quintessential quintuplets characters

Starts to have feelings of jealousy towards Fuutarou and Yotsuba after the former chooses the latter, leading her to start wondering if she's fallen for him as well, despite all of their fighting and her earnest desire to support Yotsuba. Fuutarou quits his high paying job as the girls' tutor following the prep exam, partially out of virtue that he believes the quintuplets deserve a better tutor, and also because he cannot stand working for the quintuplets' neglectful father. This culminated in them making a promise to each other: to study hard and become rich in order to support their families, and become someone useful to others. She is seething when Takebayashi compares her relationship with Fuutarou to theirs, to the point where Yotsuba has to calm her down. To wit, because of the promise he made with Yotsuba to study hard and get good grades when they were children, she became so zealous in fulfilling said promise that she developed an, Ichika and Itsuki's colors are switched, however, Chapter 109 reveals that he—Mudou—is still alive and well, Chapter 41 reveals that, before they met Fuutarou, they were actually as poor as him and it was only until their mother remarried to their stepdad that they have money, The end of the Seven Goodbyes' arc. Come the Scrambled Eggs arc, however, no prizes for guessing which two quintuplets wind up doing exactly that. This week, the new released song "Realize" from Suzuki Konomi gets the 1st place. About "The Quintessential Quintuplets" This is a list of characters from the anime and manga series The Quintessential Quintuplets. In Chapter 59, after passing her exams, she leaves to speak to her father, being under the impression that Fuutarou dislikes her for her past behavior towards him and thinking that she won't see him again given that he has fulfilled his role as her tutor. The Nakano quintuplets' biological father. He later gains two male friends, Maeda and Takeda, with whom he forms a group for the Kyoto trip. She also then talks about her fantasy of having a romance with a partner like a prince charming riding on a horse, and her mental image said prince incidentally resembles Kintarou. The combination of both Ichika's betrayal and Yotsuba accidentally botching her attempt to confess during the school trip have left her in a despondent state in chapter 81, staying holed up in her hotel room crying her eyes out and refusing to answer either phone calls or knocks from anyone, including her sisters. She tells Fuutarou that she is in love with him in Chapter 74. Fifth daughter of quintuplets. This is averted in Chapter 60, where Itsuki almost does this yet again, but opts not to. He became a tutor of quintuplets to pay off his family's debt. Here is weekly animation music sales ranking in Japan (Aug 26 - Sep 1, 2020). This in turn causes, In Chapter 50, after jumping into the water to save Fuutarou, she begins to drown after being overwhelmed by the freezing water, prompting him to save her and help her back onto land. Her anger mainly comes from the fact that she was picked despite not doing much (if at all) to show any romantic interest in him compared to herself, Miku, and Ichika. Considering that she started focusing on extracurricular activities as much as she could, it's no surprise that her grades suffered, given that she wouldn't have time for everything no matter how hard she tried. the opposite behavior, but not without a reason. She points out that Yotsuba knew how much she loved him and yet she decided to wait for him anyway. To wit, she won a card game against her sisters and using its condition, being able to get them to do what she wants, compelled Ichika, Nino, and Itsuki to go up. She is good at cooking. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ichika's trailer was released this week. Here is weekly animation music sales ranking in Japan(Aug 5 - Aug 11, 2020). Yotsuba began as a child with little self-worth who yet had big dreams, but later became obsessed with being the most special of her sisters after Ichika was mistaken for her by Fuutarou. A very helpful girl, but reluctant to really say what she wants. The new character trailer of anime "The Quintessential Quintuplets", which will be broadcast on next January is released 5 weeks in a row. He later gains two male friends, Maeda and Takeda, and spends Chapter 91 at the beach with his classmates, with the quints absent. Third daughter of quintuplets. Although they share terrible grades and no desire to study, they can be honorable and appreciate the work that Futaro is dedicating towards them. Second daughter of quintuplets. A smack is heard and Yotsuba is seen strewn on the ground with Nino standing over her, implying that the latter struck the former. A former student of Rena Nakano during her 2nd year of senior high school. Her actual response to a person being picked —namely, with Yotsuba— shows. though she did have a successful attempt at the end of the chapter, where she lied that she joins the studying session in the first place because she likes Fuutarou. