prada luna rossa review

What would be the best-crafted, most exquisite sporty fragrance out there – or is such a thing a contradiction in terms for most of us? Perfume for Life: How Long Will Your Fragrance Collection Last? Don't subscribe But it is simply astonishing how much that costs! I saw these very comfy looking ones on a website….CK…$52pr…no way, too much considering they are just really for lounging (and housework) then lo and behold , I saw them at Sam’s club for $20 –I bought a pair, loved them, went back the next day and bought every medium they had. There are surely perfumistas who are fans of sporty fragrances, but they're not exactly a majority contingent. Top notes are Juniper Berries and Ginger; middle note is Lavender To me Luna Rossa mostly reminds of last year’s Armani Code Sport, and naturally I find both fragrances the best out of sporty genre. As for me, it did not set my world on fire. My favorite sport fragrance is Dior Homme Sport 2012, wich is not sporty at all. Isn’t it some sort of indicator that it will be suitable for doing something sporty at least in theory? It does not launch in the US until early next year, but can be pre-ordered now at Macy's. The last sport scent i truly liked was Lacoste Style in Play, but Mugler Ice*Men is also quite nice and different. As it dries down, all of that fades away, and Luna Rossa softens and turns woodier and muskier.

My fantasy sports fragrance is Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Cologne. Luna Rossa Extreme is a good one from prada , very suitable for winter time & i believe that cause of the black pepper & lavender as it works in good harmony and ofcourse with the vanilla as well beside the bottle design with the I don’t have a sport fragrance favorite that actually carries the name sport on its title.

Too large, and you will be hiking them up in class. What does Luna Rossa Carbon Smell Like? I guess there are actually quite a few Lauders I can’t wear — Azuree, Knowing, and Beautiful are also horrid on me, and I just don’t care for Beyond Paradise or White Linen. The Wunder Under pant is always sold, but the color & print you like today may be gone by next week. Very much about being in the present, being attentive to your sensory experience, concentration, etc. Although for a yoga class I’m thinking something with a fig would be more appropriate.

I hadn’t bothered to smell it, even, because “Sport” is my kryptonite. Filed Under: perfume talk, poll Tagged With: daniela andrier, prada. Same here w/ Beene Grey Flannel, although I guess that wasn’t a sport fragrance. I do like a number of Prada scents and wouldn’t mind sniffing this if I see it somewhere. Great review Robin.

Actually those look pretty comfortable. I must say that what I REALLY disliked of 2012’s releases is not as much the fragrances themselves, but their wimpy-ness. プラダ ルナロッサ スポーツ EDT スプレー 100mlがオードトワレ・EDTストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 Posted by Robin on 11 December 2012 75 Comments. The closer to sport scent that I get is Bergamotto Marino or Eau de Courrèges (my absolute favorite this year). And Athleta Chaturanga tights or knickers, which I think are the most reasonably priced of what I’ve mentioned, although I don’t like them so well as Lululemon or Lucy. I politely dislike the the bottle , the fragrance I may have liked if I didn’t now have a broader taste in fragrance.

Hahaha, the idea of scouring Ebay for vintage yoga pants is hilarious but also (is this bad?) SPORT??? But words like “marine”, “salt” and “lavender” pretty much ensure that I won’t seek it out purposefully. But you have to get just the right fit. However, I am a huge fan of yoga pants and happily admit to owning a bazillion pairs even though I don’t do a bit of yoga. At first I was going to reply: “Favorite Sport fragrance – is this a trick question?” But a couple of folks before me mentioned Aliage – and that is a good one, so I guess there’s one sport fragrance I like! The only “sport” fragrance I own is Habit Rouge Sport. As if there’s some inherent dislike of the genre…even if there were a superbly crafted sporty scent, there would be the same dislike. I've brought from Boots before which was perfect. Wearing 28 La Pausa to a pilates class is very elegant! It portrays a herbaceous coolness rather than metallic.

Do you, etc. So, you might see if a different style could provide a better point of entry for you.

ATF sport fragrance is allure sport cologne ! On the sporty front, well, the less said the better. Great review Robin. I KNOW it should have the opposite effect. Referring to it to being more ‘uni-sex’ back then probably wouldn’t have been a huge plus when it came to a traditional mainstream ‘perfume’, besides, the tennis outfits just looked so darned cute in the ads!

Of course, I assume it’s because many of them smell so generic and mass-produced, but it seems as if it goes beyond that. Your review exactly describes my own feelings about Luna Rossa. Ahhh, Robin… some serious enabling here. All the cheaper pants I started out in from TJ Maxx eventually went off to Goodwill, and many of the medium priced pants sit unworn in my closet…really perfect pants do not move in class, feel good against the skin, and generally have no attributes that make you remember you’re wearing them, which ought to be the point. I LOVE them…. Ditto to those above who mentioned Aliage…definitely my favorite “sports” fragrance, though we would hardly think of it as being one today, I think. I thought this smelled very ordinary and indistinguishable from the next sports fragrance. The hallmark of most modern sport fragrances are synthetic fresh notes. It’s a classy daily fragrance. Thank younfor reminding me of it ! But I probably never really will.

I It would make a great gift for a fan of sports fragrances, and if the reviews at Boots are to be believed, many men have in fact received it as a gift and loved it, and many more have bought it for themselves. LOL Luna Rossa is the new woody citrus for men from Prada.It's named for the the brand's America's Cup Challenge team, and is supposed to be an "unconventional marine fragrance" featuring lavender. Inspired by the Prada Luna Rossa sailing challenge, an Italian sailboat racing syndicate first created to compete for the 2000 America's Cup and co-sponsored by Prada, the Luna Rossa fragrances have been created by perfumer Daniela Andrier with bottle designs by Yves Behar. I think I was an easy target since I love lavender and soapy notes.. The resale value of some older Lulu items is astonishing. If it makes you feel better, I do yoga in a pair of running pants, and I constantly regret that I can’t bring myself to bite the bullet and buy some decent yoga pants.

The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. I don’t think it’s true of any other brand though, and it relates to the company’s practice of making what are essentially “limited edition” yoga & running clothes. I’m probably more uptight about my pants moving around in class & not providing “adequate coverage”, and I don’t mind a bit of extra compression either. I assume you’ve already let Kevin off on his Christmas break? Final Rating: 8/10. But, as others have mentioned, maybe I should try again with a different style of yoga. Everyone loves that one. …except for one time I went crazy and bought 2 navy blue pair. I don’t think I’ve ever worn scent to the gym, but since so many don’t wash off easily, I’m often wearing “residual” fragrance. All rights reserved. Yep, it was! Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men.Luna Rossa Carbon was launched in 2017. They’re also (comparatively) reasonably priced, though, so worth trying on if you have a Nordstrom nearby. The last one was Ambre Pour Homme Intense, which has Somalian myrrh… I also used to spray some sur le Nil or Pamplemousse Rose when I was doing aerobics, but still I usually don’t wear fragrance to Pilates or Taiji lessons, but very occasionally I’ll put on a touch of Guerlain Meteorites EdT (barely there violet), Iunx l’Ether (natural and, of course, ethereal) or Chanel 28 la Pausa (light, cool, and beautiful). Recently I thought I might like to have some, for the nice memories, but alas it just smells cheesy (not in the frommage sense!) No more surprising was the new Luna Rossa Black, although the reasons were not atypical and non-organic notes like carbon but … But if you think it’s decent, some man in my family is going to find it under the Christmas tree. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I'd much rather wear Amber Pour Homme or Infusion d'Homme. Prada Luna Rossa ~ fragrance review and a quick poll. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Prada Luna Rossa Black for Men Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce at

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