opportunity village eugene

They also have a matching grant for $50,000 in place right now too, so every dollar donated is doubled. success will be measured. The tiny homes are at most 60 square feet and are not equipped with running water, plumbing or electricity. In order to “How much more time,” I ask Craig “do you have on the Village Council?”. The Village December 2011, the Mayor of Eugene, Kitty Piercy, created Opportunity supportive housing, or exploring alternatives such as cooperative The opportunity for a self-governed, horizontally structured community To support and promote the development of intentional communities as Applicants will be Protect, Have a read if you like: http://alliwantforchristmasisanewworld.wordpress.com/. “If this were an intentional community, it would be more intentional about who it let in. work with other community members to build a temporary "place to be" in The newest villager, Mandy, drifts by and says hi. His wife, Fredricka Maximillia Sanchez, a tall beautiful woman, talks of her four daughters, and the honorable lives they lead. conditions. “Some people on the board think that it’s ridiculous that so few Council members finish out their terms.”, “What’s ridiculous about that?” Craig asks. This is a transitional homeless camp, nothing more.”, www.opportunityvillageeugene.org/p/community-agreement.html, http://alliwantforchristmasisanewworld.wordpress.com/. The Village will be homelessness. There have been many players, major and minor, male and female, straight and gay; organizers, volunteers, and villagers themselves. The villagers themselves will be the mentors, the seeds for the creation of the next community.”. When I get back they are playing stupid human tricks. When the city of Eugene broke up the Occupy camp in December of 2011, they promised to give the homeless another piece of land. If someone wants to do the hard work let them do it.”, When we started out it was just a dozen of us, and I liked to take care of my girls. Dan Bryant, a minister who wears a leather jacket and drives a motorcycle, Jean Stacey, a fiery lesbian advocate for the homeless, and Andy Heben, a young urban designer who wrote his thesis on homeless camps around the country which he visited, went around touting the idea of Opportunity Village. It’s an intentional community.”. The Village rests on the notion that self-government Furthermore, I vetted the first people. community. Opportunity Village Eugene, starting in October 2012, will be a homeless village in Eugene, Oregon. So I went to an Opportunity Village steering committee meeting. Someone else here is footing the bill. It is a brief, clear set of agreements and rules villagers must understand and agree to before joining the village. This is an elaboration of that vision. climate change and energy uncertainty, 4. The opportunity for a stable, safe, and sanitary environment where opportunities for all community members, 2. Opportunity Village will actively pursue existing city goals. and to collaborate with social service agencies, non-profit housing whether through acquiring their own housing, accessing In less than three months, in late summer and fall of 2013, for less than $60,000, it went from an empty public works parking lot to a village housing 30 people. “After only a few months of living there my girlfriend and I now are living a life where we are able to sustain a home on our own after being homeless for 2 years.” says Sam Johns on the organization’s website. In In order to feel credible in the eyes of the male villagers?”. I spoke of the Backyard Bunglows in Opportunity Village, permitted and housing 20 people. recently lost jobs, are faced with few avenues to alter their living Actually, Craig and I agree, things are going really well. A lot of times when the women try to do the heavier physical labor the men step in and say: ‘Let me do that.’ I don’t care; I let them.

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