pressure dimensional formula


This is obtained with the force and pressure relation which is, Pressure = Force ÷ Area.


(5). = t a =

2 Pressure is the force applied by one object on the another. a


The pressure coefficient is a dimensionless number which describes the relative pressures throughout a flow field in fluid dynamics. wall z

M 1 x γ
{\displaystyle {\rho v^{2}}/2} = y γ [

. u Φ

Calculate the pressure exerted on the bottom of the tank. . M

| = γ ∇ γ {\displaystyle a}

ϕ C

Φ ∇

( a − ∇ 2 γ +

From the use of the momentum equation and the assumption of isentropic perturbations, one obtains the following basic piston theory formula for the surface pressure: p )

− constant

p ( γ p ∞

(2), ⇒ Pressure = Force × [Area]-1 . − a As a result, pressure coefficients can be greater than one in compressible flow. −

γ . P = ρ × g × h. P = 1000 × 9.8 × 1m.



The pressure coefficient is used in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

( w x

. 1 ∞ Relationship with aerodynamic coefficients,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Abbott, I.H. F 2

2 ] and the perturbation potential


In the flow of compressible fluids such as air, and particularly the high-speed flow of compressible fluids,


is approximated as, w

. The dimensional formula of pressure gradient is given by, Pressure Gradient = Pressure × [Distance]-1 . F = Force applied by the body (N) Problem 1: A girl weighing 60 Kg wearing high heel shoes stabilises herself on a single heel.

| a u )

ϕ ∞ gravity is g. Pressure Formula is used to compute force, density, area, pressure, height and gravity. ∂ 2 w −

ϕ Every point in a fluid flow field has its own unique pressure coefficient, {\displaystyle C_ {p}}. t Density of water = 1000 kg / m 3, The pressure is articulated as.

(4), And, the dimensional formula of area = [M0 L2 T0] . ∂ p + =

2 −

On substituting equation (4) and (5) in equation (3) we get, Pressure (P) = [M1 L1 T-2] × [M0 L2 T0]-1, Therefore, the dimensional formula of pressure = [M1 L-1 T-2] . . ∞ 2 Consequently, an engineering model can be tested in a wind tunnel or water tunnel, pressure coefficients can be determined at critical locations around the model, and these pressure coefficients can be used with confidence to predict the fluid pressure at those critical locations around a full-size aircraft or boat. − t ,

V =

here The pressure coefficient is a dimensionless number which describes the relative pressures throughout a flow field in fluid dynamics. here = γ ∞

F γ Φ


1 t = ϕ ∞ u In many situations in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, the pressure coefficient at a point near a body is independent of body size.

dimensional formula of Pressure = [M 1L1T −2] [M 0L2T 0] = [M 1L−1T −2] dimensional formula of Pressure = [ M 1 L 1 T − 2] [ M 0 L 2 T 0] = [ M 1 L − 1 T − 2] Pressure is denoted by Letter P P. SI unit of Pressure is Pascal or Newton/square meter. )


γ + Therefore, the dimensional formula of pressure = [M 1 L -1 T -2] . ] Φ


Calculate the pressure applied by the heel on the horizontal floor?

v )


| ) 2 ∂ {\displaystyle \Phi =u_{\infty }x+\phi (x,y,z)}, ∂

is higher (more negative) on the distribution it counts as a negative area as this will be producing down force rather than lift. γ

γ ,


− ∂


1 F

1 The classical piston theory is a powerful aerodynamic tool.

C = ∞ The heel is round with a diameter of 1.5 cm. p + ∞ 1 . C 2 Pressure (P) = [M 1 L 1 T -2] × [M 0 L 2 T 0] -1. p


− w C )

a (

M u

of minus one is significant in the design of gliders because this indicates a perfect location for a "Total energy" port for supply of signal pressure to the Variometer, a special Vertical Speed Indicator which reacts to vertical movements of the atmosphere but does not react to vertical maneuvering of the glider. ( Pressure-loss form. {\displaystyle w}


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