sentry vs thanos

And honestly, I'm afraid too. In Sentry now, you've got someone who is basically a human being with the power of a thousand exploding suns, who is mentally ill, and instead of having this villainous Void in his head, now he's got a Death persona, which is screaming for him to move forward evolution — which is a very confusing thing for a guy who's not a mutant. 1. Sentry has no chance whatsoever of beating Thanos. Ah, so in Rumbles terms, Sentry vs BRB is a postage stomp. It just didn't. @supermanwithatan01: I like your approach. You create a Death, and then if you die, then the person you made as your Death becomes the next Apocalypse. If you've read the issues you'd know that Thanos isn't "able to kill immortal beings" because of a higher-than-average damage output, but because of the special connection he had to Death. Forum Posts. No limit as of today for Void or DSS (both are undefeated) but Void probably has better feats. Follow 3609. Well, except if PIS is involved. It is a good read. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Revengers came to the scene later with Lord Mar-Vell and faced the Annihilators. @krleavenger: they were cancer verse defenders. Just my two cents regarding the fight. Sentry is more powerful than Thor, but they are at least comparable. Thanos is the smarter of the two and appears to have some mystical prowess. Don't bother my friend, here it is right here! Reviews: 0. Why does Marvel keep giving sentry power up after power up? class. Again, I was under the assumption that I have no reason to say it because it's obvious. Superman, on the other hand, is vulnerable to several factors, including kryptonite, magic, and a lack of solar radiation. Death Seed Sentry is Stable Sentry without "good inihibitions". All righty. Lastly, i don't think a composite version of Sentry which includes the entirety of DSS abilities cares about his bodily integrity. I'm under the impression that the special connection/Death's avatar business is concluded and finished. Then I got into the aspect of, "What happens to a resurrected Sentry, who doesn't have The Void in his head anymore?" "If you want to take down Thor, resurrecting the Sentry and planting a Death Seed in him to make him even more powerful is a pretty good way to do that. I'm personally leaning to that wait a minute you guys, this is the Bad Place. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Little did you know that my arms and I are one and can be remade from me!" Since the writer explicitly stated that DSS is > Void/Stable Sentry. Is Avengers Assemble comics considered cannon for the 616 universe? Speed in favor of sentry, but Sentry was much faster than Thanos. Of course that's because of his connection to Death. I only read anything with him back in the 90s, and always assumed that he was more in the neighborhood of the likes of Spider-Man and Venom rather than Gladiator and Quasar. I'm a Thanos fan, but even I know that he can't beat the Void. Only Sentry has. Every time you say the name of some kind of nonsense martial art, an angel gets its wings, and Val Armorr learns the martial art, retroactively founds it, then super karates the angel unconscious with it. In addition to that, Thanos has absolutely insanse durability (Held his own against Odin for a while, his shields impressed Galactus, laughed off hits from a Powerstone-Enhanced Thor. Not Thanos. And while usually I'd argue in favor of Void/Sentry because of that one particular feat, I don't really feel like it right now tbh lol. To start viewing messages, This has been done before, to OP doesn't change really anything, but make it a 3 round boxing match almost; and giving Sentry 10 minutes prep. Starts off with REgular sentry no death seed, sentry can resurrect himself 3 times takes place on an un populated earth. A composite version would have the Infinity Gauntlet, HOTU, and Cosmic Cube. This means that Sentry can keep up the fight long after Superman has exhausted himself. He can do this exact same thing to Sentry since he has more than enough damage output to completely destroy his body. Remender: I did. I don't see why he won't be able to kill Death Seed Sentry. link above. but you basically reinvented a fundamental for each rigorous study: The positive and negative controls. Post Molecule Man, the only limit to Sentry is Sentry. Wiki Points. Unfortunately that instance if thanos inflicting permanent death may have been retconned by bendis, in a guardians of the galaxy original sin the in , where starlord tells gamora how him and thanos and drax escaped the cancerverse , but its was atrocious, the cancer defenders came back and they all killed each other in different ways, he made drax like the hulk and thanos died multiple times but came back as did everyone until they used the cosmic cube, Although I have no problem ignoring that mess by bendis as he even admitted that he never read the Thanos imperative, so didn't know the rules , his disregard for powerlevels is ridiculous. But since you know of it, splended. I suppose if I had to call it, it would go to Thanos simply on the strength of decades worth of feats at a high level. Thanos was able to stomp the Annihilators, which has a few Thor-level characters. I'm under the impression that the special connection/Death's avatar business is concluded and finished. @krleavenger: Dude. The Thanos run is good and acts as a redemption to the crap Bendis did to the character. 0. Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! I said he has the ability to permanently kill people who can regenerate. I misread the OP. So how he loses to Thanos unless that was fanboy wank? Can go either way vs DS Sentry, but Thanos wins the majority IMO. Physically grabbing an released Black Hole to stop it is like throwing a sandwich at Galactus to stop him. SENTRY HAS THE VOIDNo IGStarts off with REgular sentry no death seedMorals on Win by Death10 minutes prep for sentryThanos can be revived by death 3 Also I've never said he "killed them the hardest" or "made them superduperdead" so don't put words in my mouth. Yet, only Thanos, Nova, Starlord, Drax and Revengers came back to life for some reason. But I never said he can kill immortal beings because of higher damage output. Maybe a slight edge in durability, although that is almost irrelevant as each character appears to have complete molecular control over their own bodies. You may have to register @apex_pretador: @krleavenger: @king_stranglehold_da_first: I got a question. and will his arms back into being from pure nothingness. For Molecule man, now that he is back I don't know how to interpret/consider the feat. When they were defeated, they just came back. I call stalemate or win for PIS machine Sentry under these conditions. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. No disrespect to Sentry/Void; he is a major league tuffie. What has a stable Sentry done? - Pendaran. Originally Posted by The Drunkard Kid Physically grabbing an released Black Hole to stop it is like throwing a sandwich at Galactus to stop him. @cull_obsidian: Really? Just that prepared. Since when was death seed> void? If this is your first visit, be sure to I haven't read most his run with Thanos.

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