phenol production from cumene

(These modelling assumptions are based on the stoichiometry of the reaction.) 7) and lower at higher temperatures (FIG. However, when a second stage (a PFR in this example, although another CSTR could be used) is provided for reaction, the DMBA conversion can be raised and high yields of AMS can be obtained. 4,207,264 is particularly concerned with the formation of highly colored by-products, of concern typically in the production of hydroquinone (1,4-para-dihydroxy benzene) from p-diisopropylbenzene dihydroperoxide; hydroquinone is used as a rubber antioxidant. residence time (18.5 min. (See, e.g., V. G. Jung and G. Just, J. prakt. Experimentally, k3 and k4 were determined at 60°-80° C. from disappearance rates of DCP and DMBA, respectively, in batch reactions. The present invention relates to improvements in the process of producing aryl alcohols from aralkyl hydroperoxides, especially to the production phenol from cumene, and most particularly to improving the yields of phenol and reclaimable by-products such as α-methylstyrene. serum bottle containing a quench solution (0.5 g. of 10% aqueous sodium carbonate, that was shown to be effective for stopping all of the reactions). Thus, it is preferred in any combination of CSTRs and PFRs to use a CSTR as the first in the series. 3+ H When spilled to a great amount it should be prevented from coming into contact with heat or an ignition source. Addition of this unit to the petrochemical manufacturing section of Standard's Richmond refinery reflects the growing western market for these products, Petersen said. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Working towards the integration of LCA into the architectural design and planning process, a prototypical workflow to combine LCA with the planning method of Building Information Modelling (BIM) was developed. The calculations were done by using the rate equations in a static, iterative material balance computer simulation to derive the component concentrations. Technology 6. Interruption in the cooling system increases the temperature of the reactors. Undesired formation of acetophenone and dimethyl benzyl alcohol, which dehydrates producing alpha methyl styrene, occur as side reactions. PATENT TERMINATION CS-013599-0400;ASSIGNOR:CREDIT SUISSE, CAYMAN ISLANDS BRANCH;REEL/FRAME:021901/0647. The formation of DCP was taken as first order in CHP and first order in DMBA; similarly, the formation of cumylphenol was taken as first order in phenol and first order in AMS. cumene and oxygen. Flare should be included to prevent organic compounds being released into the air. 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A Kinetic Study, Removal and neutralization of acid catalyst from products of cumene hydroperoxide cleavage, Method of technical cumene hydroperoxide acidic cleavage to phenol, acetone and alpha-methylstyrene, Extractive removal of methanol from cumene-to-phenol process vent gas, Co-production of phenol, acetone, alpha-methylstyrene and propylene oxide, and catalyst therefor, Catalysts comprising a combination of oxidized metals and a method for cleaving phenylalkyl hydroperoxides using the catalysts, Method for the decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide, Methods And Systems For Separating Acetone And Phenol From One Another, Method for producing alpha-methyl styrene from cumene, Co-cracking of BPA and phenol process tars, Method of producing cumene hydroperoxide, phenol and acetone, Processes for the production of cumene, polyetherimides, and polycarbonates, Selective hydrogenation of alpha-methyl-styrene to cumene, Recovery of phenol, acetone and dimethyl phenyl carbinol from cumene oxidation product, Decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide with a heterogeneous catalyst, Rearrangement of aralkyl hydroperoxides to form phenols and carbonyl compounds, Process for the production of phenol and acetone, Decomposition of cumene oxidation product, Preparation of cumene through alkylation of an aromatic compound and preparation of phenol through cumene, Phenol preparation process and propylene recovery therefrom, Method for the decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide by acidic catalyst to phenol and acetone, Co-production of phenol, acetone, α-methylstyrene and propylene oxide, and catalyst therefor, Method of decomposing cumene hydroperoxide, Methods and systems for separating acetone and phenol from one another, Process for the preparation of 1,3-propanediol, Process for the preparation of phenol and cyclohexanone, Method for preparing acrylic acid from glycerol, Ketonization of carboxylic acids by decarboxylation: mechanism and scope, Processes to produce laurolactam from cyclododecanone, Method for the preparation of cyclohexanone, Method for producing aromatic alcohols, especially phenol, Process for catalytic hydroxylation of benzene, Process for producing phenol and cyclohexanone, Process for producing phenol and methyl ethyl ketone.

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