sentence with rat

Make sure there are no rats around, and the skill points will start rolling in. Among albino rats, for instance, the author of this article has reason to believe, upon theoretical grounds resting on an experimental basis, that probably no less than thirteen types exist. The craft-gilds had remained subordinate to the Rat, but by-and-by they claimed a share in the government of the towns. They are pretty little animals, varying from the size of a small cat to less than that of a rat, with large eyes and ears, soft woolly fur and long tails. The rats, which had been given both human and rat retina cells, retained the cells and did n't go blind. The fur varies exceedingly in character, - in some, like the chinchillas and hares, being fine and soft, while in others it is more or less replaced by spines on the upper surface, as in spiny rats and porcupines; these spines in several genera, as Xerus, Acomys, Platacanthomys, Echinothrix, Loncheres and Echinomys, being flattened. The rat woke up first, but didn't wake his friend and was the first animal to arrive at the gathering followed by the other eleven zodiac animals. He had also the opportunity of reading the first act of the new tragedy before the duke of Weimar at Darmstadt in December 1784, and, as a sign of favour, the duke conferred upon him the title of " Rat ." Neuroinflammation in rats exposed to the medication is a compelling argument that the medication may be a cause, and the terbutaline autism lawsuit reflects that belief. P. Mudge for rats, that in a cross between a coloured individual of known gametic purity and an albino, the individuals of the progeny in either the first or second, or both generations, may differ, and that the difference in some cases wholly depends upon the albino used. These tables allow ready comparison of the differences between rats fed diets containing foreign lectin and the appropriate controls. CK 1 2249622 Nobody likes rats . The council Pest Control service is available to treat pests including: mice rats wasps fleas cockroaches bedbugs. A few rats and bats represent the indigenous mammals, but the sea is rich in fish and molluscs; and Dr Otto Finsch (Journ. It differs from typical rats of the genus Mus by its broader incisors, and the less distinct cusps on the molars. The hungry rat ravened down the poison bait. The interesting result is the relation between how well the rat remembers, and how long ago it was taught its trick. In the southern and western islands the fauna is restricted mainly to foxes, bats, rats, mice, the sea otter, the penguin and other aquatic birds, and various cetaceans in the surrounding waters. smite display ptext " mouse " subtract ptext " rat " to give... . Selective breeding of the Brown rat has produced the albino laboratory rat. Their investigations on cancers found in the lower animals, and the successful transplantation of such growths into a new host of the same species (mice and rats), have greatly advanced our knowledge of the etiology of this disease. The word "rat" in a example sentences. Unlike Alzheimer's patients, these rats exhibit loss of appetite and motor incoordination. In hares and pacas the inside of the cheeks is hairy; and in some species, pouched rats and hamsters, there are large internal cheek-pouches lined with hair, which open near the angles of the mouth and extend backwards behind the ears. In some respects intermediate between the preceding and the next genus is Dasyuroides byrnei, of Central Australia, an animal of the size of a rat, with one lower premolar less than in Phascologale, without the first hind toe, and with a somewhat thickened tail. The island of Kotlin, or Kettle (Finn., Retusari, or Rat Island) in general outline forms an elongated triangle, 72 m. Yet, for my part, I was never unusually squeamish; I could sometimes eat a fried rat with a good relish, if it were necessary. There are things that do not exist, such as a hallucinated pink rat or a hallucinated lemon. This long-tailed rat, originally a native of India, would seem to have first penetrated to all parts of the world and to have nearly or quite exterminated the indigenous rats. OriginThis expression originated during the 1990s in journalism and is used by the press and popular newspapers. This is how the cat became an enemy of the rat and forever tries to exact its revenge. The islands, of which an alternative collective name is the Catherine Archipelago, comprise four groups - the Fox, Andreanof, Rat and Near Islands. CK 1 1654437 Tom smelled a rat . rat in a sentence and translation of rat in Portuguese dictionary with audio pronunciation by Rats and mice swarm, both kinds and individuals being numerous, but few present much peculiarity, a bamboo rat (Rhizomys) from the base of the eastern Himalaya being perhaps most worthy of notice.

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