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And Yangon’s results for the local climate (57th) or transportation (73rd) aren’t nearly good enough to make up for the downsides. The Austrian capital has had the world’s highest quality of living for a decade. In the Health & Environment subcategory, Doha has climbed from 41st to 28th place. Zug is ranked the second-safest city for expats around the world, right after the city-state of Singapore. Zurich already made it into the top 20 for quality of urban living in 2018 (16th out of 72); in 2019, however, Switzerland’s largest city even features in the global top 5 (4th out of 82). “The quality of life is one of the main reasons I like it so much here,” as a Russian expat in Zurich puts it. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranks countries into four tiers of human development by combining measurements of life expectancy, education, and per-capita income into the Human Development Index (HDI) in its annual Human Development Report. The ratings for the quality of Zug’s urban environment are equally glowing: over eight in ten expats (85%) consider it excellent, which means the city also ranks first for this factor. Kuwait City does best in the Safety & Politics subcategory, where it ranks 53rd out of 82 destinations. While Health & Environment is still its best-rated subcategory (2nd), Taipei no longer comes first worldwide here, with Calgary (Canada) beating it to the top ranking. Kuwait City ranks just a little better for the availability of healthcare (75th), but 24% of expats are still dissatisfied with this factor (vs. 13% worldwide). “I miss casual and cozy places with a modern, varied, and reasonably priced menu.” But if you are looking for a safe and quiet place to live, Zug might just be the city for you. Mercer is the leading provider of data on quality of living for employees sent to work abroad. Mercer Releases 2019 Quality of Living Rankings. A city needed to have at least 50 respondents in order to rank in this index, which was the case for 82 cities in 2019. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The study also aims to help multinational organizations provide adequate compensation for globally mobile employees affected by multiple quality of living factors. Expats criticize the “traffic” in Milan, its “bad public infrastructure”, and the “frequent transport strikes”. These indices are historical and they are published periodically. PortuguêsIndicador de Qualidade de Vida 2019 That Tokyo only ranks 11th out of 82 in the Health & Environment subcategory is solely due to the quality of its environment: with 75% of expats rating it positively (just a little over the global average of 71%), Tokyo ends up in 38th place for this factor. Zug’s ranking for the quality of life benefits from the great quality and availability of healthcare as well (82% and 87% positive responses, respectively). “I feel as if I am living in a bubble,” a British woman in Cape Town describes her situation. While nearly four in five expats (78%) were happy with their personal safety in 2018, only 64% say the same in the 2019 survey. While the result for Kuwait’s political stability in general is just below average (49th), expats aren’t all that content with their personal safety in Kuwait City: 19% rate it negatively, compared to 9% globally. You aren’t able to just walk around here.” It seems like 38% of the respondents in Lago agree with her: they all rate their personal safety negatively (compared to 9% worldwide). A former industry executive and management consultant, Eric leads a team dedicated to provide accurate, high value business information to today's practitioners. There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics – This Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life.. Download executive summary Download the index data Learn more about the Better Life Initiative Terms of Use and For example, 36% of expats in Milan describe the latter in negative terms, more than twice the global average of 17%. Around one in six respondents (16%) aren’t happy with the quality of the environment, either. Like in Tokyo, though, the far more negative ratings for the quality of the environment negatively affect its result in this subcategory: “I especially dislike the fact that pollution here is higher than at home,” a US American expat says. Newcomer Lagos places last in the bottom 3, ranking below Yangon (80th) and Kuwait City (81st). Of the top 3 cities in the Quality of Urban Living Index 2019, two — Tokyo and Taipei — were already featured among the previous year’s three best-rated destinations. Moreover, Kuwait City has the worst-rated quality of environment in the ranking (82nd), with 32% of respondents considering this factor very bad, nearly eleven times the global average (3%). https://mobilityexchange.mercer.com/Insights/quality-of-living-rankings, New York Life Acquires Cigna’s Group Life And Disability Business for $6.3bn, Hartford Names Sean Genden Head of International Insurance, IASB Adopts Changes to IFRS 17 Exposure Draft Amendments, Highest Quality of Living: Singapore (25), Tokyo (49), Kobe (49), Lowest Safety: Karachi (226), Bishkek (211), Phnom Penh (199), Highest Quality of Living: Dubai (74), Abu Dhabi (78), Lowest Quality of Living: Sana’a (229), Baghdad (231), Lowest Quality of Living: Detroit (72), Port-au-Prince (228), Highest Quality of Living: Vienna (1), Zurich (2), Munich (3), Lowest Quality of Living: Minsk (188), Tirana (175), St. Petersburg (174), Highest Safety: Luxembourg (1), Basel, Bern, Helsinki and Zurich (joint 2nd), Lowest Safety: Moscow (200), St. Petersburg (197). However, the worldwide number one has moved up seven places from its 2018 ranking: the Swiss city of Zug owes its first place mainly to its