prada luna rossa black sample

Black starts to delineate from MIP more on the dry down. Still love that stuff though, but this was the first scent since initially finding BdC years back that struck me in such a unique, intriguing manner. Grabbed myself a decant for now but am 50/50 on getting a full bottle when I run out. So I could see the ladies liking this one on their guy. It reminds me of the Body Shop Mostly Musk (vintage), Stuff is great, got compliments after the work day was finished 10 hours later. At very least a staple in my collection. In my opinion i dont see it as an only summer fragrance , very versatile in my opinion.performance very good with nearly 6 hours. Each sample is clearly labeled, carefully wrapped, placed into a protective bag, and then packed into a bubble mailer. It’s a little sweeter/refined and not as powdery. Definitely unisex, but I do say that about almost everything. This is unique for me. A rather generic dark amber and tonka fragrance with a bit of patchouli and tobacco thing going on. Luna Rossa Black, the 6th and last flanker from the Luna Rossa franchise, has received many allocates from the Youtube fragrance community for not only being an excellent date night scent, but also for being quite likable to others due to its sensual aura and inviting nature. I think it leans casual and towards the cooler weather, but it's versatile. Rating 9/10. One of the best, if not the best, designer fragrance out there. However MIP took my heart. Of note is the absence of lavender that was a key feature in so many of the other Luna Rossa editions. The smell, the bottle, everything. I think Caron pour homme sport and Black smell alike, the only difference is I think Caron sport is more in your face. I agree with @coasterfan and @Haito007 and their reviews. This is one of the best designer fragrances in my collection, it's smells like high niche perfume, so dark and mysterious and it is more for fall/winter season, its not for hot days. It went from being at the top of some reviewers lists to some even advising viewers not to buy it. There's lavender in here, it's not listed but I reckon it's there. Well prada never disappoints. I gone in Holiday for Christmas days and i wore it ever day and night often. My fiancé thinks it has a primarily vanilla scent to it (she loves it), whereas I find it a bit more spicy and complex, more like fine incense or something. Mix Luna Rossa Sport with ambrette seed, amber, and Bvlgari Black, and this is what you get. This really smells pleasant, and unique. This cologne has given me more unsolicited compliments than any of my other bangers. Swiftly, and I do mean swiftly, this transitions to a powdery, sweet floaty airy sensual sweet Ambery suede. Sort of powdery, quite pleasant, understated. I smell mild Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male (a lot milder) mixed with Prada Luna Rossa original. Luna Rossa Black follows the original Luna Rossa from 2012 and more recently, 2017's Luna Rossa Carbon. I instantly went to the department store to test it. I get vibes of Midnight In Paris and Lanuit YSL but darker and sweeter. There’s something very unique about this. The weather has finally cooled off here in the city recently, and to my surprise -- Black shines beautifully on a cold brisk morning. Tonka bean isn’t even a note in this. If you spray a couple of light sprays, you don't pick it up, but a good 4 sprays and that I all I get. L'animation éditoriale et les mises à jour du site sont assurées par le Webmaster du service Communication en liaison avec l'ensemble des directions de la Ville. Our fragrance samples come in high quality glass bottles and are available in sizes of 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml, please choose a size above. I Think that not Will buy it another . You will receive our own glass bottle of your choosing, as can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd images provided. Re: *NEW* Prada Luna Rossa Black (2018) This looks awesome, and isn't it interesting, a Luna Rossa without lavender which is almost a signature of the line. I had high hopes, but it was really underwhelming. Not oily and rubbery like Bvlgari Black,but more herbal. Site réalisé par, Demande d'acte de Naissance avec filiation, Demande d'acte de Naissance sans filiation, Déchets/Débroussaillement/Emploi du feu/CCFF, Publicité/Taxe Locale sur la Publicité Extérieure, Procédure utilisation forêt communale pour manifestations sportives et associatives, IMPORTANT : SÉCURITÉ LORS DES MANIFESTATIONS ESTIVALES. At least on me. I loved Luna Rossa Extreme and even got a couple of back up bottles, just in case it got discontinued, which it did. Nice scent! Completely agree with the review below. We are in no way associated with the manufacturer, company or designer. This is lush Tonka bean heaven with amber under the surface. Her friends seem to like it a lot too. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It hit the shelves already in Germany, I tried it yersterday and am not allowed to vite?? It is completely gone in 4-5 hours. It is in the same wheelhouse as Dior Homme, though not as formal. Fragrance Reviews: 993650 I've had a chance to smell this a few times on a few people. Pulled me a compliment within the first 20 minutes of wear. It evokes the colour pink in my mind. This is an emphasis on the ambery powder that first drew me to original Luna Rossa. WTF Fragrantica???!!! If you can find a deal on it, it's not a bad option for a fall/winter designer. It's a skin scent all the way through on me but it lasts- barely still detectable now at the 8 hour mark.

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