rune king thor vs zeno

He is way more powerful than Galactus. It's the simple fact that Zeno never actually reacted to the multiversal blast in any meaningful way not unlike the universal shockwave from Beerus and Goku clashing. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Not sure what level that would be. Let’s debate. he made surter look like a baby surtur = odin. Any other type of wank that annoys you what is it? I'd say RKT only gets stopped once either all of the GoDs or most of the Angels/Attendants gang up on him. Dyspo's existence actually reinforces that point. A character so abstract, and awe inspiring, that you cannot possibly determine his limits. I will start with this Vs Wiki, since I am not familiar with many others. It may not display this or other websites correctly. RunekingThor feats aren't even that impressive. save hide report. The Most Popular Anime Protagonist Power Levels (my first video). I …

Sol will make the heel of his boot connect to Bridget's face a reality. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! Well he might be above busting 9 universes if what Fang said is accurate that RKT > World Tree but I might be extrapolating a bit. Durok ? Well the World True contains and encompasses 9 universes and he's more powerful than it so yeah, low multiversal Rune King Thor looks to be a thing. Rune king thor vs Zeno. I have decided that after a long adventure on discord of trying to convince people that Hajun is the second strongest tier High 1-A character, I will be traversing the various fandom's and Vs Wikis. Hajun is the most powerful being in the Shinza Bansho series, and the main antagonist. Rune King Thor is kinda like Golden Superman from DC One Million. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. he could see the past present and future, and knew every single spell known to man. Don't think Elder God level. Barely ?

100% Upvoted. Rune King Thor seemed to elevate to an all new level above Skyfather. Due to Hajun's law, using teamwork against him is very difficult, making him very good at soloing entire verses. And it matters not. - morals off, battle location New York city, Thor has mjolnir. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I have destroyed myself and been reborn. You'd have to consult. Press J to jump to the feed.


Nigh-omnipotent? Rune King Thor>>>>>>TWSAIS>>>>>Odin>=Zeus. You are using an out of date browser. From what I remember, Odin had trouble physically handling him. He didn't even fight them.

