past perfect and past perfect continuous exercises with answers

Simple: HAD + past participle An action occurred before another action in the past. I 1 had watched watched was watching a cookery program on TV when I 2 realised had realised was realising how hungry I was. Choose the correct verbs so that each tense appears once.Simple past, past progressive, past perfect simple, past perfect progressive. Complete the sentences for situations in the past. Present Perfect Tense (Examples, Exercise and Usage), Future Continuous Tense (Usage, Formula and Examples), Present Perfect Continuous Tense (Formula, Usage, Exercise), Prepositional Phrases List (Examples & Worksheet), Emphasis on duration of action or task that finished in past, Time expressions (since, for, lately, how long). It is also called Past Perfect Progressive Tense. Peter was Sally's best friend. She _____ (work) in twenty years when she was made redundant. The mechanic (fix) my bike since morning. Exercise 2 - Past perfect simple and continuous. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Rita (drive) the black car for five years. It was Sunday afternoon. She _____(sleep) for ten hours when I woke her up. 1 When the student revolution came The patient had died before the doctor arrived. Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used to express the action that started in the past and continued in the past for some time. Complete the following sentences using a simple past or past perfect tense form. 2. in front of his computer. Get 3 months membership for just €10.49 (≈ $12.48). Go back to the grammar exercises page Click here to download this exercise in PDF (with answers) As the fire broke out, people hurried out of their house. 2. He [fill] his car yesterday. The children (watch) the TV all day long. To make the positive sentences, we use this structure. They _____(live) in Beijing for three years when he lost his job. Past Perfect Exercise 1. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Decide which tense you need to use. Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used to express the action that started in the past and continued in the past for some time. Signal Words for two hours, for ________ All day since morning, since ______ Structure / Formula Subject + had + been + Base form(+ing) + object + time reference I had been travelling. 3. Auxiliary verb ‘had’ come at the start of the sentence and question mark at the end. Need more practice? In the article below you will find past perfect tense exercises with answers accomplished for ESL students or teachers.

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