peter gade racket

Gade made his mark in badminton history through his All England Open Badminton Championships singles title in 1999 and his five European Championships crowns in the men's singles event.

In an interview, he indicated that it might be one of his final big tournaments although not ruling out the possibility of continuing his career after the games. What do you think about what you just read? Each player's signature was engraved into their respective racquet to show that the racquet had captured the player's spirit. As his opponent moves to the front, Peter sends the shuttle to another direction with his racket. In the 2012 Summer Olympics he was defeated by Chen Long of China in the Quarter-Finals. This deceptive shot is called the doubles action of the racket because it involves 2 actions with the racket. Peter Gade requested the colour designs to be simple and to express his desire to win with elegance, which is what the champagne gold represents. Peter Gade has produced so many deceptive shots that badminton fans around the world decided to give unique names to these shots. Other than having the passive “hold and hit” technique in his strokes, Peter is also well known for his active badminton deceptions. He made it look effortless.
8 8 8 . However, in the quarter finals, Gade was defeated by the eventual champion, Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia 15–12, 15–12. Another popular deception by Peter Gade is the double motion. The three players also had hands on role advising on the designs. YONEX has developed new designs based on each players' favourite racquet and inspired by each players' style. However, Peter never gave up in most of these matches. In the videos above, Peter moves his body to the front of the court, giving the impression that he will produce a net shot. Peter introduced how deception could be used to create chances and set up badminton rallies. One popular deceptive technique often used by Peter Gade, also one of his trademark shots, is the double action of the racket. This is a variation to the double action of the racket. As mentioned above in his style of play, what makes Peter so unique are his deceptive badminton strokes. The BWF Superseries, launched on 14 December 2006 and implemented in 2007, is a series of elite badminton tournaments, sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). During this technique, you’ll be using your body movement to mislead your opponent. This energy is then transferred into a return of supreme strength and pinpoint accuracy. This gave him the advantage to perform fast attacks against his opponents. Color: White. Peter’s opponents who knew him very well were reluctant to bring themselves too close to the net area. His playing style is known for fast attacks, smooth footwork and constant pressure. //
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Danish National Champion: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, Yonex Armortec 700 new colour (2006–2008), Yonex Muscle Power 77* (2001 limited use).
Type: Fast / Attacking / Offensive Email:, 1237 South Mary Ave But for Peter Gade, he is still active in professional badminton tournaments even at the age of 35! However, Gade won the set 22–20 and went on to win the third set 21–15. Unfortunately I do not have much knowledge on badminton players at that time. Using the “hold and hit” technique, more variations of deceptive shots can be performed. Then as your opponent moves towards that direction, quickly change the swing direction of your racket and send the shuttle to another direction. The videos below show you some double motion from Peter Gade. He never disappointed his fans and his respect for the sport is phenomenal. The most common deceptive shot is the “hold and hit” technique. This deceptive shot is called the doubles action of the racket because it involves 2 actions with the racket. However in most cases, his deceptive shots were executed so effectively that the shot itself became the ‘killer shot’. At the peak of Peter’s career, he was very agile and consistent. Look at the beauty of this deceptive play. He was a natural at producing deceptive stroke. 5 8 6 . This racket uses fewer colours to give it a clean, subtle style. He made his opponent look like he was in another world.

He currently resides in Holte in Copenhagen.

Peter’s spirit, love, and respect for badminton are exemplary traits for all sportsmen in the world. Peter Høeg Gade (born December 14, 1976 in Aalborg, Denmark)[1][3] is a former Danish professional badminton player. There is a brilliant white colour design on the frame running through the shaft to which a champagne gold is added. Younger and talented players often force Peter into a third and deciding game. He would either force his opponents towards the net area and then force them to lift the shuttle, or he would play a deceptive shot to force a weak return from his opponent. This shot is a beauty to watch. The Badminton Specialist1 . Although his fitness level was not what it used to be, he still kept his eye on reaching the semi finals of every tournament he played in 2011. The whole body looks gorgeous and sleek. A player is considered a true badminton champion by claiming an Olympic Gold Medal at least once in their career. His deception is particularly creative for a world badminton player, and he uses a widely recognised and highly successful "trademark shot" (the so-called "double action" of the racket sends the shuttle to the back of the court, while aiming to bring the player towards the net). During Peter’s era, badminton deception was not a skill used widely to win badminton rallies. Unfortunately, Peter did not manage to get his hands on the Olympics title over his career. Positioned at the sides of the racket frame, this revolutionary technology absorbs and harnesses energy from the shuttles impact to provide the player with unparalleled feel during every shot. This steps involved are: The video below shows a classic “hold and hit” deception. Gade won his first match in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in round two after defeating Nabil Lasmari 21–6, 21–4. 7 7 6 2. Gade lost in straight sets to the Chinese champion Lin Dan in the quarter-final. Mon - Sat: 11AM - 4PM Tel: 1-888-586-7762 YONEX worked hard on the silver to reflect the exclusive image of Peter Gade. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in men's singles, he defeated Chien Yu-Hsiu of Chinese Taipei and Nikhil Kanetkar of India in the first two rounds. On the quest for the best racquet YONEX made more than 200 different designs for each model. When Peter manages to keep his opponents away from the net, he is more likely to dominate the front court and force his opponents to lift to him. And he did just that… he battled his way to the semi finals of almost all the tournaments he played! This skill is an extension of the hold and hit technique. His opponents could never read his where his shot would go. This was achieved after winning the Singapore Open and reaching the quarter-final at the Malaysia Open. This skill is an extension of the hold and hit technique. This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 16:34. Tel: 408-746-0646 The first action is to use your racket to draw your opponent to a particular direction. Gade was nearly beaten after losing the first set 21–19 and Shoji Sato having 2 match points in the second with the score at 18–20. At around the age of 30, players usually lose their stamina. With his defeat in the quarter-finals of the 2012 French Open Gade retired from international competition. If you have any interesting information on Peter Gade’s greatest opponents, feel free to share it here. With his 22 Grand-Prix titles, he has become one of the sport's most successful players. Sun: CLOSED, Yonex ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade (Arc10PG) Limited Edition Badminton Racket. He naturally had the ‘hold and hit’ deception technique incorporated into his badminton strokes (especially underarm strokes). [CDATA[ A season of Superseries features twelve tournaments around the world, introduced in 2011, with successful players invited to the Superseries Finals held at the year's end. YONEX ArcSaber 10 Peter Gade Badminton Racket. You won’t find many players playing at this age.

Finally, after exhaustive testing and retesting, YONEX created the ultimate design. Then they picked 30 to 40 different designs to develop into sample racquets. Then the second action involves using your racket to send the shuttle to another direction.

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