That's the common complaint I've seen and one I subscribe to myself. Because of Zeno's AP and durability are 500 times above Thor's and Thor has no hax to kill Zeno, then speed doesn't matter and Thor can only stall before being erased. He cut off the recycling thread which was the reason of endless ragnaroks, nothing more. I knew he wasn’t on par with Rkt but he’s so hilariously outmatched I didn’t expected that. It's either you're omnipotent or you're not, no in-between. Maybe low Elder God or some new level in between the two. What happens next is all that matters. ), Aza'gorod the Nightbringer (4-A) my choice, Diablo (high 4-C) @Star King Instant Death Chad Demon Lord, The rules are S I M P L E, choose a tier 4 character and try to defend that character as hard as you can, Edit: I'm going to make this LOGIC based instead of votes based. Please keep this discussion civil, as I only wish to change your minds, and not to insult any of you and your opinions! He doesn't beat Zeno but his hax might push him past GoD level. Round 1: the Arena Round 2: abandoned Earth (everyone else temporarily dimension-dumped for the battle) 10-16-2020, 06:24 AM #2. I get that working on non godsbut how woukd that work the likes of Zeno and the angels or theGod's. RKT with ease. Odin handled him before. (If you want to defend any of the defeated verses, feel free. 1. @Boobster: Because the various enemies he fought were on even terms for even Odin himself and he made them look like a child's plaything. If you know any other Vs Wikis to debate outside of this one and Comic Vine, please let me know. Odin BARELY handled Mangog before. he one-shot mangog, something Odin could never hope to achieve. @Boobster: Hmm, I need to see scans. Blah. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hello. I’m not familiar with this wiki. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Why Amon Would Destroy Your Favorite Verse. He casually erased them. I don't know how powerful but he is atleast more than double or triple Odin in power.... Yup i would put him mid or low end Elder God i think..Idk really. Rune king thor vs Zeno. Rkt can only win if he negates odins asgardian magic.. Mangog ? King Thor vs Superman Prime Pistashio's Upcoming Death Battle 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Superman Prime (One Million) 4 King Thor 5 DeathBattle 5.1 Pre-Fight 5.2 Fight! Rune King Thor has the Odinforce and then some. But why would it matter to angels and Zeno that have existed since creation? So I’ll let you think about it. So that is not an indication of Thor during Ragnarok saga being more powerful than Odin. From what I remember in Thor 157, Odin woke up and released Mangog's souls. Is rkt below or same tier as classic cosmic cube? I challenge the VS Battles wiki. Weapon Mjolnir So now RKT could possibly be multiversal now? Fenris ? Thor defeated them and they made Odin look like a child. Rune king thor is omnipresent, he’s immortal he’s above the concept of space and time [zeno isn’t cause he didn’t even knew the other zeno] he’s nigh-omniscient [cosmic awareness] and he’s nigh-omnipotent, I didn’t really realised that zeno is such a weakling in front of rkt. I put RKT at about three to four times as strong as Odin. If anything, Rune King Thor is wiser than Odin, but not far above him in power. JavaScript is disabled. Close. Stops at Goku Black. You are indeed where you belong. Complex discrete, fully formed”, And rune king thor destroyed it with just a swing of his hammer, Zeno has only destroyed 6 universes which puts him on low multiversal level however that isn’t the full power of zeno but still I don’t think he can destroy infinite number of universes, rune king thor cracked open the skull of 5 beyonders, 3 of them were able to kill living tribunal, living tribunal can alone stomp the dragon ball verse. Weaknesses Rune King Thor is still under beings such as The Living Tribunal infinitely., Rune King Thor is still under Omnipotent beings such as The-One-Above-All and Pre-Retcon Beyonder., Rune King Thor can lose to the Abstract beings such as Eternity and Infinity., Rune King Thor cant beat a fully fed Galactus or best a Fully powered Celestials. Odin hasn't fought Those who sit above in Shadows but he most likely knew about them and he either didn't care or simply feared them. I don't know about being Elder God level, but i'd say he's above Sky Father. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! I’m pretty you have no idea how strong RKT is. He destroyed yggdrasil which was revealed to contain infinite complex and fully formed universes the image is a bit blurry so I’ll tell what’s written, “The asgardian tree is kind of a map okay?” “The nine worlds you recognise as being part of yggdrasil are just a tip infinite iceberg” “What you know as worlds...are universes. Sort by. Imo RKT takes it. And GM calced the speed of the erasure spreading and got the low quintillions c. I've been told that calc isn't usable anymore for various reasons such as DB having wonky physics and that Zeno being unable to see Dypso while Beerus could likely contradicts that.

Necro King Thor, before Aaron started the Jobber Thor saga, made Galactus crumble, so RKT could do the same, and more.

You want to know else will be connecting with Sol's Heel. (SPEED IS EQUALIZED) Who takes this in a Death match? Rune King Thor has the Odinforce and then some. I get how killing characters as babies would work for a lot of characters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You disappointed me unanimously, not everyone, and thank you. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If RKT time-travels then Black can go after him and slay him. Zeno casually erases entire timelines with a thought. I know the unknowable. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Rune King Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku Which of these ultimate OP versions of these already OP base characters takes it? Rune King Thor vs Zeno Sama # Zeno Sama zeno is mid multiversal to high multiversal at best when rune king thor is low multiversal at best , and yes i read the comic. ~ King Thor stating his intentions regarding mankind “ Only after you’ve lost everything… Can you do anything… I have walked the same path as Odin. Zeno erases Thor with a thought or a wave of his hand. LOL.

Zeno is easily multiversal and above the wanked RKT. His backstory resembles his earth-616 counterpart. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Legendary God of Pirates Join Date Apr 2014 Location London, UK Posts 6,666. Lmao It’s zeno who’s out of his league. share. I don't know about being Elder God level, but i'd say he's above Sky Father. Wolverine of all people managed to cut off his arm. those who sit above in Shadows shitted their pants when they saw him. People seem to mostly scale him against Odin's best showings instead of focusing on his own feats. Do you think anybody in your favorite verse can defeat Amon ? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises.

I know why and how you’ve done these evil deeds.

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