seesa pilai deewar

It has both the translation and definition. Like: 3 Reichsmarschall. Heritage determines who we are and where we belong. A group of college students from Peshawar were also busy observing various sections of the monastery. Great article and pictures but let Dalai Lama use some of his secret funds to maintain the site. It is perched about 500 feet atop a small hill, about 2 kilometers east of the Takht Bhai bazaar in Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), once known as the heart of the Gandhara civilization, which attracts tourists, historians, archaeologists and Buddhists from across the world. Stock Photos, Entrance of the house with a front door Stock Photography, christmas front door with handmade reindeer wreath Stock Image, Wooden Double Door Grand Entrance to a Home Picture, Detail of a yellow front door Stock Photography, Elements of architecture , front door background 15 Stock Photos, Hand with keys unlocking the front door Pictures, Red Entrance Door with jasmine flowers Stock Photos, Brick old cute house with glass front door Stock Photo, Blue front door with Christmas garland wreath Stock Photo, luxury mahogany interior with door Stock Photo. But...we haven't used this huge reservoir of heritage site to attract heritage tourism, or any tourism at all, in a scientific way. The wonder that India was prior to CE 5th Century destruction which continues to date. Wish govt would have supported the minority people like they are doing with the heritage sites. Own cultural identity vs $$. He says that Gondophares was a Parthian king of the Suren house, from Sakastan, or Sistan (a Suren general defeated the Roman forces in the battle of Carrhae, in today’s Turkey, in 53 BCE, where 20,000 Romas were killed and 10,000 captured). acivilization; a must for those visiting Pakistan. Back in the days as a child my father took me to a similar place like this one near Taxila. Jinnah provided the masses a platform, where people forgot their individuality and become “1”. While I love the artical, I do not believe that this is the right time in PAkistan to publicize such places of Pakistani heritage. Pakistan can earn huge amount of foreign exchange through proper, professional promotion of these sites...but again everything depends on image perception, about law and order, safety and security. However I beg to differ. Pakistan sits on a reservoir of Heritage sites, be it Buddhism, Hinduism, other Pre-Islamic like Moenjodaro, Harappa, Mogul period sites, Colonial heritage sites, Not to forget pre-historic sites at Mehr Garh, which is one of the oldest human settlement in the world, pre-dates Moenjodaro. The spark that turned to a struggle, a fight, a freedom fight. It gives an awe inspiring view of Malakand mountains which led to Udiyana - the beautiful dwellings as the name goes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is how amazing they were! Superb writing and photos. We, as a nation have found an easy way out of playing “blame games”. b***************l********************l***********************************s***********. Life has become so tough “these days” and so demanding that no one has time all. Mar 26, 2018. He chose, no, he made his directions. Let us not IS enter our land of great civilization. Up to ten family members can stay in the loop using the Parent and Family app (iOS, Android) or on web, Portfolios make it easy to give students choices. Good luck. It really inspires me and I invite every Pakistani to come and see this monument,” says Hamza Iqbal, a tourist from Lahore. On seminaries, the Maulana said on April 14 that they were defending Islam and presented them as an invincible wall (seesa pilai deewar) against secularism. Let us make sure that we preserve our heritage and diversity. That is where I learnt first hand, what it meant to say "Seesa pilai deewar". My experience was so amazing that 40 years down the road whenever those memories come to my mind, it just gives me a wonderful feeling still. See More I feel pakistanis should also treat Buddha and buddhist heritage as their own with a sense of pride even though they now follow a different religion. Home Services. You will attract tourists once you get rid of terrorists from your country. Old Wooden Door. How can today's Pakistan allow his holiness Dalai Lama to take care of these great places without forgoing the $46B from China? These are valuable treasures and we must look after them. “We believe that it was named after the spring located on the left side of the Buddhist site,” Habib khan, a local resident tells Dawn. Mesmerising! Fully covered in Hijab, who are these women protesting against sexual harassment in Peshawar? I am looking around in every direction, and its nowhere in my sight. Lambi lambi chorna tu hamara porana abnayee rozgaar hay. Sorry to sat but .....Jan Jati thi ab nahee ! 200 to 300 for one side from Takht-i-Bhai bazaar to the Buddhist site and often make seven to ten trips and earn a handsome amount,” says Iqbal Ali, a chingchi rickshaw driver. Some shots from top of the hill would have done the trick. Good work dawn! @Goga Nalaik : It is in Mardan District, a small town. If you do not have internet there will be various activites that will allow you to register and phone in to participate. And with great struggle, Jinnah made the impossible, “Possible”. 3-year-old girl strangled to death in Egypt for her gold earrings, انعم ملک نے اسلام کی خاطر ماڈلنگ کی دنیا سے ہمیشہ کے لئے خیر باد کہہ دیا, سندھ پولیس کے 500 افسران اور اہلکاروں نے گلگت بلتستان کا رخ کر لیا, احسن اقبال کی اپنے ہی جلسے کی تصاویر شئیر کرکے جلسہ چھوٹا دکھانے کی کوشش؟, کراچی:موٹر سائیکل چوری کی بے رحمانہ واردات، کم سن کی جان خطرے میں ڈال دی, گیارہ ماہ کی کمسن بچی کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنانیوالے درندے کوسزائے موت سنادی گئی, پاکستان میں فضائی صورتحال خراب، لاہور کی فضا سب سے آلودہ, شہبازشریف منی لانڈرنگ کیس :پاپڑ والے، کباڑیئے اور چپڑاسی کے بعد گوالے کی انٹری, آفتاب اقبال نے ہنی البیلا اور آغا ماجد کو نکالنے کی وجہ بتا دی, ارطغرل سے ملاقات کے دوران مداح آبدیدہ، ترک اداکار نے گلے لگا لیا, ماسٹر ٹائلز اور جلال اینڈ سنز کے درمیان ہونے والی شادی کی تحقیقات مکمل, © Copyrights 2008 - 2018 - All Rights Reserved. really shows how advance were the people of those times. is about to start mashAllah This was the surprise InshAllah, tonight at 8 PM on DIN news, watch me with my beloved wife, sharing our experiences together with Neelam Nawab ! “The site is extremely important for its integrity and unique state of conservation; important also for its antiquity, being built certainly during the 1st century CE, as proven by the important inscriptions bearing the name of Gondophares (20-46 CE),”

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