nyc protest updates 2020

Election 2020: Arrests made after attempts to 'hijack peaceful protests' by setting fires in NYC We are currently working to de-escalate the situation. All rights reserved., The NYPD’s newly formed Looting Task Force is prepared to investigate any acts of looting that can potentially occur. Anyone caught with a weapon will be arrested. To improve the performance of our website, show the most relevant news products and targeted advertising, we collect technical impersonal information about you, including through the tools of our partners. NYPD body camera footage that captured the protests happening across the city the last two weeks is under investigation, but the city's saying there's simply not enough video, raising questions. … Protesters at a boardwalk in the Far Rockaway of Queens raise protest signs that read "Black Lives Matter" and "Defund The Police". In Manhattan, protesters were spotted walking several blocks north on the West Side Highway with a "full marching band" in tow. Police scanners say the bridge is being shut down, and that 5k people are trying to enter it (unclear if from BK or MHN and BK sides). The best of them are also peerless works of cinematic art. On Tuesday, Americans flocked to polling stations to vote and elect the next US president, choosing between the incumbent POTUS, Donald Trump, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Governor Andrew Cuomo at his Saturday morning presser on June 13th. Here’s the sign-up.]. Please try again in a minute. Post limit reached. Beginning in the vicinity of Washington Square, the protests are said to be ongoing in a West Village neighbourhood of lower Manhattan. Protesters have flocked to the streets of New York City one day after voting in the national election in the United States wrapped up, some carrying pro-Biden flags and insulting police officers, according to reports. Unclear how many. One had a wooden baseball bat; another a broken-off dowel. Subscribe using the link below to get weekly summaries of protest news and exclusive coverage that doesn't fit on Twitter. It is less incendiary than profoundly sad. A drape had also been placed as a bull to protect it from damage. Do you know the scoop? The NYPD has a separate unit that photographs protests, which appears to circumvent the Handschu agreement. source says the #BlackExcellenceWalk has entered the #BrooklynBridge after marching there with police ahead of them. The unrest began in Brooklyn after protesters came out against police over the shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr., in Philadelphia on Monday. confrontations between officers and protesters. Anyone caught with a weapon will be arrested. And you have to pass a law with your redesigned police force. Does this look like a group confident in their candidate's victory at the polls? The administration has the right to block a user’s access to the page or delete a user’s account without notice if the user is in violation of these rules or if behavior indicating said violation is detected. What would you like to see more (or less) of? A woman got off a bus nearby, surveyed the tense scene and shouted, “I can’t breathe!” twice. 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