polled miniature herefords for sale

Oh yes, she’s a fine representative of our polled Miniature Hereford and every bit as sweet as she seems in this photo. Use to small kids and dogs etc.. smooth polled, great mother, and dam to some of our best girls. Our Beef Steers. For Sale: 12 Polled Hereford Feeders. Show pictures. so she is ready to improve or, enhance someones herd now. no matter how, puts it all out to her calves with LOTS of milk to grow them fat and fast 2020. calf is now weaned, so she can go at any time. For Sale at this time in the Mini Zebu Like all of our Miniature Hereford, she’s outstanding when it comes to all the best aspects that make Miniature Hereford one of the most desired breeds of miniature cattle. We have also purchased some outstanding donor dams, which serve as the foundation to our new beginning. 1 yearling heifer Spring.

With more and more interest in raising livestock, people frequently have Miniature Herefords at the top of their list. AMZA reg with papers in hand. Displaying 1 - 20 of 176 . Keeping Kids in Agriculture. Bull calf   Born Aug 30-2020     $1,000.00 as a pet steer or $2,500.00 as a bull with reg papers etc. We don’t have a preference, we are proponents of all our Miniature Herefords!

2018 NAILE, H and R bulls take GRAND and RESERVE in the bull show and PREMIER EXHIBITOR! Quality Polled Mini Hereford and Aberdeen Angus (Lowline) semen For Sale. Our Miniature Hereford enjoy a habitat and a day to day experience that is preeminent in the cattle business. See sire and dam on the other, don't really want to let her go but we just can't keep them all no matter, how nice.

Learn More. started now with her halter and tie training and has been in the barn with dam many times so is people friendly but is getting a lot more work now. Listing # 32141169. Listing # 32141170. Our Other Babies.

Is AMZA registered papers in hand. we call her Petals, she is now weaned. SALE CATTLE.

Our goal is to produce both quality and breed type as well as a superior customer experience and value. The other 250 cows were bred to Black Angus bulls.

Beef. our loss someone will geat a wonderful heifer, Heifer calf   Born April 14,2020      $2,000.00. Breeding polled Miniature Hereford is a natural process, not “engineered in a laboratory”, keeping intact all the highest standards and characteristics of Miniature Hereford cattle. For Sale: 1 Polled Hereford Cows. The popularity of families raising their own livestock and the number of small farms is rising and The Farm Miniature Hereford provides the options that they request. About Us & Our Farm. Contact us (web) Menu Home. Links. calm quite and easy for anyone to handle. Email: ssmh.diane@gmail.com, South Side Farm Miniature Herefords © COPYRIGHT 2020 | Optimized Web Design by SEO Web Mechanics, Our pride is reflected in the beauty and integrity of our world class champion bloodlines . Martinsburg , West Virginia. Semen sales. Our productive sales in the 1990s, were a very successful time for us, and many of you, we would still like to say thank you. . . See sire and dam on the other other pages of our site.

AHA reg with papers in hand. https://secureservercdn.net/, https://secureservercdn.net/ IN 2012, JOE, RYAN AND WALKER MCGUFFEE began to rebuild our registered herd. Our son started in 4-H and quickly grew to love the show arena.

can be sold  as a pet steer or as a fully reg. However all of our Miniature Hereford are very docile, easy to manage and provide the best Miniature Herefords have to offer.

We stumbled upon Miniature Herefords and immediately knew it was the perfect fit. See sire and dam on the other other pages, Heifer calf   Born Dec 1, 2019      $2,000.00, She is now weaned and ready to go at any time, tame use to small kids and dogs and tie and halter trained already. 1 Bred Cow Valentine - (confirmed bred). all images are current. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. For Sale  at this time in the Mini Herefords  ALL Are completely Smooth Polled halter broken and good with small kids, 1 Bred Cow    Valentine -  (confirmed bred), 2 Mini Zebu Heifer calves weaned and on the halter   CeCe  &  Petals, Confirmed bred to our Bull Joe for a late 2020 early 2021 calf, Valentine was shown for two seasons as a calf so she is fully halter broken and, does well for anyone.

Heifer calf   Born May 23-2020      $2,000.00.

SALE BARN. been there done that ready, to do it for others now. still have sire and dam, as well as a full sister and another on the way. The Farm Miniature Hereford cattle is exemplary when it comes to accepted metrics that determine the highest quality.

Menu Home. We produce cattle suited for both the show ring, and for the farmer who needs good maternal cattle that will perform in the pasture. Proper Care. Smokey Valley's  (yet to be named)   so buyer can name him, If sold as a bull will be registered  can be both IMZA and AMZA, ALL our cattle and tame and tie and halter trained and Shown. Semen For Sale. Since many of our clients feel more comfortable with the polled Miniature Hereford, our herd is designed to meet their demand. Why go mini?

Class . We currently have animals for sale, including calves, yearlings and bred cows. For sale.

Bulls. Why Mini Cows. Our miniature Hereford bull Zoro was the 2017 Grand Champion Bull at San Antonio! MCGUFFEE POLLED HEREFORDS was born, breeding a productive, functional, and profitable herd of Polled Hereford cattle. Polled Hereford Cattle for Sale. Miniature Polled Hereford & Miniature Zebu Cattle Sale Page Page last updated Oct- 28 - 2020.

Things we've learned. By the 1980s and 1990s McGuffee Polled Herefords became one of the largest Polled Hereford breeders east of the Mississippi River. If you do not see animals listed below that fit your needs or if you would like to learn in more detail what we have available, please Contact Us.

Our productive sales in the 1990s, were a very successful time for us, and many of you, we would still like to say thank you. Females. MCGUFFEE POLLED HEREFORDS was born, breeding a productive, functional, and profitable herd of Polled Hereford cattle. We have been in this cattle venture for several years now and our love for Miniature Herefords has only grown. 1 heifer calf Secret. MCGUFFEE POLLED HEREFORDS has transitioned over the years, and in 2002, we made the decision to continue to breed 150 cows to Polled Hereford bulls, without registering the calves. By the 1980s and 1990s McGuffee Polled Herefords became one of the largest Polled Hereford breeders east of the Mississippi River.

Oliver Miniature Acres. she is SO VERY lovely but I just can't keep them all no matter how nice they are! This program has been very rewarding to us. Contact Us. We achieved this by starting an ET program, to take advantage of 200 Black Baldie mothers and eggs from some of the best Hereford herds in the country.

H and R Ranch was started by … About Mini Cows. Learn More. Our goal at JB Miniature Herefords is to keep kids in agriculture. use to small kids and dogs around all the time. Sale Page; Calves; Cows ; Miniature Zebu ... We have found the miniature herefords here at Smokey Valley Farm to be easy keepers and easy care with a life span average of 18 to 22 years as a breed and we do all we can to promote a long and healthy life for our cattle.

Contact us (phone) Contact us (web) H and R Ranch. dam red so can produce same.

H and R Ranch miniature herefords. shown by our 9, year old grand daughter last year. When you visit, you’ll see all of our Miniature Herefords and know that your decision for polled or horned will be based more on what you find to be more visually appealing. Whatever your preference happens to be, polled or horned, rest assured The Farm Miniature Herefords will exceed your expectations. Maple Syrup Urine Disease MSUD. Thank you!

DNA advice. FOR OVER A DECADE. And in the place they call home.

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