (Gilles Marini) is a married man that Carmen has an affair with. His mother, Opal comes into his bedroom to pick up. De reeks gaat over 4 latina poetsvrouwen in Beverly Hills. [44] In "Long Day's Journey Into Night", Spence hears back from his attorney and learns that Peri got full custody. [26][40] She was also part of a cult known as The Circle, and Peri's true killer was none other than Gail Fleming, Hugh's daughter, who was trying to cover up her father's rape accusations. They see him exit the property, but it's only later on that Marisol goes back and checks to see that Opal pulls out just a little while after, revealing she hit Nick. Christopher Neff (John O'Hurley) is a doctor who Genevieve almost marries. So one day, Dahlia told him in the car while he was driving that she was cheating on him with the maid, and he took his eyes off the road and hit Barrett. [10], In earlier versions of the series' pilot, Flora's name was "Florencia Sanchez", but she still preferred being called "Flora" for short. Flora was among the women that Adrian would hire. Nicholas jokingly says that that makes him even more nervous. Zoila (Judy Reyes), Carmen (Roslyn Sanchez), and Marisol attend the hearing, during which Marisol flashes her engagement ring. Nicholas, Opal, and Ethan find Dahlia walking on a bridge. As such, James assists Evelyn in breaking back into her home, and Evelyn informs Adrian that James will be around more often. After twenty years of being unhappily married, Michael had an affair with a prostitute named Taylor. Remi, meanwhile, has become over-protective of his girlfriend due to fearing losing her since when gunshots went off he ducked rather than defended her. Nick would travel on business trips a lot, something that Dahlia hated. [36] Marisol figures out that the killer was in fact Remi's father, Philippe Delatour, and she sets out to expose him in "Totally Clean". He also explains he does not want to relive this situation again. The maids go to investigate and it appears she has been kidnapped. [43][27][17] When he returns home he's grateful for Valentina saving him, and Zoila is now standing aside for them to pursue a relationship. [1], Three months later, in the second season, Remi remains in Africa while Valentina returns home, the two of them having broken up because Remi's been so busy working there. They gave the necklace to a homeless woman, who I'm sure will be the envy of every other homeless woman as she sashays around town with it. [9], Six months later, in the fourth season, Carmen continues to work for the Powells when she finds herself being visited by Daniela Mercado, the daughter she gave up years before. A group of robbers crash the dinner party that the Powell's throw shortly after their return, and steal everyone's jewelry. Ethan runs back up to the bridge, but instead of hopping into the car, he continues to watch Nicholas and Opal. 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[1], Three months pass by the time of the second season, and by then she has entered into a relationship with the mysterious Nicholas Deering. [8][9], Six months later, in the fourth season, Rosie is now working for Genevieve Delatour, and still longs to be with Spence, who has gotten back together with Peri.

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