princess calia menethil

Also Calia an awful *awful* character that was placed in there to 180 a race that people have been invested in for 15 years. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. With her recent reappearance on the Shadowlands alpha, we review her role in Battle for Azeroth and speculate what her position could be moving forward. Of course, Princess Calia wasn't aware of Presto's alter ego, but she still wasn't happy about the arrangement. Before World of Warcraft Early Life Despite being the first-born, Calia is not a male heir to the throne of Lordaeron and therefore lives a normal life within the aristocratic standards. I’m assuming the only people who could possibly know this truth would be someone who was really close to the Lordaeron royal family during this time, or perhaps a religious leader who performed the secret wedding or was aware of the secret birth. However, Turalyon and Alleria are not given this much scrutiny outside of snide quips that “Turalyon is flat and boring/he’s a zealot/he’s the embodiment of the white savior among the draenei” and “Alleria is a fucking psycho for using the Void and wanting the blood elves to return to the Alliance, she’s just like her sisters, it must run in the blood/she’s arm candy to another, rugged Alliance man” whenever the plot calls for their convenience. Anduin surmised the reason she identified with the Forsaken is she hoped to be reunited with her family at the Gathering should they have been raised as undead. !Calia: LIAR!!

The Traitor Wrynn will be exposed and our TRUE king will take the throne. Prestor, as mentioned, turned out to be Deathwing in disguise. Saa'ra informed Anduin and Alonsus that they would together bring Calia back as the Light and she herself would have her be, and the two priests proceeded to raise the fallen Menethil back as an undead touched by the Light. After being made aware of her existence, Sylvanas Windrunner personally flew through the field and murdered Calia, who she saw as a threat to her authority.

Sure the lunatic ravings of secret conspiracies and love affairs between Anduin Wrynn and the Banshee Queen are pretty ridiculous and laughable. But let joy fill your hearts, friends… for the child was SAVED! Saa'ra's warmth would then comfort her and told her to sleep in peace. You asked if he was here!! Will was Anduin’s personal butler and friend. Breke's Bait Shack: Your One Stop Shop for Fishing Achievements! Other than that there isn’t much info. The same can be said for any big fandom, in all honesty. In Before the Storm Calia recounts that she did in fact have a child, not with Lord Prestor but with a unknown palace guard and the child was a daughter. Lord Prestor is the aspect of the Black Flight Deathwing and Princess Calia Menethil is Arthas Menethils older sister.

As King Terenas turned his attention to Arthas, Calia fell in love with someone her father would never have approved of: a Lordaeron footman.

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