romans 9 commentary

This is not an objection to be made by the creature against his Creator, by man against God. My sovereignty is not simply to be scrutinized, it is to be heralded. Yet they attained to righteousness by faith. It was said unto her, The elder shall serve the younger. Historical Books Note: MLA no longer requires the URL as part of their citation standard. Paul’s answer to this in verse 11, with the illustrations of Jacob and Esau, confronts us with the ultimate sovereignty of God in choosing who the beneficiaries of the promise will be. Therefore, the promises to the true Israel and the promises of Romans 8 will stand! You see, ALL of God's creation was created GOOD! You see dear children of God the literal meaning of “counted for the seed” means that God is reckoning INTO the seed, to all who BELIEVE in his SON Jesus. 55:10, 11. After six years of teaching and finding many students in every class ready to discount my interpretation of this chapter for one reason or another, I decided I had to give eight months to it. Romans 9 is one of the central passages of the New Testament in understanding the doctrine of election. Being about to discuss the rejection of the Jews and the calling of the Gentiles, and to show that the whole agrees with the sovereign electing love of God, the apostle expresses strongly his affection for his people. has he MERCY on whom he will have MERCY, and whom he will he harden. Major Prophets Romans 9-11: The Big Picture. I was on sabbatical from teaching at Bethel College. What Does 1 Corinthians 15:22,23 TRULY MEAN? They had confidence in the flesh. This instance of Esau and Jacob throws light upon the Divine conduct to the fallen race of man. Under the NEW Covenant, we are commanded to BELIEVE on Jesus as the SON OF God. And as from the beginning it was appropriated to Isaac and not to Ishmael, to Jacob and not to Esau, and yet for all this the word of God was not made of no effect; so now the same promise is appropriated to believing Jews that embrace Christ and Christianity, and, though it throws off multitudes that refuse Christ, yet the promise is not therefore defeated and invalidated, any more than it was by the typical rejection of Ishmael and Esau. And even though Paul does not state that this is an ALLEGORY, it is quite clear that the FALL of Israel paved the way for God’s GRACE to be given to the GENTILES. Is Jesus Truly in the Catholic Eucharistic HOST ? But rather it is their RELIGION of Islam and the WORKS they do FOLLOWING their beliefs of Islam. Nor in God's exercising long-suffering, patience, and forbearance towards sinners under increasing guilt, before he brings utter destruction upon them. 15. Emotions run high when you feel your man-centered world crumbling around you. For who can resist his will?” Those are the questions we are confronted with in this chapter. God will turn anyone over to a reprobate mind that has made their OWN CHOICE to remain in DISOBEDIENCE and follow the FLESH. And it is through FAITH that WHOSOEVER, of any person in the whole world, BELIEVES is reckoned as the SEED of Abraham according to the PROMISE. -------------------- As to all who love and fear God, however such truths appear beyond their reason to fathom, yet they should keep silence before him. Prophets This he does in four ways:-. Nay (Or NOT SO! of Scripture. Now the difficulty is to reconcile the rejection of the unbelieving Jews with the word of God's promise, and the external tokens of the divine favour, which had been conferred upon them. Or I speak the truth to you being a true born-again new creature created IN Jesus Christ), I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, (Paul is basically saying that it is by the Holy Spirit under the anointing that he speaks this truth.). And others will simply reject God’s so great a salvation that is offered to them. Some Christians get very hostile with me on my understanding of God's word that to ME clearly teaches that ONLY the OBEDIENT to the gospel, written in the New Testament, shall receive their PROMISE of the reward of eternal life in the world to come. Would You STAY in a FALSE Church if you KNEW? Keep in mind that the FIRST shall be LAST and the LAST shall be FIRST. This HATE message MUST STOP dear child of God, for by SAYING that you LOVE God and THEN you do not SHOW your love for God by HATING your brother or fellow man then you LIE and God is NOT in you. For this he quotes. As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. 29. ISAIAH 6:3 Does Holy, Holy, Holy = TRINITY? And these racist Christians, that are CLAIMING that they are the TRUE Jews, dogmatically demand that ALL the seed of ESAU are Caucasian or WHITE people. Not as though the word of God has taken none effect. BUT even then, SOME still erred from UNDERSTANDING the WORD of God and therefore by their own REJECTION of the gospel of salvation, of Israel will be saved. And also keep in mind the SUBJECT of this whole passage of Scripture which is WHY not all of ISRAEL is being saved. Surely there can be no unrighteousness in any of these Divine dispensations. Jesus clearly taught us that only those of us who OVERCOME shall receive eternal. This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Romans 9-11. o warned us that we are not to LET any man STEAL our crown of life by DECEIVING us with false teaching. The truth, as it is in Jesus, abases man as nothing, as less than nothing, and advances God as sovereign Lord of all. John 2:19-Did Jesus raise himself from the dead? I read the following story because it may have been the story of many in this church, and may yet be, I pray, the story of many: From childhood up, my mind had been full of objections against the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, in choosing whom he would to eternal life, and rejecting whom he pleased; leaving them eternally to perish, and be everlastingly tormented in hell. BUT they kept breaking his OLD Covenant. they are not ALL Israel, which are of Israel: (The Jews UNDER the LAW, who did not KEEP the law, are like Christians today who SAY that they are Christians. The Old Testament WHAT DOES 1 TIMOTHY 2:9,10,15 TRULY MEAN? And even though Paul does not state that this is an ALLEGORY, it is quite clear that the FALL of Israel paved the way for God’s GRACE to be given to the GENTILES. We are the thing formed, and he is the former; and it does not become us to challenge or arraign his wisdom in ordering and disposing of us into this or that shape of figure. (Remember and keep in mind that Paul is trying to explain WHY ALL of Israel will NOT be SAVED. But also speaking of Jesus being THE SEED by which ALL of mankind could become a CHIL. That is the gospel of Romans 9. The verse says MY people are destroyed. Romans 9 comes after Romans 8 for this utterly crucial reason: it shows that the word of God’s covenant with Israel has not failed, because it is grounded in God’s sovereign, electing mercy. 2. And it was the beginning of a lifelong passion to see and savor the supremacy of God in absolutely everything. Now he shows how this, which was so uneasy to them, was there spoken of. That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith. Every person who BELIEVES in Jesus as the savior is given an earnest of God’s Holy Spirit to empower them to live without sin and do the same works that Jesus did through the same eternal Spirit who dwelt in him. ), cries concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a, s God’s INTENT for ALL of Israel to be chosen to GLO, shall BELIEVE and be saved AFTER the saints are GLORIFIED to provoke Israel to jealousy.).

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