obscure mastermind specialist subjects

In August 2015, Barbara Flaherty chose Harry Potter as her Mastermind specialist subject and got every single question on the subject right. © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. 9. Erm not Dale Winton. One of them broke their leg but I forget which one! 11. Phoebe's sister is called Ursulla, not sure what she does, I remember an episode where she was in a blue movie! He had mastery over the specialist topic which blessed him with victory. The Ultimate Game Shows Recommendation Thread! The diameter of the moon is the length of an imaginary line going from one side of the surface through the centre to the exact opposite side of the surface. There is the other kind, like Janardhana, who claim they do nothing extra to prepare for quizzes. 7. 7. How is rote learning advantageous? However, it’s not as if there hasn’t been enough thrust on this issue: there are State institutes to look into the storage problems. SBS’s new quiz show continues a 47-year tradition of tense moments, obscure special subjects and THAT black chair. Kevin Chapple. Whichever way we look at it, decentralised storage cannot be left out of the loop if we want to ensure food security and reduce stock losses.

But what we do know is that across Australia, contestants have been swatting up on topics ranging from Harry Potter to parrots. So where did I go for my next round?

We often hear about people who can repeat the entire telephone directory or memorise the entire dictionary. Even now, the majority of quizzers are from Kolkata. Yes and they are all soooooo young. What's Phoebe's sister's name and profession? And there are 33 vertebrae (or 26 if you count the fused ones from the sacrum and the coxyx as one each). He knows that the best questions, the ones that get the ‘wah-wahs’, are always repeated.

The skills in RC make a lot of difference […] There is only one problem with choosing what is perceived to be a “lowbrow” specialist subject (episodes of Friends, Enid Blyton, 
etc.) We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. MASTERMIND - SPECIALISED SUBJECTS. That stroke of luck certainly paid off for me. 9. The term “side-effects” is a part of an ailing layman’s vocabulary but adverse drug reactions are known only to a more aware and literate patient. This site is an archive of the OneSpace Forums.

1980s computer games, because I grew up with it, and retro gaming is quite trendy again. I'd have to do a bit more reading first though... Seinfeld or the history of Caledonian MacBrayne 1970-present. Hawkeye and Trapper John a close second... Perhaps labour might be a good alternative one here too! “It absolutely amazes you that these guys know so much. An unpredictable and strange effect on a patient is called an adverse drug reaction. (b) Enthusiasts (para 8), B.

With all the obvious questions long since answered, the question-setters, aware that the likes of Harry Potter are cult classics, are particularly adept at finding oddball facts that often seem tangential to the main subject. The Centre wanted the states to take it up on a large scale but the latter did not want any “added responsibility”.

Ok here is another question: Which actor has played all these roles: Winston Churchill, Willie Whitelaw, Roosevelt, Mussolini, Pontius Pilate and Dudley, Earl of Leicester? The skills in RC make a lot of difference […] Save green campaign was withdrawn because the states did not want any added responsibility. And I have no idea for even a guess  so I will say something off the top of my head and say ten thousand miles. I will tell you the actor's most famous role then you will get the answer: Siegfried in All Creatures Great and Small. Which is the most cost effective solution for storage of grain?

Here's one on general knowledge - da da da DAAAA. Not all subjects offered were accepted.

I put it down to reading lots! But long before KBC, there were quiz societies across the country, in places from Guwahati to Gandhinagar. For the nervous twitching, toe-tapping, butterflies-in-the-stomach contestants, these are possibly the four most terrifying words on television: “Your time starts now”. (b) Considerably (para 8), B. He is a solid quizzer, because he knows the obvious. Discussing what our specialist subject would be on ‘ Mastermind ’ has become a regular talking point among the HuffPost Entertainment team. Anand Kumar, the school’s founder, called it the “sheer power of practice to break the so-called IIT code” and a student attributed the success to his teacher’s ability to teach differential calculus through a “thrilling story of a daring robber”. Should universities ditch predicted grades and make offers/apply after Results Day?

The fact that Bhaskara’s methods still figure in Indian pedagogic consciousness was recently brought home in a news report on the Ramanujan School of Mathematics in Patna, which trains youngsters from poor families to clear the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance test.

Well done you! 8.

I'm one of those who can answer obscure questions about weird things. Flood forecasting is critical to minimizing the damage from floods.

Here the passage is fairly tough to understand. Why were cryptic texts created for mathematics, philosophy etc.? I know the answer to Louise's question, but I won't spoil the fun. Your name? Some of them are very eccentric. Mark it. Nicholas Nickleby, Little Dorrit, Oliver Twist...., Martin something I think...  *thinking really hard here*.