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The first to accept Uesugi as a tutor, she does so without any problems. She discards the 'Matchmaker' part in Chapter 74, when she confesses to Fuutarou whilst disguised as Miku, and also tells him that she (Miku) thinks they would be a great couple. Fuutarou and Raiha's father. This trait ended up helping her when she and Miku compete for a job in a pastry shop where Fuutarou works and it is a cooking contest. Good at housework and very social. it's revealed that she was the girl Fuutarou met in Kyoto five years prior, and that she has loved him since that day, it's obvious how hurt she was, when she rejected the idea that she and Fuutarou could be together. she has always been in love with Fuutarou, but feels that she has no right to express those feelings at the risk of her sisters' happiness after what they've done for her in spite of the way she treated them. A recurring gag throughout the series entails another character, typically Itsuki, glimpsing his test results and him trying to stop her, with her noting his constant perfect scores and him mockingly acting embarrassed about it in response. disguised as Rena, which according to Yotsuba is much more like the "old" Itsuki, At least until he finally chooses Yotsuba, when she starts wondering if she might have fallen for him after all. A minor example, but Chapter 80 has her concocting a scheme to support Miku in spending time with Fuutarou. Check out this adorable romcom now! At some point in the future, he marries one of the quintuplets, but even though she is clearly shown, because they are identical, it's unknown which one of the five it is. She apparently inherited this trait from her biological father, Mudou. Averted in regards to Yotsuba, who never admits to anyone else that she's in love with Fuutarou, but Itsuki seems to be the only one who isn't fooled, as she repeatedly attempts to persuade Yotsuba that she's just as worthy of fighting for him as any of the others. Nino is fully aware that the aforementioned two are also vying for his affections. In Chapter 8, during the fireworks festival, when she gets jostled by the festivalgoers and winds up being separated from her sisters, Fuutarou pulls her out from the crowd and gets her to hold onto him so that he can safely lead her to the rooftop she rented to watch the fireworks. Having this weight suddenly dumped onto her, along with wearing high heeled shoes, causes Nino to nearly fall, but Fuutarou manages to catch her. It is at this point where Nino decides that she no longer wants to sever ties with Fuutarou and delivers her. She also is the only one who knows that Yotsuba is the photo girl, and has loved Fuutarou the whole time. In the flashbacks, it's all but stated that, before meeting the girl in his photo, he had a crush on his classmate Takebayashi, but dropped it, He later decides to quit his tutoring job, on the grounds that he can't stand working for a father who is so neglectful to his daughters, he saw his friends Takebayashi and Sanada together, as he was all but stated to have a crush on the former. Nino even points out that despite also wanting Fuutarou for herself, she would never let herself hurt her sisters on purpose like what Ichika did since she considers the bond between the five of them more important than pursuing Fuutarou. She knows how bad she is, to the point that she asks Itsuki to pose as the girl Fuutarou met in Kyoto because Yotsuba would give herself away immediately. She's visibly very hurt by Ichika's betrayal of her trust in chapter 81. It acts up depending on her emotions; such as drooping when she is dismayed, and standing up when she is nervous. Chapters 88 and 89 shows that she started to grow obsessed with being the best of the sisters after Ichika was able to happily chat with Fuutarou in Kyoto. This culminates with Fuutarou resigning his tutor position in anger towards his employer. She tells off Ichika for betraying Miku's trust and her attempt to sabotage her on purpose when it comes to winning Fuutarou over. He is conspicuously absent from Fuutarou's wedding, ostensibly deciding not to show up at all, at least until Isanari rails on him for it. Yotsuba's weakest subject is Mathematics. While she did initially put genuine effort in trying to live up to the promise she made with Fuutarou, and studied as hard as she could, she eventually discovered that she could not get good grades at any of her subjects, and was beaten at them by her sisters. She is energetic and working hard on everything. When she brings the rumor up to Fuutarou, he mentions that he can no longer ridicule other people's feelings of love, but immediately rejects the idea that he could be in love with Yotsuba.

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