ring mail vs chain mail

What is the difference between chain mail and ring mail? It can be embarrassing to be caught using the wrong terminology. Historical replicas for plays, events, etc. They were made of twine or thread knitted all over in eyelets or button-holes. Ring mail refers to a garment with rings attached but not linked, but its past existence is highly debated. chain and plate mail. Jump rings can be found in bright aluminum, copper, sterling silver, niobium, silver or gold filled, brass, plated metals, metal alloys, and metals with various finishes. What Are the Best Chain Mail Projects for Beginners? These terms included banded mail, trellised mail, mascled mail, and, you guessed it, ring mail. Kusari was used in samurai armour at least from the time of the Mongol invasions (1270s) but particularly from the Nanboku-chō period (1336–1392). The Japanese had more varieties of mail than all the rest of the world put together. “Ring mail” would more accurately be termed ring armor, as mail, if you recall, is mesh formed from links purposely connected to one another. As you learn about the art of making your own chain mail, at some point you will likely run across the term ring mail and wonder if it refers to your chosen hobby or is something else entirely. From the nature of their composition these "eyelet doublets" are rarely to be met with. by Dan Howard Do you remember playing the game telephone as a child where a message is passed from person to person until the last person in line repeats what he heard to the whole group? Ring armour (ring mail) is an assumed type of personal armour constructed as series of metallic rings sewn to a fabric or leather foundation. It is sometimes called ringmail or ring mail. However, many believe that ring mail never existed at all. Ring armour consists of a foundation garment of cloth or leather upon which individual rings are attached. Gloves to protect the hands while using knives or saws. Introduction As you learn about the art of making your own chain mail, at some point you will likely run across the term. You can find jump rings in a variety of colors, various gauge sizes (how thick the metal is), and different diameters to accommodate any project from a full mail suit to a simple ankle bracelet. However, Sir John Smythe, in 1591, recommended that, "Archers should weare either Ilet holed doublets that will resist the thrust of a sword or a dagger and covered with some trim and gallant kinde of coloured cloth to the liking of the captain ... or else Iackes of maile quilted upon fustian. Jewelry items, such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces. However, many believe that ring mail never existed at all. With “ring mail,” the links may lie adjacent to one another, but they are not connected to each other or anything else other than the fabric. If you are thinking about learning how to create garments, jewelry, or other items by interlocking metal pieces together, you should be aware of the correct terminology associated with your new hobby. It is thought that when the term mail began to be used to incorrectly describe any protective armor, the need arose for a way to distinguish between true mail and other armors. The rings, however, are not interlinked in any way. The word chain refers to a series of interlocked metal rings. Ideally, beginners should spend a fair amount of time watching a few basic weaves being woven by someone with experience. true mail (and the associated padding worn in conjunction) to provide ventilation and an additional protective layer, as the mention of eyelet doublets (thought to be a variant of ring mail) in historical documents seems to suggest. Read the full post here http://www.arador.com/armour/chain-mail/, Tagged arador, armor, armour, chain mail, ring mail. Today, chain mail crafters enjoy make all kinds of items including: Although many people like to make their own jump rings out of various wire gauges and materials, many others simply buy jump rings in bulk for whatever project they happen to be working on. This is often done through videos, but a face-to-face lesson is often more helpful as you can ask questions and hear feedback as you attempt a couple of weaves. It has also been demonstrated that the terms chain mail and ring mail should not be used at all, and that mail and ring armour should be used instead. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The eyelets are intended as ventilation holes. Unfortunately, this is exactly how confusion often develops around certain terms and misnomers take root in our everyday language. If you do, then you recall that the final message repeated is usually wildly different from the original. Scholars of the 18th and 19th centuries are blamed for much of the confusion that exists today over mail terminology, according to Arador.com. ( Log Out /  Hence, the word chain was added to eliminate any possible confusion, although it is rather redundant to use both words when speaking of true mail. Popular books, such as Three Hearts and Three Lions; book series, such as A Song of Fire and Ice (and its award-winning, derived TV series Game of Thrones); and games, such as Dungeons and Dragons have also likely also contributed to the confusion that exists with the two terms. Of mail there are two sorts, viz. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ring_armour&oldid=877805307, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 January 2019, at 00:45. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I'm a hobby enthusiast with a real love for painting miniatures. ( Log Out /  Samuel Rush Meyrick, a writer in the early 1800s, is credited with contributing to the confusion as well.

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