non denominational baptism ceremony

I'm sure our parents would have loved it, but it wouldn't have been an honest representation for what we feel and believe. I don't really see the point, to be honest. Non-Denominational Baby-Naming Ceremonies Intermarried parents have the option of creating their own namings or ceremonies of welcome. Rather than having a clergy, invite … While the adults wished for health, happiness, strength, intelligence, a good work ethic etc. Thanks! So please don't let the pressure you feel from anyone sway your decision. It is your choice. It's difficult to have a religious ceremony with out the religion. Everyone formed a circle around her (almost 2 years old) and each person (who wanted to) made a "wish" for what we hoped for her in the future. It will not matter which denomination the gifts are from, we all have the same God! It had a HUGE meaning to us. I think maybe I am not understanding, baptism is a christian religion practice - a public display of faith and accepting your savior. Like I said, talk to the pastor who married you and find our what s/he says. I think we want to do something more along the lines of a dedication ceremony. Baptism can happen at any age, and, in my opinion, should be chosen by the person being baptised. For a non-religious yet spiritual baby dedication, have a non-denominational blessing performed on the baby. It isn't appropriate for us to just go out and find someplace for her to be baptized, and many pastors aren't going to baptize just for the sake of baptizing if you aren't a member of their church because that misses part of the point of baptism, which is to be brought up in the fellowship of Christians in a church setting.,,,,,, To Mary S., what a beautifulanswer! Good luck and if you want to chat further privately, please feel free to message me. Why Not to have a friend do your Wedding Ceremony, "It was funny and sweet and filled with sweet little details about my husband and I". If it's not important to you, the parents, then don't do it. The Travel Fee will be based on the Officiants Home location. Unless you have a "goal" or some purpose behind the act of "baptizing" a baby, don't bother. But we beleive in God. from? Before I became a SAHM, I was a Presbyterian Youth Director and Christian Educator. The comments were very original. I am sorry but I just do not understand why even having a seremony at all. This is something interfaith families might especially like to consider. They can perform either religious or non-religious wedding ceremonies. Do you all attend the church of the pastor you are asking for assistance How to Handle Baptism Questions from Family? I think the pressure for a baptism is coming more from our parents. Your love story and other items are incorporated to make a totally unique ceremony event. It's a very personal choice and one that needs to be fitting to your immediate family (moreso than the extended family), particularly if you think you may have more children in the future (when your son could be old enough to start questioning any inconsistencies). Here is a sample non-denominational baby blessing and naming ceremony. Baptism is not just a Catholic thing. I would also say - don't do it becuase you are pressured from your family - do it if it is what you believe and want for your child. - how to talk to him about God and your beliefs I would ask the pastor who married you if he would be willing to do a dedication, although I *think* that you might still have to do it in the church. People in your circle of friends and family can come forward to express themselves and how they feel about the new baby's arrival, offering words of love and acceptance. The infant baptism ceremony in those denominations denotes the parents plan to raise the child as a Christian in the church, and the congregation's commitment to assist in raising the child in the Christian faith. We do a baby dedication because a baptism is a sign that you have chosen to follow Christ - a baby can't make that decision. Baptize the children or let them decide when they are baptized at a point they are ready to follow Christ. We went to a lake for a family picnic with all the close relatives from both families. At this moment in time, you cannot answer "yes" to those questions. I was baptised United Methodist and raised in a Christian home but we did not attend a chuch. We just have never found a church that made us both feel a part. So, invite everyone over to meet the baby, but don't make it a religious thing. - how else you will incorporate your spiritual lives into your daily lives As much as I loved the idea of a christening gown and photo ops -we're not religious (we do now attend a Unitarian church that has a commitment/name ceremony for children), so we didn't do anything. These can be virtually secular or they may invoke inclusive religious values and language by using readings from Song of Songs or Psalms, for example. The Non-Denominational Pastor will simply annoint her head with oil and we'll say some prayers, sing some songs, and eat some food! My husband doesn't have a backbone and I just can't deal with the fighting over it so they win. It's much less formal than a Catholic ceremony. For a non-religious yet spiritual baby dedication, have a non-denominational blessing performed on the baby. Have fun. We had something similar. You could have a baby naming ceremony by your pastor. But neither of us practice a "specific religon" nor do we go to church. Choose a Professional Non-Denominational Officiant. 21-34 mile Travel Fee $35 35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $50 50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $75 75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $125 Over 100 Call for Quote, Our OfficiantsCeremony SamplesCeremony Add InsCheck Availability. Any non-Catholic church would be happy to "dedicate" your child. This ceremony would be only the first of many choices to come... I'm not suggesting that you need to share that on this website, but that you use that to guide your choices for your son. If you don't go to church, then you can't agree to raise the baby in the way that a baptism or a dedication require you to do. Your love story and other items are incorporated to make a totally unique ceremony event. I wouldn't fool with it unless you're just DYING to! People think it's weird that I've worked in churches, graduated from seminary, and have a kid that isn't baptized. We see it in the faces of _____ and _____ who stand before us, but we experience it in our own hearts as well. Baptism is different though, since it is really something that is ONLY done for religious reasons. The sacrament of Baptism should be researched by you and your husband. This is our MOST requested package. Naming ceremonies may include music, readings and the naming of a supporting adult, sometimes called a "guideparent" to steer away from religious term godparent. Fill out the availability request form to start the process, Click here to view our Non-Denominational Officiants, The Officiants live in different areas of Southern California. If you are not church-going people who live a life of faith then you should NOT baptize your child. If you want to baptize your baby - then do it - just as you would like to. My husband and I had an outdoor wedding ceremony by a non-denominational pastor so our marriage is not recognized by the Catholic church. My parents don't get it but I didn't let them pressure me into going to their church and having them baptized. We'll work with you to make your ceremony as unique and special as your newest family member! A book may represent a thirst for knowledge, a blanket may represent comfort or a heart-shaped picture frame might symbolize love. We are not haveing her christend or baptized. Our church will "dedicate" a child, meaning that your child has the ability to decide for him/herself when older if they would like to pursue that life with god. Some people (including a lot of older catholic folks) believe in infant baptism because they think the child's soul will go to hell if they die before they are baptized. I think the best approach is to sit down and talk to them about it, not just do something to make them happy now, but that will probably leave them expecting a more religious upbringing than you intend to give! Parents who do believe in a higher power but don't practice a specific religion might choose to name a godfather and goddess-mother for the baby -- adults who will act as mentors or guides for the child. My church had a "welcoming" ceremony - welcoming the child into the world - I thought it was a wondeful idea. The Officiants live in different areas of Southern California. They love making ceremonies that reflect our couple's personalities. Do what is right for the two of you and your children.

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