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. Mumbai muncipality collapses illegal construction of kangana after giving notice with in 24 hours BARC will now. So now advertisers will shoot in the dark, place their advertisements in random news channels and hope for best in the times of forthcoming festivities. Rajat Tokas is an Indian television actor known for his roles in the historical shows Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, Jodhaa Akbar and Chandra Nandini. It needs great amount of courage and intelectual to take a stand. The moderator needs to bring about this discipline before the persons are brought for debate. Aham and prejudice is so deep rooted in our DNA we are running behind bangladesh. With Arnab gone, taking a break from watching news. Maharashtra Govt under present leadership has resorted to revenge politics which should not happen. OK. We support Arnab Goswami ji 100 % Why TRPs are important for broadcasters, and are also prone to ‘manipulation’, Supreme Court asks Republic TV to approach Bombay High Court in TRP scam case, ’20 deaths’, city submerged — poor planning blamed for Hyderabad rain havoc, Prasar Bharati cancels DD, AIR subscription with PTI, UNI, says no formal contract since 2006, Comedian Kunal Kamra faces contempt proceedings for his tweets criticising SC bail to Arnab, Bihar election ‘promises’, and Arnab Goswami’s ‘dare’ for Uddhav Thackeray, On Republic TV, Arnab was news, news was Arnab. So let the channels bring activism or investigative journalism but they should keep away from becoming juries. He ridiculed and abused media, lied on camera, had no basic decency, was mean to everyone, faked popularity, now he wants SC to rescue him and media to support him! Everyone supports Arnab and SSR. Such ads may or may notreach the target audience. Arrest Sonia Maino for saying Modi is a Maut ka saudagar. Importantly, one should understand that in certain issues, unless a more investigative style journalism practised and mire and more people are met and questioned, how can the facts come to fore. Either way, you are not in Mr Arnab Goswami or Mr Trumph’s league. The development came days after Goswami launched an unprecedented tirade against Sharma, challenging him for a ‘face-off’ on the latter’s TV channel. “The decision will severely impact news broadcasters, who have seen a surge in ratings despite the challenges of a lower-than-expected economic growth that has impacted their revenues already, in addition to the financial impact created by the lockdown to prevent spread of Covid-19,” he added. In a statement Thursday, the NBA said it believes the suspension is an important step in the right direction. The spine less press refused to talk about Modi’s wrong policies. Some not so popular channels will benefit by advt revenue during such period. We are with him. rajat sharma 15 upper grosvenor street 2nd floor, london rajat sharma 22 22 glebe road, northampton rajat sharma reflex apartment flat 3 reflex apartment 1 wheeler place, bromley rajat sharma 141 royal arch apartments the mailbox wharfside street, birmingham BARC must pause and rethink. It has to take stand on national issue. In India the Elites of Lutyens drove the editorial policy and narrative of most media till recently. Goswami too has ridiculed other media outlets calling them ‘Lutyens media houses’ and also faced allegations of manipulating TRP to boost the ratings for his TV channels. Shame. I have more faith in Arnab than other media bosses.. Amazing how such bullies run to the Supreme Court, and the SC willingly admits their pleas AND bails them out ! — Rajat Sharma (@RajatSharmaLive) November 9, 2020. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle. Being a citizen of India I feel sometimes it was worthless to get independence. Demand immediate release of Arnab Goswami. Rahul for calling him a thief. Freedom of speech and press are to be protected.Press is free to highlight and expose the truth what Aranab is doing. “The decision is unilateral, one-sided and undemocratic, impacting and targeting one single genre within the broadcasting ecosystem,” NBF general secretary R. Jai Krishna was quoted as saying in the statement. The people of India believes Republic TV because of its telecasting of truth. With the next issue the previous issue is being buried. Last month, Goswami had launched a tirade against India TV founder Rajat Sharma and dared him inviting the former to his TV channel for a ‘one-to-one’ face-off. One has the liberty todislike or hate Arnab but you can’t ignore him. Severity of crime is setting bar high and challenging itself to make another new records. That’s clearly show’s how this gut#ter broadcast is running. New Delhi: Two organisations representing news broadcasters in India — one led by journalist Rajat Sharma of India TV and the other by Arnab Goswami of Republic TV — have issued divergent reactions on the decision of the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) to temporarily suspend publishing of weekly ratings for individual news channels. For long the people have been taken for granted. It’s quite clear that Rajat Sharma hates Arnab Goswami for his ever-growing popularity. News should be news.l love to see and hearBBC news and doordarshan. Soon after the Maharashtra Police had shifted Goswami to Navi Mumbai’s Taloja Jail, a desperate Republic TV founder was seen urging the Supreme Court for its intervention alleging that his life was under threat. Rajat indique 4 postes sur son profil. While the Rajat Sharma-led News Broadcasters Association (NBA) has welcomed the decision, the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF), headed by Goswami, has objected to the decision. These basic traits have facilitated many invasions and attendant problems. Arnab