prada perfume la femme

By Clicking Join, You Agree To Our Terms And Acknowledge You Have Read Our Privacy Policy. Soft and creamy, perfect for the fall mornings! If the opening notes stayed in the dry down, it would've been perfect. I SHOULD love this. At, customer gratification is of our utmost concern and priority. For information on the refunded sales tax amount, please refer to the Sales Tax section. It’s not original, it last a short period of time. I tried again this morning, and that sour fruity pebbles smell isn't so pungent, but it's still there. Perfect for those days where you just want to smell clean. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Ladies - you make me curious - I just ordered a beautiful, classy 9 ml mini bottle in white with a gold top (like the shower gel). Prada has really ticked all the boxes for me here with this new line as I could also rave about La' Homme just as much. It starts powerful on my skin. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Not so fast. Hmm. Smells very nice, and lasts for a good period of time. Good office scent. I received a couple of samples of this and I love it! Please login. I agree it is not a masterpiece, just a beautiful scent...not all scents are masterpieces, and still, it is a matter of taste, your masterpiece isn't necessarily mine, and yes critical reviews are part of it, as long as they are written in good taste..and on the subject of having lots to learn, maybe some people need to learn about good taste!? The new fragrant “pair of equals" represents man and woman that are “reunited in an identical vision. I think the tuberose, frangipani, and ylang-ylang blend give this a feminine soapy floral vibe, while the vanilla is balanced out with the beeswax, there is something to that wax note- it is hard to describe, but it is definitely noticeable. Some orders require insurance against theft and accidental damage during delivery($150 and more). When it is done right, tuberose can be very pleasant, creamy and comforting. floral, sweet and light like body lotion. Please try again. Delivery!!! Reading and listening to reviews, I expected this to be safe, clean, nothing special office scent. *Mail your return using a traceable ground shipping method (we recommend UPS or the U.S. This is a very interesting composition. This is the most wonderful perfume. This is going on my want shelf for sure!!! Since this is the stronger scent, It really should last. Smells very sophisticated, beautiful and warm. I absolutely adore the Prada Candy line. It belongs on a perfectly well-coiffed expensively clad woman. It's not stunning , nor amazing but it's different from any perfume I know. This is a refreshing change from all the super sweet releases that have been coming out lately. However, I tend to feel vetiver as "hot". You can check your order status online at any time to see if we've received and process your RMA request. This opens smelling like an expensive floral soap that you might get at a 4-star hotel in a big city, then as it wears, it becomes less soapy and more creamy and sweet. I tested this at the mall today and immediately got a tuberose bomb! Perfume Atomizers are Final SALE and can NOT be returned. I wanted to enjoy this but found the beeswax very pronounced; so much so that it reminded me too much of a furniture polish containing beeswax. Thank You For Signing Up! Maybe I'll get lucky and find that gorgeous bottle greatly discounted at Winners. Best presentation Bottle and perfume ever ! This simply smells like a beautiful, rich woman. I think it is safe as a present. It's not bad, quite pleasant, but not interesting enough to purchase. So this is why I associate this fragrance with expensive toiletry items. It's a very clean, feminine floral that also has a bit of depth to it. The descriptions used by the brand to its new creations certainly lead to a level of expectation: the designer describes Prada Le Femme and L'Homme as a pair of fragrances with an identical vision, a confusion between male and female and a relationship without obvious definition. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Ylang. Creamy, a little powdery, and no cloying sweetness. La Femme Prada Perfume by Prada. It's not very complex but it's a sweet, clean expensive smelling floral pretty much. Its still mature, great work scent but modern. I’m very disappointed, Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2018. I was intrigued by the notes, plus I knew the stores where I live would never carry it. Maybe you'll find the "missing" part in that one. To me this opens up very creamy, honey sweet lotion then after ten minutes the soap comes through and smells more soapy and floral, then after an hour the soapiness disappears and it’s back to the opening again.

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