old king thor vs superman prime

Unlike destroyer Prime has feats on panel while destroyer has just statment. @professorrespect: aight, I'll keep that in mind, Don’t forget it’s important to know what was consistent at the time and consistency must never be mixed with currently. @byondeon: I responded because I found that reasoning stupid and yes Thor stomps. I know that Superboy Prime beat both, and I know he is multiversal level. I could say more but this is all that’s necessary. @joshn05: honestly agree, Prime doesn't have what it takes to win not even close, and Because I'm a fanboy ,I said silly reasons why he wins . Space time continum that are not feats od old king thor has nothing to do with this battle. Listen to yourself multiversal but can’t take a planet hell no, nothing proves he is multiversal other then your email scan which could’ve been forged. Old King Thor is more powerful and would K.O Superboy no problem. Then thats Surturs problem, because once again Prime with absolute ease tanked that. The other time he gets punched liked of teen titans and the other battles all heroes combined with all lanterns from 2 lantern corps and all guardians at the same time and he slaughters everybody without anyone harming him at all. I'm just exposing the loophole in your logic. He got flicked by Darkseid and he later koed Darkseid easily. Specific blasts like draining, red sun energy would weaken prime. Archived. Using "on-panel feats"? He punch through the phantom zone what feat of hitting strength does King Thor have on that level. Although KT has no galaxy busting feats. Unless you have proof that it's fake, this is nonsense. Try to use proper grammar. It was inconsistent writing during infinite crisis. If you accept that feat, then you would need to accept Destroyer armor's feats like when it was about to kill Odin and the Universal Armageddon statement. Then White Lantern,Superman prime and Black Racer are more than enough to annihilate Rkt. Take your own advice about not making hypocrite claims. He explicitly confirmed that it was affecting the universes beyond the 616 universe: Of what? And again, using your own logic the attack never busted a Galaxy, therefore isn't Galaxy busting. Energy release from the grenade will still be the same even if you contain it in a small space. 2 wins (100%) Old King Thor Thor Odinson: 2 M: Rune King Thor Thor Odinson: 72 M: Thor (GOW) Thor Odinson Thor (MCU) Thor Odinson 8.1 K: Unworthy Thor Thor Odinson: 85 K: Necro King Thor Thor Odinson © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Old King Thor is multiversal by himself and with the Necrosword, how is he not taking it? In one occasin he was getting like bitten by krypto and the other ocassion he fighting justice league/doom patrol and teen titans (well pretty much everybody on good side) and no one can put scratch on him. If you contain a nuke in small space doesnt mean its gonna explode like greande. @joshn05: Dude don’t reply if your gonna hit me with that BS. Universal explosion is a feat prime has. OKT isn’t above classic Odin either Odin was oneshotting galaxies meanwhile the necroverse was barely solar system in range and not AP. Then Darkseid is omnipotent since he wasnt killed by the source. Then in the other time he gets one shotted by teen titans. But stop pretending with hypocrite claims to make this thread over 100 posts.n. I said harming prime with casual blasts and punches are pretty much not gonna happen due to obious feats.

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