Goswami is the voice of India. He always fights for the truth and never compromise with anyone who wants to buy truth with their money, power and influence. I hardly watch Arnab too much noise very little news never followed Susant case on TV news…… But now with these attacks Arnab is becoming a Hero for me. Mr Andwa Gu Swami no begging and pleading his life is in danger,, shame on a rat who ridiculed and lied about so many, and now that he is in jail for the lives of two whom he owes money the shameless bastard is crying for mercy,, he should be hung by his balls for yelling. Now we understood from them that in our country there are no other issues other than Susan murder case. “The corrupted, compromised, irrationally fluctuating data is creating a false narrative on What India Watches and has been putting pressure on our members to take editorial calls that run counter to the journalistic values and ideals of journalism,” it said. God’blessings are the greatest power of all. Ha ha correct Arnob is innocent Not Arnab and Nataji only u can find in him not netaji. TRP is a small tip of an iceberg. Rajat sharma, you just did copy/paste Journalism, Your Apki adalat was nothing but timepass journalism. !Concede and go now, Mr Trump. In disha mysterious suicide case nothing is investigated by mumbai police Question about atrocious style of presentations. Police should use Third Degree to Arnab Goswami…. Select Accept cookies to consent to this use or Manage preferences to make your cookie choices. How can one allege Arnab to be wrongdoer. “Today I want to talk about something about which everyone knows, but no one dares to speak up”, he said. Overhaul is a dire necessity. Why you guy’s knowingly didn’t name India today . Also Read: Why TRPs are important for broadcasters, and are also prone to ‘manipulation’. Police oblige for state leadership interests. Arnab Ji, dont worry, truth always win, we are supporting you and praying for your wellness. Indians are basically short-sighted, self-centred, tolerant and indifferent. Companies House Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed (link opens a new window) ... Search for a company or officer Search. Arnab Goswami is revealing the truth and the people of india wants the truth as it with Palghar sadhus issue or with Hathras issue or the drugs issue or the SSR issue let the reality comes out don’t bury the truth and think Republic channel is bringing the truth to public and I am always with the truth, In palghar lynching nothing is done to save poor sadhus by maharashtra police, Our collective thought process have become so polarised, people may demand soon a dictatorship. Any system can work when there is eternal vigilance from various stakeholders namely, Government, regulating Authorities, general public more so who have direct stakes. Since it involves crores of spending in advertisement a centralised structure covering key channels, is what is required instead of the channel heads themselves running the same. pointing fingers and speaking,what kind of low culture is that? Arnab is revolution in media and press freedom. Looks like the people here who want to hang Arnab by the balls are also rapists and murderers of Disha and SSR or at least good friends of them. No sooner did Sharma post his tweet, an overwhelming majority of Twitter users felt that the veteran TV anchor was targeting Arnab Goswami with his cryptic social media post. He shouts but tries to expose the dirty nexus of various wings of mafias…. Career. If you have something to say, wait for a while to have the guts to say it directly to his face when Mr Arnab is out and available instead of rambling like a bitten mouse. India’s democracy and secularism is in great danger due to BJP’s deliberate anti Muslim activities just garner the votes of hindu majority. Evasive answers and talking irrelevant points to be strictly avoided. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. There are several business tactics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is the revenge politics of mumbai police against the republic tv. Ltd. All rights reserved. Tokas started his television career with show Bongo as Ashu on DD national. ... Who is Joe Biden, former VP locked in neck-and-neck fight with Trump for White House race He has used his immaculate english and incisive intellect to drive pride into us as an Indian – not the type of english speaking followers Macaulay wanted us to be. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. But I don’t like him any more for his comments against Arunab. ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working for it. Does it mean that Republic channel reporting must be accepted.? There is no single solution to various issues we have inherited. What a bully…!! They didn’t allow me to comment what i want to say .If i used words like bi##ed f##e they didn’t allow me to comment. Law will take its own course, How can trump have black hair Objective and dispassionate media can play a vital role in this direction. Hotels offer redeemable points. You have entered an incorrect email address! Of late people want their targets are achieved overnight. This approach pave way for manipulations. The result is India is suffering. Republic tv don’t require any cirtificate from M_m_ai p_l_ce or Ma_a_a_h_ra g_vt.. for its popularity but the act they are doing in Vendetta is realy shocking for common people… Though this is a temporary phase but still it is big mockery of power. The NBA and the NBF represent different blocs of news channels. If I want fake news I can always catch it on the internet. As for debates, there has be basic discipline, only one person should speak at a time, the others must wait for their turn.

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