You'd need to know your stuff to know the answer, Coronavirus latest news: R-rate drops across the UK, say Sage scientists, Politics latest news: Dominic Cummings' departure will result in Brexit U-turn, EU says, Travel latest news: Long-haul destinations added to green list, after Telegraph campaign, Peter Sutcliffe, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’: How the serial killer was caught, Telegraph readers on Dominic Cummings: 'His departure will damage Brexit beyond recognition', Yorkshire Ripper's victims' families reveal lifetime of pain and shame - but now have some 'closure', ‘The Yorkshire Ripper stalked my nightmares’, Scottish independence tracker: Polls put support at highest level since 2014 vote, Friday the 13th 2020: how cyclones, asteroids and a Buckingham Palace bombing have fed the superstition, Watch: New machine can sober you up in moments, Arizona 2020 election results: President-elect Joe Biden declared winner of tight race, John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert: watch new campaign with original song aiming for Number 1, Wearside Jack: How a hoaxer hoodwinked police and helped the Yorkshire Ripper from 100 miles away, Aung San Suu Kyi's party wins more than half of Myanmar vote in 'landslide' victory, Yorkshire Ripper police blunders: Peter Sutcliffe allowed to continue murderous spree for more than five years, US election 2020: How Joe Biden clinched the White House in key states and where the polls got it wrong, China accuses UK of meddling as Hong Kong spat deepens, US election: Officials say ballot was 'most secure in US history' as China finally congratulates Biden. In the mid-Nineties, some 20,000 people were actively employed in software export services. Elderly people’s blood flow to vital organs is slow so they are prone to adverse drug reaction. To store, he adds, the government can add a small godown next to each panchayat ghar.

Go to that paragraph, read the numbers, names etc. Indian software professionals are on high demand in developed Industrial nations. From a typically Western perspective, the permanency of the written word has been pitted against the ‘unconscious operation of memory’ of oral cultures, and held to be more reliable in cultural transmission. The seven-layered film needs to be imported. and i am very upset about having a c-thread in september. Even though information on the impending occurrence of floods is now more accurate and certainly more timely, often there is very little time or support infrastructure in place by which damage can be minimized. This leads to deposition of silt on the riverbeds in the plains and hence spill over of water whenever the volume in the river reaches a certain level.

da da da DAAAAAA, general knowledge section: What do the following have in common: Barak Obama, Desmond Tutu and Mother Theresa?

MASTERMIND bosses have revealed the show’s banned specialist subjects for the first time — which include Harry Potter, Fawlty Towers, Roald Dahl and the Chronicles of Narnia… Along with investment in large storage capacities, we must encourage farm-level storage.

In contrast, there were three million registered unemployed graduates in the Nineties. 7. ! An anaphylactic shock is a process that leads to a severe fall in the blood pressure, bronchoconstriction, the swelling of blood and lymph vessels and sometimes death because of the loss of fluid in these vessels. Here is another one, which you will probably all know, but it still makes me giggle! However, even in cases where forecasts have been timely and generally accurate, people have often been reluctant to move away, because in most cases they lack the means and physical options for moving away from a danger zone to one that is relatively safe. Why is the digital divide clearly visible in IT revolution?

While answering the question you may come back to the passage to find answer as you have just read the passage initially and not crammed it. The following are examples of rejected specialist subjects:[3] Routes to anywhere in mainland Britain by road from Letchworth. Scarlett Moffatt has revealed what her specialist subject was for Celebrity Mastermind, to the shock of her many fans on social media. What are the factors that help a doctor in his choice and use of drugs? The diary-toting, Manorama yearbook, wielding variety will typically prepare for a contest by ‘studying’. Don’t try to memorize any facts, numbers or names etc.

Why does India suffer from floods during monsoons? Finding no takers, the campaign was withdrawn in 2008. The youngest champion was Gavin Fuller, whose knowledge of Doctor Who won him victory at the age of 24. (a) Recovery (para 3) That international roll-call reflects the wide appeal of Mastermind.

Cremation practice and law in Britain.

I am useless at retaining information so I would be rubish at this, but if I had the brain capacity my subject would have to be either 'Friends' or the Austin Powers movies, yeah baby! 'Mastermind' is bringing us spiders, Monty Python and a very excited Jennifer Byrne.

da da da DAAAA...........da...na.....In Friends what did Phoebe change her name to? 9. Who are the worst hit people?

My specialist subject would have to be Dick Francis novels - I loved them growing up although I don't have them anymore. What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? Think mine would have to be Useless Information. IT has, as yet, failed to touch the lives of the average citizen and India is nowhere close to being a knowledge economy or society. Climate change is the direct result of increased concentration of greenhouse gases. Find the words from the passage which are similar in meaning to these words. (b) Native (para 4), B.

Questions can be bizarre, but they are answered none the less. I remember key things like - don't eat a polar bear's liver or you'll die of vitamin A consumption (first catch your polar bear!)

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