nova scotia technical college

Whether you're a student, grad or employer, NSCC offers a variety of career and employment services. Continue your life-long learning by joining the Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia, a volunteer-based registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable non-credit academic courses to seniors (age 50+) in Nova Scotia. In the early 1900s, at the request of the province of Nova Scotia, Dr. Frederick Sexton laid the plans for the current system and roles of "Associated *** Government of Canada, Job Bank, "Labor Market Bulletin – Nova Scotia: March 2019," website last visited on May 21, 2019. laid the plans for the current system and roles of Associated, Universities in engineering education in Nova Scotia. The kinds of abilities you could gain through vocational training can give you access to some of this province's most thriving career sectors. Evaluating engineering programs offered outside of Canada, About the board which accredits undergraduate engineering programs which provide requirements for licensure in Canada, We are seeking stakeholder feedback on recommendations 1 and 2 of the 2018 AU Task Force Report, How to become a licensed Engineer in Canada, A set of topics used by the regulators to check an applicant’s academic knowledge, Requirements and procedures for working in different provinces and territories, For engineers seeking to move to Canada, and Canadians working abroad, See some of the top reasons why people choose engineering, Being a licensed engineer is required by law if you plan to call yourself an engineer and practise engineering in Canada, The 12 provincial and territorial engineering regulators that we work for, Recommendations on professional requirements, programs for members of the regulators, assessment tools for international graduates, Search for guidelines developed by provincial and territorial engineering regulators and Engineers Canada, Ensuring the federal government addresses the public interest concerns of the engineering profession, Revisiting designs to improve safety and protect Canadians in light of climate change, Consensus positions on key issues relating to the public interest, Bringing the expertise and the experience of the professional engineer to government, Statements on various national issues that relate to engineering, The key to a sustainable engineering profession is ensuring it is supported by as many views as possible, Engineers Canada leads a number of initiatives that encourage youth to discover their passion for engineering, Attracting and retaining Indigenous peoples in the engineering profession, Increasing the participation of women in the engineering profession, Providing practical information to international engineering graduates on becoming part of the Canadian engineering profession, Trends in various aspects of the labour market, enrolment, employment etc, Graduating students’ familiarity with the profession, initial motivations, future plans and undergraduate experiences, Looking at current supply and demand for engineers and projects to the year 2025, Assessing trends in engineering enrolment and degrees awarded, Information about the members of the engineering profession in Canada, This report is intended to support the development of engineering access programs for Indigenous peoples across Canada, Research on Canadian’s perceptions of the value, impact, opportunities and challenges of the engineering profession, Insurance plans, financial and other services for your family and you, Get consent to use registered engineering terms, Provides engineers with the additional knowledge and competencies they need to plan, design and manage resilient infrastructure in the face of a changing climate, Facilitates registration on the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) register and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Engineers Agreement (APEC EA) register, News from and relating to Engineers Canada and Canada's Provincial and Territorial Regulators, Stay informed and learn more about Engineers Canada's events, Canada’s biggest celebration of engineering happens every March. Join us between Nov. 17-26 for Virtual Open House. (Globe and Mail) Because of its east-coast location, Nova Scotia Community College has seen a rapidly emerging field in ocean-related studies, ranging from marine navigation to technologies helping to map the ocean floor, says president Don Bureaux. Labor Market Bulletin – Nova Scotia: March 2019. first principal, and later president, of NSTC from 1907 to 1947. The computer science faculty at TUNS was swiftly merged with Dalhousie's after the 1997 amalgamation, becoming the Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science. Just use the convenient tool on this page to search by your postal code. Community Colleges & Technical Colleges in Nova Scotia (NS) Canada . All rights reserved. The provincial government forced TUNS to amalgamate with Dalhousie University in April 1997 and was called Dalhousie University Polytechnic (DalTech) until 2001. The Nova Scotia Technical College (NSTC) was established in 1907 to provide the final two years of Bachelors degree instruction in Engineering, and to engage in industrial and scientific research. He also founded the Nova Scotia Technical College (NSTC), where students pursued their senior engineering and graduate years - typically the last 2-3 years of undergraduate engineering, after doing the initial 2 years at one of the associated universities. (Education News Canada) To help ready a post-pandemic workforce to support a new climate-focused economic recovery, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) is teaming up with a group of colleges, institutions, polytechnics and CEGEPs from across Canada.

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