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Gloria Hallelujah Pernament Marker << 3. Here is a graphic preview for all the kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade Personal Pronouns Worksheets. Lobster To make the second sentence sound better, you can change the word John to he. Fredericka the Great 24 Black Ops One 12 �������f[�k��jua���ŀ��b�]�Bc���f4�a1JͶ�a�{�¨х�b@��bR�*���-�J.lFs����-�%]ز��I�l>��~�m�/�˲��)��}����������uE�C뜀��Լ���y��j�g�MS�0�O��-���! Ribeye Marrow We would say; Graham went to the table and he picked up the ruler. /Length 2749 Luckiest Guy >> 32 60 Boogaloo /Group << Crafty Girls /Type /Pages /Type /Catalog Lobster Two 4. Neucha John carries a blue bag. �-A�j9�Uqa2�ð���O��o�_C��1~w�0�y�è� 5q�0���.��>L5� %�_�m���*�C�V��•�����d7���0��HRj��,� iL� �^I�N�J0����+��)5٨z% �V�+��v�+iHb>�N{%���5��^�`(>�f�e��$[&�% �-��a����F1��3� JP��^I��Uqa2Z�0�-��aϚ:�̨�+�b �g0���¨�T�������(5��e�@m��M��q�O��4�k��Ed}�Y�E����R���~�9���0�����w��E�f�b+�%��G� =V,X�,�/�t���ّ�ϊ3̯�.�FT>&7-�z��B>�V\�����}�"n&�����^�q�{F=V&|!1Euz1u�xTx>��yXnӌi��̏50Ԑ4$���PMYsf �����6��Wǁ�|��L��A��U��v^+?% I�O��Ϳ��d�{V�X���@�4c %([��P��Uqa2]��1�9�Z[�a F1��3ŀҎ�Q$�������( �d{V�8[C�Q��F1�t 2A�j9�Uqa2Z�0����F��=�Ή��9.���5~���c��X$�c��L��k��խ7��U1��j��JC���6�}Hc��huV�w������7;+�>�&Ug%��*;��Ng*��$想��2�=�k,[���2P|�@ �V�YI4�*.L�s "h�î�W��Y�b �g0���lU��Dc���d4�a1�h�Þ5� �Q��2� ��`(A�Q�Y��Z&�9�QjpQ�pMg5�~"�c�ߏ�VZ3�œ�{ stream >> The word he is a pronoun that takes the place of the word John. /ExtGState << << Schoolbell Rancho Pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns and possessive pronouns. 1 0 obj /Font << /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] %�쏢 %PDF-1.4    Size: 3 0 obj ��x\�)�S�3��n����2�-B|˦pO�†m9��4$5��|�T�1v�hua�w�C�ͻ��.L���)Fم)0��.l޷�������i&sݳ�ƲՅ,c@�ϢR��Uva Arial Grand Hotel Escolar /Marked true /XObject << 36 Gochi Hand /F2 8 0 R 80 Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet. ID: 146250 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: Beginner Age: 14+ Main content: Personal Pronouns Other contents: Subject Pronouns Add to my workbooks (371) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Mountains of Christmas They saw Steve and me / I at the movies last night after class. >> Satisfy px, Please allow access to the microphone /F3 16 0 R >> 20 Instead of saying- Graham went to the table and Graham picked up the ruler. H���Q���Hz �A��#z�o޿e��_�zɒ��x�j��5��A��}<3��o@��仩��e~� ��=Ʈ�TM�58{�4\�A F8����y[�1���l_Հ@&N� oޢJ��3�ܸ��вm�~��ib�J�NY�1�)wG˟��?�#k��M�Q�E�����g��I�JZ�$�O���c��r*F�r5���Pi. /Count 2 /Tabs /S Pronouns A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Exo 2 If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. 14 /StructTreeRoot 22 0 R Patrick Hand ��.R����u"b���h�0%�h. Comic Neue ��������{�����p���m�����6��|��t?��4��>�����鶄�[H�8���������a���6n/�w��������� ���-ҰN/�P��yy�c{��1%�2�\�z�/��m��>�@c������h�gu[����9]ß���:�����bT�o����T��'i0�}�k�xOѻa���P&���S��2[��oy�Ky��u__���2X�o��M�~��9��W�)n3,!��L�?�(�i���~� �>'9'��m:��O�!�>T�������������՛���}�ݼ��%0ղ��Wj�Ca�!P;o��o�1ԥ�����c*8r돍�cej�ӡ�%B=�)����I�]��/-ҏ�r���]�#X������sǚ��~I�gO ��!K�UAr�c ���� S�r.w�Z����p�2�x%�i{��PmR�j��N��oz�v9�I��=���&��_�jm̷-m�5�$���5��!a�����ci��w e��BO�V�����R۾��¡����P�'�D~"zZ���>xd�-Kò�G7��z��؂hՍ;�z �|��/9籉����o�~� 7���| J�}�9�����Q>��_4����"g����j�ZMfc��v�19�����,���h���f�7��,���}�AM�U��a)|���@�ܢ�N줩�+��a��Op��:x�V�4���5��B�-Z�}]�� Use the chart below and then study the example sentences chart. Chewy /S /Transparency Spanish Subject Pronouns yo nosotros tú vosotros él ellos ella ellas usted ustedes copyright 2011 Singular Plural. 