ocean spray diet cranberry juice flavors

Working alongside 700 other farm families as part of the Ocean Spray cooperative. The Detlefsen family. Both ingredients, the lawsuit explains, are “chemically manufactured from petroleum feed stocks” and are added to Ocean Spray juices in order to “reinforce[] the characterizing flavors similar to the natural fruit flavor … Filtered Water, Cranberry Juice (Water, Cranberry Juice Concentrate), Cherry Juice (Water, Cherry Juice Concentrate), Natural Flavors, Pectin, Citric Acid, Fumaric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sucralose, Red 40 & Blue 1, Acesulfame Potassium. Thanks for Choosing Ocean Spray… For best quality and freshness use within two weeks after opening. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF. Pasteurized. Black River Falls, WI. 2nd Generation Growers. Meet our growers: Hello! We therefore strongly encourage our customers to read the labels of any of the products that they purchase in order to make certain that they are compatible with their own nutritional preferences and expectations. Our Diet Cran-Cherry® cranberry cherry juice drink is made with real cranberry juice. The lawsuit claims the following Ocean Spray juice products contain artificial flavorings: The case seeks to cover a proposed class of consumers in the United States, excluding people in California, who purchased any of the above products during the class period, and two proposed subclasses of consumers in New York and Massachusetts. We take pride in growing nutritious fruit that's incredibly versatile, and we've been making delicious cranberry juice drinks for over 80 years. Ocean Spray Diet Juice Drink, Cranberry. Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice … It packs in the refreshing flavor of the cranberry and the sweet taste of cherry - without all the calories! We rely upon our suppliers to provide us with this information on an ongoing basis and to advise us immediately whenever any new claims or adjustments to declared values are made, so that we can properly maintain the accuracy of this online resource. The Detlefsen family. Contains 6% juice. Tastes Good. Good for You!® Pasteurized. 64 fl oz (1.89 L). Last Updated on September 25, 2018 — 2:09 PM, Ocean Spray Cran Cherry Flavor 100% Juice, Ocean Spray Wave Apple with White Cranberries. Contains 6% juice. This browser does not support PDFs. Thanks for choosing Ocean Spray: For questions or comments please call 1-800-662-3263, M-F 9AM to 4PM EST. Giant Food is committed to providing accurate nutritional information to its customers. Erin works primarily on ClassAction.org’s newswire, reporting on cases as they happen. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Pasteurized. Working alongside 700 other farm families as part of the Ocean Spray cooperative. All Aisles / Beverages / Juice / Juice Blends / Non-Refrigerated Juice Blends / Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry Juice Drink Diet. Before commenting, please review our comment policy. Lakeville-Middleboro, Massachusetts 02349 USA. Please recycle. Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice also … Thanks for Choosing Ocean Spray… If you receive a product from Giant Food, and the nutritional information on the product label does not match the information on our site, please contact Giant Food customer service and we will arrange for a credit to issue for the product at issue. We're proud members of the Ocean Spray Cooperative, where the growers who harvest the cranberries also own the company. Please have the entire package handy. Must refrigerate after opening. The plaintiffs conclude that they would never have purchased the products—much less paid a premium price for them—if they had known the juices contained artificial chemicals. Contains 7% juice. Wisconsin. Contains 7% juice. This mindset, the case explains, allows the company to charge a premium price for its juices – so long as they’re branded as containing no synthetic ingredients. Wisconsin. ClassAction.org is a group of online professionals (designers, developers and writers) with years of experience in the legal industry. From concentrate. No artificial flavors or preservatives. The two named plaintiffs in the lawsuit say they relied on the defendant’s packaging and representations when deciding whether to purchase Ocean Spray juices and expected that the drinks would not contain artificial flavorings – an expectation the case says is reasonable due to the language and artwork on the front of the packaging. We have, however, experienced occasional situations in the past where, due to the lack of such notice or for some other reason, minor discrepancies in this area have occurred. Farmer owned since 1930. The offending ingredients, according to the case, are dl-malic acid and fumaric acid – substances that the suit notes do occur naturally in plants, fruits, and vegetables. Ocean Spray® Diet Cran-Cherry®. 5th and 6th generation cranberry farmers. Safety cap: only purchase this product if the cap and neckband are intact. Our Diet Cran-Cherry® cranberry cherry juice drink is made with real cranberry juice. A proposed class action lawsuit was filed this week against Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. over the juice maker’s allegedly false labeling of its beverages.

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