objective of chemistry department

Contributing to the improvement of the public at the scientific cultural awareness via the academic conferences and workshops. The Department strives to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented students, faculty, and staff from historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented. Chemistry Department Goals and Objectives.

Students will engage in problem-solving activities that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation as a means of testing and strengthening their developing knowledge. development of innovative instructional techniques, The Chemistry Department is committed to helping each student achieve his/her personal academic potential by creating an environment that promotes, Research Mission : frequent interactions between faculty and students. Service to the University and to the general public amplifies the role of the University in the local community, in the State of Ohio, in the nation, and is valued within the Department, the College and the University. The …

Mission : promoting the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs. Develop and maintain a commitment to scholarly activity in research, graduate education, and undergraduate education which is commensurate with the goals and mission of Kent State University, including, a. The Chemistry Department is committed to conducting research on fundamental and applied problems by, Community Service Mission :

& PhD.) 2. acquire an ability to observe accurately and objectively. Students will apply appropriate theories to predict chemical structure, reactivity, and physical properties. The department will continue to offer the highest quality undergraduate (B.S.) The department will offer excellent and fascinating introductory courses which will both instruct and stimulate students in all of the university's programs, including the areas of engineering studies, Medicine, allied health and the chemistry minor, as well as the department's major programs. increased opportunities and greater participation by under-represented minorities. 5. b. Offer courses in cognate academic disciplines and professional fields which provide the necessary base for the career goals of students and faculty; and. Our students will be able to critically evaluate scientific information and communicate such information, clearly and effectively, to scientists and nonscientists alike. © 2020 Kent State University All rights reserved. Students will apply standard laboratory techniques to carry out quantitative analysis, chemical synthesis, characterization of compounds, and measurement of chemical reactivity. A table showing the courses and research activities in which these objectives are to be achieved is provided in the curriculum map for the department of chemistry. use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses, and Contributing to the improvement of the public at the scientific cultural awareness via the academic conferences and workshops. Objectives : The Chemistry Department will be a scholarly community in which faculty, staff, and students actively participate, in both formal and informal venues.

and B. Community Service Mission : Graduates from our program will possess a strong foundational knowledge of modern inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, and biological chemistry. Students will demonstrate scientific understandings of the structure of matter and of its physical and chemical transformations.

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