office 365 workgroup templates

Currently only a few of the employees of the organization use these templates and each time new versions are released the employees download the individual files and manually place them in the respective folders as needed. About the sync button setting, my advice is to use the new client (NGSC), unless if you have special reasons to use the old Groove client. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. by All these files usually live in the Templates folder on the user's computer and the subfolders of that folder (e.g. When you say you cannot sync it, is there an error?If,yes..share that please. I have the exact same problem. Currently that option is set to "A site that uses one of the new team site or communication site templates, or a classic site." (3) I was not able to sync the folder within the team to my own business e-mail OneDrive account. In the first place, it's not clear to me what you mean by "admin privileges". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sharing OneDrive Folder or SharePoint Folder with OneDrive for Business, Sync now" button and then after I clicked that button I got an additional dialog I haven't seen before from my browser (Chrome) which said "Open Microsoft OneDrive?" The GPO I set was located in: User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016 System\Shared Paths\Workgroup Templates path\. To get the templates to appear for each user, the following needs to happen: 1. with an associated Group, and all its additional features) is created. But both of these accounts are administrated by the organization's IT admin. edgesuggestions with the two options "Open Microsoft OneDrive" and "Don't open.", October 28, 2020. Perhaps you should investigate a little to understand exactly which kind of "admin privileges" you have not anymore... Secondly, in Modern Team Sites (i.e. @Juan Carlos González Martín. Here are the details you requested. As a member of the SharePoint group, I can actually edit the folder which is shared with me, even though I'm not the owner. That's the key associated with this specific policy setting:Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\GeneralValue: SharedTemplates ". In a corporate environment, however, you need to be concerned with managing templates so that you can protect the work that went into creating them. eformity helps organizations to easily create documents, presentations, e-mails, and forms in their Office or SharePoint environments. 02:25 AM A common network drive just does not exist. The other is the account named Templates which will be responsible for setting up the folder where the templates are stored. Thanks @Jessica Kavanagh for sharing your experience and the process to share Word templates on SharePoint. those connected to an Office 365 Group), all Group members have by default edit permission on all the items in the associated doclib(s). I am working with two different Office 365 accounts here: One is called Templates which is where the shared folder is coming from and one is my own name which is where I want to share the folder to in order to test that I can share it with others. Recent experience has taught me such future-proofing is essential to the smooth running of the organization. Could you help me out here? I have tried setting up a SharePoint site and syncing that folder too, but it doesn't work either. Configuring workgroup templates in Office 2016 and O365 with no local file server What's the current best practice for workgroup templates on Office365? If you want more flexibility in permissions, you could use a Classic Team Site, instead. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Mac computer is syncing fine. In a nutshell, a Classic Team Site is a SharePoint team site without a connected Office 365 Groups. We have over twenty Word document templates as well as style templates, theme colors, and SmartArt customization. Let me loop back around to the original problem for a moment for which the OneDrive solution was suggested. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. To do this, open Finder and search for “” or “” from “This Mac.” Move all returned items to the trash. :). Does that mean that what I ended up with was a Classic Team Site? We have the same needs and I will try the steps you have posted here. I asked for a separate account to be set up for this for the following reasons: Secondly, when you talk about a Classic Team Site, are you talking about files that are uploaded under the Teams app to a specific team? So do you get any other options changed by GPO on the computers running Office 2016? No, we have a domain. You should not use ODfB for permanently sharing documents to all users in your organization. When I look at the home page of SharePoint and it lists my Frequent Sites, the site is shown in a box which first has the name of the side and then beneath that has the word "Group." working on this myself, you can push this to your clients and onedrive will sync with sharepoint: odopen://sync/?siteId=SiteID_HERE&webId=WebID_HERE&listId=ListID_HERE&userEmail=UserEmail_HERE&webUrl=WebURL_HERE", look at this link from MS: Also, I note that under the OneDrive Sync Button setting and the Share Client for SharePoint they are both opening the old sync client. (2) Today I tried setting up a Office 365 team for the project with the Templates user account we've set up in Office 365 specifically for this project and linked my own business e-mail to that team also. Once all that has been done, usually best to shut Word down, start it up again, and then look in the templates to see if it has worked. It is still used, for example, when more flexibility in users permissions is needed (which could indeed be your case...). Where you might come a cropper if there are any macros in the templates that need tweaking/recoding. Thank you for your response. You should still be able to open Office 2003 templates in Office 2007 (I do so in Office 2010). Having said all of the above, I just tried to do the same again right now and suddenly it does sync to my computer, though not in my usual OneDrive for Business area but it has created a whole new drive as it were (if that's the word I want, I'm not sure) and put the shared folder there. When I go to Word - Options - Advanced - File Locations, the above path is not recorded and is instead blank. Why? When I provide technical support to my colleagues as we roll this out, I will also need to be seeing roughly what they're seeing on my own computer.

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