11 Pinyon Script Pronouns A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Finally, practice by … We have used the pronoun he instead of the noun Graham. /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] /Contents [ 4 0 R 125 0 R ] >> /Lang (en-US) Love Ya Like A Sister 16 /GS7 7 0 R Fontdiner Swanky << Orbitron Gurmukhi /Image10 10 0 R Aldrich Open Sans %PDF-1.5 Architects Daughter VT323 Amatic SC /Type /Page Baloo Paaji Ubuntu example: John is a mail carrier. Covered By Your Grace Just Me Again Down Here Yanone Kaffeesatz Email my answers to my teacher, Font: Task One Look at this list of pronouns – @�k�dk�+�tllh��!575�"53���*����fb����T���.��8� ���7�^w�=��͋/����K/��o����W/����w�ݫ�_�}��ɧw������m����ջ|9�?��}������������q� s��[˯��:߹������W߇�lw�x��0~��rW����! stream 10 /Filter /FlateDecode Bangers Close. >> O�fy"��#�mfER��?3�F[6�y� �=3a��v�����\Iy.F�����l��TV�͡���o�e�$^7�]sw�*��Qϭ���B-"j/3����;t���uR�3��X�d \/gY�~�"Gn �c�RpmGK?D�SU�fy��"זk9���]�4iZ���͸�r[����4ѕv�t���L�L�V��h��E4,�#�p�t����<>>�[�X���,sJТA�k�MP��9>6w������6Pd�}T45�i�X[���|s�.��J�( 1�eA���RtB@�;�$0��"c�Ǩ!�j�؜���r��!t�JK�YF�W�V Indie Flower %���� English as a Second Language (ESL) > Personal Pronouns > Personal Pronouns, What do you want to do? Live worksheets > English > /Resources << Rock Salt τt�S� ��es �|W.+��� ��[jn�)� Henny Penny Shadows Into Light Two 5 0 obj /CS /DeviceRGB ��R��ߔ�ې����t%�_��8�����k�ť�е��4���T�@�҄��1V5��#e�oYmz]]��Ɨ��ش�[��X?��>Պ�C8�|�e�0kc���2)����͹�b7�Õ�f���V�������{����WZس�Zt;xt��uZԩ��Z3>؟�J&�Q�k����-&����X��D[����)|H��#�Tr43��^��7ux�]�v{� Ks�<4Y����&d�L����c�#���6;�Z�\�2�m�8�����OR��q�����`��.�4�F7��N>S=n�¾���bK$�Mm˙���'�J�O���CU{�z�=��7�^��Ň���e]\h���o]}|̏�2����߾�׻�$��Զq�u�nk��R������2޸�}m�Qh_����S2weQ&�(�_�(��-����yfEA��(�¢��~��(�i�bÊ�����Y%�H��gLϱ6& �@O�Ǝ� Personal pronouns are pronouns used as substitutes for proper or common nouns. >> Pacifico Kranky Check my answers /MarkInfo << All known languages contain personal pronouns. Reenie Beanie Creepster >> Bubblegum Sans << >> /Image12 12 0 R 9 Cherry Cream Soda endobj Unkempt 18 Fredoka One endobj /Image14 14 0 R Kalam Ŷ�������lT��c��6���) İ�:�T�{V�X6�)�e���1������hlU\�L�04D�ͳ����Z�~�b(>�Q�e��$[&�%���6��K,��na��gu;�g(>�Q�Fe?�ZhU\���0F��E-�5�Ԛ;����( �}n����7{�m��$�/]|J5��O�*v>���^����* I�t6;e��C6Z]����`lyYp����Sjʪg�UI0�ʮj�糮JC�_�C��Y�gu�e��2X� �Ϡ(A٪�*��VŅ�t@D�,sص�j��*�Q��F1�TWӋ�J��Uqa2�ð��Y�g�=Ca��F1��3� JPaTvU��VŅ�h�b�\�2|�mג��ڦ�Dk��G%!Ŏ����9�_���6�h�ڦFIZ��8�Ƕ�.����Hk� %_|mS���F>�b��=�i |�CZۄ\�W[��!&W�BLZ�Ԉ�Ƕ�+��ܪGk��I̗\�i�ö+�;0���Q�H���V,�;50���l�R���[�[���|+�$柰K�gu�ek`x����V,M]JPg+�Bc���|+�������Z����V�N|g[� G��[�[�[�lF�`m�Vj�϶bY�b �w�p�: �K�Ъ�8ߊe3J �ۊ�D &�m��i�`�S���mۺg�cw¯V?�Q鞴R��3�� �l��B���y����/ ����������R�S] ��dߗz�R������*���}_ ��w��,�������qbD�_�ǽ�(��յ��:ҳ�c���v��H ��ShlU���1a��3* 28 Personal pronouns worksheet Author: K5 Learning Subject: Grade 2 pronouns worksheet: Personal pronouns Keywords: pronouns, grade 2, worksheet, personal pronouns, grammar, english Created Date: 2/5/2019 9:42:06 PM 1. Jolly Lodger /Pages 2 0 R 4 0 obj ���T�QSҵ�j�z޳�f��ζ�Rc�:��[U�{���.�t~(�t~C��oX��gM]��5�0��;۠X� �lP�M����|��]�DP�D�b�'bPW��. /Parent 2 0 R It is also important to learn possessive adjectives when learning these forms. Special Elite Dancing Script English Meanings of Pronouns I we you you all- group he they- masculine she they- feminine you- formal You all- group (used in Latin America) Personal Pronouns Worksheet 1 Circle the correct personal pronoun. Sacramento You and her / she ought to return the books to the library because they are already overdue. 8 2 0 obj 13 He is going to the party with you and me / I, if you don't mind. These are used to replace nouns in sentences. /StructParents 0 22 >> <> Coming Soon 70 /Type /Group Annie Use Your Telescope 2. Freckle Face

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