excellent results in the Safety & Politics (1st out of 82) and Transportation (2nd) subcategories. Just like in 2018, its best-rated subcategory is transportation, where it comes in fourth place: 96% of expats in Tokyo are satisfied with the transportation network in the Japanese capital. Check out the Expat Insider 2019 A respondent from Paraguay points out the “the convenience of everything: access to food, great transportation, and cheap medical service”. With a 79th place in the Transportation subcategory, local transportation is nothing to write home about, either. While the city only lands in 25th place for the local leisure activities, this is still a well above-average result, with 83% positive ratings (vs. 74% globally). Copyright © Global Benefits Knowledge SA 2014-2020 - All Rights Reserved -- Global Benefits Vision magazine ISSN 2418-4349 -- Published in Luxembourg. In terms of personal safety, Yangon performs far better than both Lagos and Kuwait City, landing in an average 40th place (out of 82) for this factor and a somewhat sub-standard 65th for the Safety & Politics subcategory. InterNations is present in 420 cities worldwide. It is therefore not particularly surprising that Milan just lands in a rather mediocre 41st place for local transportation (vs. ranking 30th in 2018). And while the survey participants consider local transportation to be excellent (3rd) and the leisure options to be good (19th), they are far less happy with the local climate and weather: one in five expats (20%) views this factor negatively. March 13, 2019 Global, London. A city needed to have at least 50 respondents in order to rank in this index, which was the case for 82 cities in 2019. Moving up seven ranks in the Quality of Urban Living Index, the Swiss city of Zug now comes out on top. Expats are especially dissatisfied with the local availability of healthcare — or lack thereof — in Lagos (60% negative ratings vs. 13% globally) and the quality of medical care in Nigeria in general (63% negative responses vs. 18% worldwide). Milan and Cape Town are this year’s biggest losers in the Quality of Urban Living Index. Lagos’s performance in the Safety & Politics subcategory is hardly any better (81st out of 82). I love the convenience of everything: access to food, great transportation, and cheap medical service. Taipei’s result in the Safety & Politics subcategory (23rd) is similarly skewed: on the one hand, the city is among the three safest places for expats around the globe (3rd), right after Singapore and Zug, but Taiwan’s particular political situation seems to be a cause of concern for many (40th). The Kingdom of Denmark emerged in the 10th century and includes … Ranking 48th out of 82 cities, Doha still performs a little below average in this index, but it has improved significantly since the 2018 Expat City Ranking (60th out of 72 destinations). Quite unlike the top 3 destinations, none of the worst-rated cites — Lagos (82nd), Kuwait City (81st), and Yangon (80th) — appeared in the respective list in the 2018 Quality of Urban Living Index. Over a third (35%) rate its affordability negatively, though (vs. 26% globally). It has made gains across the board, with most factors in all subcategories moving up the ranks since the previous year. This change for the better is largely due to two subcategories. Unlike expats in Lagos, expats in Kuwait City do hate the local weather: 67% are unhappy with the climate, with the city coming last worldwide for this factor (82nd out of 82). Global Benefits Vision founder and expert in global compensation & employee benefits, global mobility and insurance at large. Some of the most noticeable changes affect the rankings for transportation (from 12th to 5th), local leisure options (from 37th to 29th), and the availability of medical care in Zurich (from 30th to 13th). These … Taipei (3rd), which already featured among 2018’s best-rated cities, is the number one for healthcare. Your use of this service is subject to our Tokyo’s ranking in the Quality of Urban Living Index remains unchanged (2nd out of 82 vs. 2nd out of 72 in 2018). Taipei has suffered some minor losses compared to the 2018 Quality of Urban Life Index, slipping from 1st place out of 72 destinations to 3rd out of 82. EspañolÍndice de Calidad de Vida 2019, Copyright © 2009-2020 Numbeo. DeutschLebensqualität-Index 2019 There are lots of festivals going on here in Tokyo, which everyone can enjoy on a seasonal basis. Global consulting leader Mercer in March 2019 released its annual Quality of Living Rankings. ... Mercer has created a grid that enables users to link the resulting index to a quality of living allowance amount by recommending a percentage value in relation to the index. What is more, local traffic and public transportation seem to be a common complaint among the survey respondents. Moreover, expats in Yangon seem to suffer from a lack of local leisure options (81st), with one in ten (10%) being very unhappy with this factor. Denmark. Only Kuwait City performs worse in this regard. Mercer and quality of living data. “I miss the freedom to walk or ride anywhere at any time, and I hate having to worry about my security. For example, in 2018, 74% of expats considered local healthcare in Doha to be easily available, but 82% rate the same factor positively in 2019. “There are lots of festivals going on here, which everyone can enjoy on a seasonal basis,” a respondent from South Korea says. Both Doha and Zurich have managed to greatly improve their position in 2019. It's a snapshot of the current indices at a specific point in time. However, the Taiwanese metropolis still lands in first place for all the factors related to healthcare — its quality, affordability, and availability.

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