plasma nitriding masking

This ion bombardment can create intense heat in the work piece and must be controlled. Matthew, It is very difficult to answer you question precisely with regard to adhesion of deposits on Nitrided mild steel. Excellent wear resistance: the plasma ion nitriding process produces a compound zone that is dense, nonporous, very hard but not brittle, and has a low coefficient of friction. }, (View video of our longest part ever here.). We are looking for Plasma Nitriding of a Austenitic SS Hollow Bar of 1 M Long. A plasma nitrided part is usually ready for use directly after treatment requiring no machining, polishing or any other post-nitriding finishing operations. Learn about mechanically masking stainless steel HERE.. The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations may be deliberately harmful. We are looking for Plasma Nitriding of a Austenitic SS Hollow Bar of 1 M Long. The controlled ion bombardment reacts with carbon atoms in the work piece forming nitrides. Consult'g, Train'g, SoftwareEnvironmental Compliance. in weight. A special technical feature of this process is the possibility of using mechanical masking to provide accurate partial nitriding. How long does UltraGlow® Ion (Pulse Plasma) Nitriding take? In addition to enhanced material performance, the lifespan of your parts will increase with much improved strain limits, fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion protection. }); This is followed by Plasma Nitriding up to 60-80 microns. "text": "#237afc" today = new Date(); year0 = today.getFullYear(); document.write(year0); "background": "#237afc" It produces a compact, dense and more "ductile" compound layers than other nitriding processes, Improved surface finish and much cleaner surfaces as compared to salt bath and gas nitriding. Due to increased compressive stregnth at the part surface, fatigue strength is improved five to ten times its typical "non-treated" life, dependent on the material and part design. The ion nitriding process is carried out in a vacuum vessel where a high-voltage electrical charge forms plasma, causing nitrogen ions to accelerate and impinge on the metal. Plasma Nitriding and Masking 2000. This has to be done at selective areas on the ID of the hollow bar. This nitrogen enriched layer helps combat the elements and keep your parts looking new. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ What will happen to parts that I have repair welded after nitriding? Studies have show fatigue strength is improved without distortion as compared to other surface treatments, saving customers money. Privacy Statement  |  Site by Spinutech, A key benefit of Ion (Plasma) Nitriding is the capability to mechanically mask parts.

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