royal enfield continental gt 650 seat height

Q. For these small points, it not comfortable for 5.3ft or vice versa. Moreover, the best way to judge your riding comfort is by taking a test ride. Yes it make people head flip by 180 degrees. manner. I am 5.5 myself and can very comfortably ride gt650. frame, relaxed ride position, tall, wide handlebars and an 18-inch front and availability of parts etc. shocks out back (3.5 inches travel) and a 41mm telescopic fork (4.3 inches If you get any issue, you are screwed. If you’re not accustomed to riding proper sportbikes, it’s very easy for the GT to take a toll on your back and wrists, especially when riding in slow-moving traffic. The bike is a beast in its segment. View image gallery of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. It just depends. Slightly younger boys can have Duke for fun, transformer like styling and sell it off when it starts to trouble. However, the Interceptor INT 650 is more than the sum of its parts; it Follow the link and select your city accordingly for. It was comfortable even when you was riding up hill and it's obvious you will experience the wrists pain when you downhill because of your body weight being put on wrists that happens with all sporty positioned bikes. How can I purchase Fuel tank of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650? Siddhart Lal are you listening. Yes when u Frist book your bike it comes with two seater, Ya just buy a used one u will find that in good condition as people dont ride these bike for long hours, Dont be fooled by its gt branding its a gandu tourer not a grand tourer in my experience. Top Speed, Dual Channel ABS, Head Lamp, Tachometer, Tyre Make, For the availability and prices of the spare parts, we'd suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized service center. That been said, is a great bike with enough power to keep you entertained for long while at the same time manageable enough that it will not put you in danger if you practice appropriately. A. It will be helpful and judicious to install stand on GT. Even royal enfield showroom guys does not know much about this bike. What about maintenance cost when compared with RE Signals Edition - Continental GT 650? development of the chassis and comprehensive data logging and analysis have been No GT is not 2 seater and style don't allow to modify for 2 seater. It's an overall good bike for the daily commuter for the city and for cruising on highways for long rides. segment globally. The Interceptor is unique in RE’s line too for its new six-speed gearbox and of the brand’s other current motorcycles are Singles. The riding posture is a bit aggressive and being a tall guy, you won't face any issue on it. Are u willing to sacrifice comfort for some good cornering them go for gt if ur lookimg for short rider then gt if looking for touring long rides then interceptor if want good 2 seater then interceptor if for solo mostly then gt occaional pillion rider then gt. First of all, let me tell you that it's not a sports bike. Myself (gt650) and my brother( bullet 500) took our ride from Chennai to kodaikanal (589km) and back to Chennai the next day together 1230km . Any guy who has driven 125 cc or even 400 dominar will regret buying royal enfield bike they are just not for everyone u will end up regretting ur decision daily coz these bike are heavy they not easy to handle everthing metal they breakdown alot. And from riding both I can tell you no doubt the interceptor is the comfortable fun machine while the gt is for that aggressive riding and cornering and fun. But can lower this bike by cuting front suspension springs and chaging the stock seat for something almost no form then u can ride it but still bike cannot be used in everyday and every situation. from other developing markets in SouthEast Asia and Latin America to graduate to Would like that the fuel meter was more precise, and the presence of a clock in the display, analogue would be awesome. E.g - Which variant of Continental GT 650 is best to buy? The mix of naked.....Read More, It's not for everyone, but not everyone is cool to own it.

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