sentry vs galactus

I wasnt saying thor is a reality warper. Just for the lulz. Galactus can beat a celestial, but multiple at once can take him down. Sentry vs. Galactus; User Info: ZombiePikmin. @jashro44: its not a bait thread at all. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IG stomps Galactus and whole universe. Round 2 thanos with IG, void sentry. @decepticondave_: Sentry has been said to stalemate Galactus on his own (or with help with Nate grey) so with Thanos they'd take Galactus and the Heralds. @sodamyat: To answer your question pretty sure he's universal. That's one of his accomplishments, stalemating Galactus. He might be stronger than we see but his manipulations and machinations hold him back, either consciously or subconsciously. This thread has no purpose other than to make another user look bad. Sentry (Stable) Starving galactus isn't all that powerful, as a starving galactus he lost to his heralds single handedly, tyrant defeated him, so did silver surfer in base Jakcj 9 mo 27 d Galactus (Starving) vs Sentry … Its not really important, with the Infinity Gauntlet the Sentry and Thanos win. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. @dellamorte: @decepticondave_:@WaveMotionCannon: IMO Sentry coming back to life doesn't show how powerful he is. Galactus is actually around the same level as a celestial. You have to look at his overall showings which from what i see put him just above Thor. Thanos is way above heralds. Galactus and heralds FTW. Last would be Thanos, assuming he is without the Infinity Gauntlet. Sentry has only beaten Terrax (easily too) he may possibly be able to beat Firelord unless the later pulls a torch and ovrrloads him. I have seen scans where he fights Galactus and galactus is suprised at the streanght of his defenses, and he have stood up to Odin as well. Like a, like a stone. Galactus can beat a full-powered Thanos. EmptyHand 10 mo 13 d . Two of the most powerful, yet underrated, heroes in the Marvel Universe! The official Protoman of the MvC3 and MMU boards. The Golden Guardian vs the Herald of Galactus! Well without IG i can see Sentry and Thanos at his best beating the heralds, Big G is just out of his leagues. Top of this list is Big G. He can hold his own against any one of those beings mano e mano. But Sentry would certainly be above him since Thanos was somewhat evenly matched by Galactus' heralds which were only a sliver of the power cosmic, while Sentry went toe to toe with Big G. But it is hard to accurately judge Thanos' strength because his psychology has a very important impact on what he does. Thanos with the IG will obviously stomp. He's trashed Molecule Man, who can pretty much do anything he wants (like Dr. Manhattan) That's what's so great and cool about The Sentry. Else I think its a close one. Sentry has manhandled his some of his Heralds before. Round one to Galactus and the Heralds. It really depends, so you have a point... isee thanos and sentry taking it, void/sentry with both void/normal sentry powers and abilities combined, with thanos and the IG...and thaos' brain lol, a freshly fed galactus would be a threat for sure, but the heralds would be childs play for the duo...and they could prolly take big G, esp of there was a sun near by lol, or not. Yes, he is the median between Eternity and Death, but both of them are stronger then him. People seem to think that it would be very very even. and now im making this thread because as i said, i want to make a galactus vs sentry thread and need to make its a fair battle. He defeated him without heavy PiS...I'd scan but my laptop is currently dead and I'm on my iPhone xD....but it's not underestimate the hidden power of sentry :3, so please explain how it's stupid that he could beat him again, I've also been coming across a lot of comments about sentry defeating MM, who battled the beyonder...just a thought :). I think they said exitar is a celestial or somthing like that and apparently stopping his foot from crushing earth proves he's like at a ridiculously high level. Not only is Thanos as strong if not stronger, and probably more powerful in energy manipulation, but he's smarter, a skilled fighter, and a tactician. Round one thanos w/o infinity gauntlets, light sentry. And have the strength to stop a Celestial from taking a step, and carry its body into deep space.

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