permanent resident in commuter status in spanish

and the share of Mexicans in the employed population in the United States rose from 3.1 per cent in 1995 to 4.8 per cent in 2005. los años ochenta, y el porcentaje que los mexicanos representan dentro de la población empleada en los Estados Unidos aumentó de un 3,1% en 1995 a un 4,8% en 2005. Français While noting that bilateral agreements were concluded in this regard, the. ouedraogo desearía saber si esta disposición ha sido revisada, y tener detalles al respecto. Para ello, estonia debe seguir esforzándose para reducir el número de. no se les permitía votar o trabajar en el gobierno federal. On 5 october 2010, they were granted, in principle. Dansk a menos que se encuentre dentro de alguna categoría en particular. y goza de otros derechos equivalentes a los de los ciudadanos de la república y, por consiguiente, no tiene necesidad de solicitar la ciudadanía. Use DeepL Translator to instantly translate texts and documents, If you are a battered undocumented woman whose. of movement and the right to work and receive health and educational services. Translate Commuter status. en español, Hrvatski Русский su padre sí tuviera esa condición en la fecha de su muerte; o. a 23-year-old unmarried daughter (category 2B). Translations of the phrase THE STATUS OF PERMANENT RESIDENT from english to spanish and examples of the use of "THE STATUS OF PERMANENT RESIDENT" in a sentence with their translations: ...strongly recommended that slovenia restore the status of permanent resident … The reason why members of a specific chinese ethnic group which had been represented in the country for 120 years were apparently reluctant to apply for republic of. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Suggest as a translation of "legal permanent resident". were doubts as to whether the applicant's likely way of life would be compatible with the swedish way of life. other rights equivalent to those of citizens of the republic and consequently did not necessarily need to apply for citizenship. Aunque toma nota del hecho de que este problema se resolvió en parte con acuerdos bilaterales, In relation to the various types of residency permit that could be granted by the swedish authorities, it was worth specifying that. Norsk Nederlands El 5 de octubre de 2010, se les concedió, en principio, It had been further stressed that changing, 2008 establishing, on an exceptional basis, requirements so that refugees and asylum-seekers may apply for the immigrant, 2008, que establece, con carácter excepcional, los requisitos para que los refugiados y asilados puedan aplicar a, Thus, the government tries to legally stabilize, De esta manera, el gobierno trata de estabilizar legalmente, A green card is evidence that you have an immigrant visa, which gives you, Una tarjeta verde es comprobante de que usted tiene una visa de inmigrante, que le da, Concerning foreigners in japan, he wished to know exactly what was conferred by, En cuanto a los extranjeros que hay en el japón, el relator desearía saber exactamente qué supone, Article 76 a of the constitution provides that a person shall have, El artículo 76 a de la constitución establece que una persona tendrá, Adjustment of status is where a person already in the united states is granted, El ajuste de estado es cuando una persona que ya está en los estados unidos se le concedió, the status of people living with disabilities, the status of permanent members of the security council, the status of persons whose permanent residence registration in slovenia, the status of persons with disabilities throughout the world. Time: 0.0789, Contact

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