oko banned standard

Probably Oko only, but hoping also for Nissa . Similar to UGx Food decks at Mythic Championship VI, Golos decks leveraging Field of the Dead made up over 40% of the decks at Mythic Championship V and dominated the tournament despite being the obvious best deck. Oko will be the only card banned. Sacrifice/aristocrats decks will likely be top tier as well, with Cauldron Familiar and Witch’s Oven being the core with the options to add the powerful payoff cards like Priest of Forgotten Gods, Mayhem Devil, Trail of Crumbs and Korvold, Fae-Cursed King. Once Upon a Time increases the consistency of a deck significantly and crafts your starting hand to your liking. Wasn’t Rowan the flagship character of the set? Though at the Mythic Championship, 19 of those decks (29.6%) were Food archetypes dedicated to using Oko, Thief of Crowns, with the rest being Golos decks that included him in their sideboard. Risen Reef still exists as a powerful ramp card in combination with Leafkin Druid and Cavalier of Thorns. Veil is always going to be somewhat insured by being quality in roughly 100% of EDH decks that have Green. Nobody wants to play their big, powerful creature and have it become a 3/3 elk. What are the other candidates then, other than Oko? And any card that can break through Veil of Summer while not answering itself (like Field of the Dead, which ironically also played green) needs to be seriously pushed and will cause the next meta warp around itself and produces another dominating deck. Lmfao. Oko needs to go, I think once upon a time is OK in standard without oko as is veil. I would like to point out that 28% of decks, 39402, on mtgtop8 in Standard run Oko while only 3 run Veil of Summer in the main, and 740 decks run Veil in the sideboard. But even the best answers are weak. The biggest proof point to support your argument is that wizards is incompetent and has done something similar in the past (see banning bridge from below in response to hogaak, then going oops we just wanted to sell more packs and banning hogaak after). Will Theros be enough to fix it? I could delve into the reasoning at length, but in short, the best answers to Oko already exist strongly in Black (The Elderspell, etc) and Blue (counters, bounce etc) and Veil of Summer stops those. They ban Oko in standard and keep him in Pioneer and modern for the time being. Not because of Veil, but Oko. Need Edgewall Innkeeper? Yes, they don't want to ban their flagship character, but they also don't want tournaments that cancel, and people abandoning standard for other formats. On October 21, Field of the Dead was banned on the back of its 42% share of the metagame in Mythic Championship V. It had only been a month after the release of Throne of Eldraine, and the focus was largely on Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Field of the Dead. [[Veil of Summer]], [[Oko, Thief of Crowns]]. You can quote me here but Oko will be banned. The two major issues are the dominance of Simic-based Food decks featuring Oko, Thief of Crownsand the general overrepresentation of green in the competitive metagame. Now get ready to be annoyed by my silly cat food combos. Food decks featuring Oko, Thief of Crowns have been the most popular and most winning for the majority of the Throne of Eldraine Standard season. If we hypothetically say Oko was the only card banned, we think the Simic or Bant Ramp strategy will still be top tier as we have seen last Standard season. Turn thee nissa backed up by veil is tough for most decks too handle. Reading the Field of the Dead banning announcement, the same things can easily be applied to what is happening right now: “The deck has not only maintained a high win rate and metagame share, but has also restricted the space of viable competitive strategies in Standard … This has forced the metagame into extreme positions … We’ve observed a marked increase in matches going to time in tabletop tournaments and in average game length in digital play … Finally, we’re aware of a few other community concerns regarding the Standard environment, including that early acceleration into planeswalkers can be frustrating and that the color green is strong across a variety of Standard archetypes.”.

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