polling station staff jobs

(13 Sep 2007), The use of a Photo Voter Roll your valid passport, or Polling, postal and count staff must consent to working in excess of the normal working hours provided for by the Working Time Directive. We are always looking for new people to help us, and would like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming involved. You will be responsible for telling your pension or benefit provider about your earnings, Any work that you do may affect how much tax that you are required to pay. Presiding Officer Job Description.pdf [pdf] 138KB, Poll Clerk Job Descripton- will be available shortly. )��돐��S�����0_�?�b�U�;�q!��[��Ƥ����|�-n ��1��.�e�����k!Yd�_���ZG�䛼2d/b�°�Fm�!A�8���0�c�*�d!k�s�Ԃ[Q�+���W��?Jy}�_T0��W�+=��=�.C���$bG�~���q/v�֬ܭ�S+ %�L��cڍ>�=���{�Ѯ�4��|�,��jg�;�6���cڶVz�;�m ��8�V��Y���1�Ơ5.�d^"���}��n��ƻH�ā��]aF���Χ�za̿��Bك�Cz�f"�R)� (23 Dec 2011), Neutral Symbols for Candidate Identification We'll email you when jobs matching this search are available. The vital roles played by these staff ensure the smooth running on the elections. *The above fees were paid to Election Staff in 2019, the actual fees for future elections are subject to change. `�W.j�Rt�%ý���e�ј�"������Av�{�w�+�Җf:��_��`d=�~�"A���u�p(ے��I�rV0=ٻB��g,>���E�r7��R�f�pֈs�"��Y!����eE]����b�j�oE3p�*�]�֙��%�4�m�@�jȏ ΀��Qp�2����] ����R}�+d9 ���8Z�N�h�nd�֨�0����Sk�G%��:���5���ԙK�z��� Duties would include delivery of poll cards to properties with eligible electors, usually around a month before an election. If you undertake election or canvassing duties you must: Polling and count staff must not work on behalf of a candidate or political party during an election campaign, nor be related to a prospective candidate. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to get the best experience. We then consider the person’s experience; availability; preferences; where they live or whether they have access to a car and are prepared to travel. As Poll Clerk you will assist the Presiding Officer to run a polling station. There will be a Presiding Officer  and at least one Poll Clerk at each station. We often have more applications than vacancies and we make it clear that if someone is not initially allocated for a post then they are added to our reserve list as we often have a number of initially allocated staff drop out for various reasons. Rates of pay. Electoral Services Casual Staff Application Form, Polling station jobs - Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks. (29 Nov 2011), Paper audit trail in e-voting The method of selection of successful applicants needs not only to be transparent  but also ensure that applicants are properly assessed so that the most appropriate staff are selected. If you are interested in any of the above positions and would like to have further details please contact the Electoral Services Team at  elections@arun.gov.uk with your name and address and we will come back to you. xpX��=#5��t9A3~*{.�S:' D���m�T�q�� Therefore the Council's employee terms and conditions do not apply, nor is there access to the Local Government Pension Scheme, Election roles are paid on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis, which means that tax will be deducted from earnings. x��\[s۸~ׯ�[���%�{ޚ��n;����t�}�-�N�؊/���� ��I�v�}0W���\�s?/�L�e����߽m�W������?������E��_����|}�vK5���"Ϻ�+E�&����[-�\f���O�w�כR͐W��v�gu��^���r������]}�Y�Ty��Ѩ{z��hVw�6k��+V�i��f}XˬUcog���t�X׻�FdRv]û�m]g�ȋ�t�lW��=�Q��߰,%o���rk}XWYݔ�^�_�?.~8]���������e��eu�e^/���ny�[\>� �Vw8@����������}�:%�\�#;0�H�"+��?|L%vN�p��95Y[�\����s>#*w��k��:�2�*>�'�re�O�U?���h�{+�!�@�M�uն�B�+5�'P-3�u��F��\�G�!m㺫wP�+�Ǯ�\��DS*N��c#*6�I�m3���~�sC�WnN��#�#Й�������-����T3���K!3����қjh]תY5{���{a�;���u�5B3�#�B},e��Ap�kj��Os��Z%NZ�N�J��_ܢ�|P��eQ� Some counts start at 10pm in the evening, others during weekdays or weekends. Count Assistant – Working overnight after the ballot closes or during the day after the election Once voting is over, ballot papers are taken to the count venue, where they are checked, sorted and counted, by hand. Email this page Recruitment and Training of Voting Station Staff, The Electoral Management Structure and the Delivery of Voting Operations, Inclusiveness and Comparability of Budgets, Funds Assurance and Timing of Electoral Funds, Qualifications and Eligibility Procedures, Information on How to Ensure a Vote is Valid, Information on the Integrity of the Voting Process, Voting Day Equipment and Maintenance Considerations, Packaging Materials and Equipment for Delivery, Level, Categories & Duties of Electoral Staff, Representativeness and independence of staff, Codes of Conduct for Voting Operations Staff, Role and Powers of Voting Station Staff and Security Forces, Distribution and Receipt of Voting Materials, Transportation of Voting Station Officials, Monitoring Voting Station Staff Performance, Rights and Conduct Within Voting Stations, Representatives at Mobile Voting Stations, Reconciliation of Ballots or Envelopes Received, Reconciliation of Ballots or Envelopes Issued, Close of Voting for Votes Cast Outside the Country, Close of Voting for Mobile Voting Stations, Challenges to Party/Candidate Representatives' Actions, Challenges to Voting Operations Management, Practitioner's Network discussing Voting Operations, Changes in vote counting locations

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