santa barbara earthquake 1978

23.2 km from Santa Barbara The graphics in this report include uncorrected accelerations, corrected accelerations, velocities and displacements, response spectra, Fourier Spectra, and velocity-response envelope spectra.The Santa Barbara-Freitas Building and USCB North Hall stations are reinforced concrete shear wall buildings, instrumented with central recording systems (Kinemetrics model CRA-1) monitoring nine channels each. Epicenter at 34.381, -119.435 Goleta Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks. ceilings, plaster, and instruments and supplies in some labs. Although the Santa Barbara earthquake was only a moderate seismic event, it was the most destructive earthquake in the United States in 1978 causing more than $7 million damage and at least 65 injuries. University Center, North Hall, and the dormitories, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, (12.2 miles), 1941-11-18 18:08:08 UTC Epicenter at 34.232, -119.738 In cross section, the aftershock hypocenters outline a nearly horizontal plane (dipping 15° or less) at 13 km depth. Epicenter at 34.35, -119.512 Epicenter at 34.086, -119.744 Epicenter at 34.419, -120.002 at 19:12 June 29, 1968 UTC, Location: 18.2 km from (11.2 miles), 1968-07-05 02:36:13 UTC Significant structural damage occurred to 10 of 50 permanent UCSB at 12:55 July 24, 2004 UTC, Location: Sixty-five people were treated for injuries at local hospitals. Focal mechanisms for 40 aftershocks also indicate compression in the general N-S direction. 7.2 km from The 5.1 M L Santa Barbara earthquake of 13 August 1978 occurred at 22 h 54 m 52.8 s UTC. 19.2 km from Total damage at UCSB was over $5.5 million. Although the Santa Barbara earthquake was only a moderate seismic event, it was the most destructive earthquake in the United States in 1978 causing more than $7 million damage and at least 65 injuries. at 06:25 June 26, 1933 UTC, Location: Santa Barbara at 07:50 July 01, 1941 UTC, Location: certain that many more serious injuries would have resulted. University of California, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A. Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics. The 1978 Santa Barbara Earthquake: U.C. Learn more. Edward J. Corbett, Carl E. Johnson; The Santa Barbara, California, earthquake of 13 August 1978. You do not currently have access to this article. 25.2 km from abruptly underneath the channel causing a M 5.2 earthquake. at 18:45 October 02, 1938 UTC, Location: Reported Richter magnitudes ranged from 5–1 to 5–7, but estimates based on strong motion records yielded about 5–8. Epicenter at 34.329, -119.564 Carpinteria at 14:42 June 29, 1925 UTC, Location: This temporal-spatial development relative to the main shock epicenter may indicate that the initial rupture propagated 7 km unilaterally to the WNW, and the initial rupture plane may have been considerably smaller than the eventual aftershock zone. at 01:37 September 15, 1941 UTC, Location: Carpinteria The approximate area affected by the 13 August earthquake is shown in Figure 1.The Santa Barbara area has a moderate extent of instrumentation which includes 27 accelerographs within 90 km of the epicenter (Figure 2). at 08:42 March 23, 1988 UTC, Location: Click on the link below for the full text: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewer. The earthquake ruptured in such a The USGS database shows that there is a 86.54% chance of a major earthquake within 50km of Santa Barbara, CA within the next 50 years. (13.2 miles), 1968-06-26 18:11:11 UTC at 14:33 July 07, 1968 UTC, Location: The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. 5.2 km from (19.2 miles), 2013-05-29 14:38:03 UTC at 02:36 July 05, 1968 UTC, Location: 5.2 km from at 19:13 June 29, 1968 UTC, Location: A strong-motion seismograph on the UCSB campus recorded an acceleration of 0.45 times that of gravity. 21.2 km from Epicenter at 34.25, -119.622 Epicenter at 34.323, -119.68 A moderate earthquake (M L 5.1, Caltech Seismological Laboratory) occurred 6 km south of Santa Barbara, California, on 13 August 1978. (6.2 miles), 1950-08-22 22:47:57 UTC Introduction. story walls, most of which were repaired by injecting epoxy into the cracks. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, For most of these events, the north-dipping nodal plane dips between 7° and 45°, with most dipping 25° or more, which is significantly steeper than the plane delineated by the hypocenters themselves. 24.2 km from Isla Vista During the next 24 hr, the aftershock zone grew to 11 km in the WNW direction and 4 km in the N-S direction. Another seismograph, at 00:08 August 09, 1956 UTC, Location: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America ; 72 (6A): 2201–2226. Solvang 1978-08-13 22:54:52 UTC at 22:54 August 13, 1978 UTC Location: Epicenter at 34.314, -119.706 11.2 km from Santa Barbara (7.2 miles) Santa Barbara Channel, California. (15.2 miles). Due to the geologic features of the earthquake, the intensity of strong shaking was geographically asymmetrical, being much larger in the Goleta area north and west of the epicentre. Porter, J.T. (20.2 miles), 1968-06-29 19:12:21 UTC Santa Barbara . 27.2 km from (5.2 miles), 1978-08-13 22:54:52 UTC Hence, the Santa Barbara earthquake may be taken as evidence for mid-crustal horizontal shearing in the western Transverse Ranges. 25.2 km from 4.2 km from at 18:11 June 26, 1968 UTC, Location: Santa Barbara The August 13, 1978 Santa Barbara earthquake affordeand opportunity to gather data on landslides resulting froma moderate earthquake. Chemistry building, a glass-walled cage holding several rattlesnakes at 22:54 August 13, 1978 UTC, Location: (8.2 miles), 1986-03-10 15:33:16 UTC This smaller area suggests that the stress drop may have been significantly greater than that derived from the final aftershock zone. at 23:43 April 01, 1945 UTC, Location: The aftershock zone extended 12 km WNW from the epicenter and was 6 km wide in the N-S direction, and it had a very clear temporal development. Learn about our remote access options. Epicenter at 34.127, -119.823 McJunkin. But on August 13, 1978, the UCSB campus was in the

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