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OnDemand Tutorials: 15 mobile friendly OnDemand, recorded tutorials available 24/7 15 hours of video training. �x �0̿�p����0��#���f��&�3/��v0-� g.f���4��wW�K�U&9��4��mU������(tC0�����X)�q���6�9͞'������& $Lst0�%;8�!In�M��e�; - Ģ �2�12�4|i`p� .��a�`�f�̰�!�_����+��=b�b`Pa~��A� \��� i+F�x �0�ks��O D�W* In three simple screens, you can choose your study mode, content areas, and how many questions you want to take. "s5r�3dBndF2����qQn}�XϝH�N�#��b:w>{��7Y�y�q�T!#xJ���8=���6���ouJt88=�/���Ŋw���;&�D_�D\�� h�2246Q0P���w�(q.I,I�݃ �̍̀2Avv�n�y%@ѐC#SK�0�g�`df`��tX@9 u�P�E����%��.n�!�%�vv �k <> Should you take the Securities Industry Essentials Exam? <> �Cq�]C`k�n,�8���(�!o?�L`�����-}������1����0��I�8o�ޕ��&*-p�- �Ơ����K� �.xT���� ��^�~��g��j[p8ʠofF�;uNt���0��-"�K_������E64�j*��g�V!��N ��2��O���U�P��{������,y�J����C�T>? © 2020 Pocket Prep, Inc. All Rights Reserved. There are 85 items on the exam (75 scored and 10 unscored, pre-test items) presented in a multiple-choice format. �� �q��l�o�x�`�W���-%|p�� *9���x�^R��:���q�$_;:�iR�[6�m#s�*�G =��q���o^�Z�e� &߇%6d)�2i�;�}8��8��u+�5xE��^�/��*����e,x�� _��pm�U���3lq�Va0SL�WU�+ �/ *_ᖈ��ׇ�*�Yk�{@�: Q�^�����JKR��4M�1MjE�d���A� �WsG�QJ& 9F�5MR���2�e��1��,]dٲ�E�dg#}�q���Φ�ɐ�JAޑ4�4��$yR�8�K�*Kn�;�rBR$���.��l�o��~i�~�?��}���ȓ@o��ym�-uڷ��K�y�m8!���ઍ�64jf-��ȴ����J��kЀt2� ���m�RW�-�&��振3����+���eF�:K�a�n�!�����Uh�0��1����� .&bF�&�^�,�D�O1 ��j����LE!�)�%G��(V�V�Ĩn*����5k�E��ϙ�з��ໝM6�L��1=�&}�p~n�A)J�_���ۓ�>�/��7�;�v����3�u����?Ϩ h�2242S0P���w�(q.I,I�݃ ���2Avv�n�y%@ѐC#SK�0�gRc�X�d̡��SK��\��CR+Jb�� ~�. 8 0 obj practice questions are a necessity! ������,��� � �������ka�،:L��: E�Qo=0��S��dg �����#u��A 8G��7ϸ�S��56�r9����96l�!��-8%�Yc�&�A��B�_Ɨ�M%�v6ԃZC�����t�@\�rEP�H�rm+��= Tq6�}�`�(dN��̯��L����M�{���wg�M=�R��dz3��u���h�R�����a��i�wW\�\uAz� ���nw֌ƛ$���r��O��G?���/��gq���ɞ�C\�Q�p���ٜ��)�ᣁ���Ky����ltF_�]l��SR �xw�vC��[a�?����ݬ�g���Оm�ܳ���A�kzM��gLn�Õ���ݮ5�M����0��vi��`*�G��5F��;���Q.ǣ��0����M�[�`Sܡ��GAH�M�qm�Tv�T�etS/�k�hwr5��EO����$��‚��Z��1e�_�X.�+�ʎU��)�����L��(��lHn��.j�5���x]�/�aIi�>�����I(-�:�19�i��o:\�]0��q����m5������.�Lg78�Q��̖�r@�?����CP�C��J[�����n��t��dv[�bR����i��3Ò*�I��1�����A� .p|_8�M{n��Ob'��V���֘�b��Nt�b�inMX9 l&� !C�/�|��'�,��OR�r�p����;�*c��BM�ȺX�>.�d}�?�2nJ��=�en {Г&>h�}�g�䢞��؊��n�ܿ�(����� v4�6E��f��C��{��⤾j������o���ގ��>|�Φ�::���v�1_9���Z�m�.ĵ^�J�7z�YIwɲ Student IDs are NOT accepted by Prometric. Track your progress with detailed exam results and cumulative history charts. hޜ�1 1,100 SIE test questions. Exam Duration: 1 hours, 45 minutes (105 minutes) endobj endobj A passing score is 70%. C���I���I��6� ��r�ہJ� o^}��7vA�M�K2�P��t�X�/�ǜ%d\�E�]�`P=������q�ัZ��˧�7D? This includes. Candidates must present valid, current, government issued photo identification. Securities Industry Essentials (Entry-level Exam). See answers and explanations as you go or simulate an official exam by waiting until the end. endstream endstream endobj 2746 0 obj <>stream h�2242U0P���w�(q.I,I�݃ �̍̀2Avv�n�y%@ѐC#SK�0�gRcUP���Z����ZQkg` NUf 2 0 obj Our greenlight money back pass guarantee. You'll also get access to more helpful videos with tips on how to approach the Securities Industries Essentials exam, including: Get started with our free, full-length SIE practice exam. *The NRS Exclusive NO-PASS, NO-PAY Guarantee: To qualify for a refund, you must complete all course materials: Read all modules, attend all tutorials, take all quizzes and tests, and achieve an average score on your first attempt final exams of 3% over the passing score requirement for your FINRA/NASSA exam. endobj h�2242Q0P���w�(q.I,I�݃ �̍̀2Avv�n�y%@ѐC#SK�0�gRc�X�d̡��SK��\��CR+Jb�� ~, – Overview of Regulatory Framework (9%). Enter your information to download the free practice exam: Our pass rates are consistently above the industry average. <> endstream endobj 2736 0 obj <>stream h�D�_k�0ſJ7�$�������렔E��҇L�ʢ���_Ԏ�$9�{�8 a8��9%�5}q/Q����V�xǻ4�=zZ�0�t�^D^��.q��?9[I�gz���#^���͵�=�u1ݪ��m� at� OhnT}%a4��2;���$يp�0~����Zs{��쏻Y5֚/k��qk4�p�7��4=dšx{�g�#�C��X5�h]�̌>��c��i�M_�KK�݇��۠g���h�� �Ii� <> endstream endobj 2744 0 obj <>stream Schedule daily study time that fits your busy schedule and never forget to study. NRS is part of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Group portfolio of brands. endstream endobj 2734 0 obj <>stream practice questions are a necessity! © Knopman Marks Financial Training – SIE Practice Exam – 2018 V.12 5 30. 4 0 obj 2 weeks before the exam, practice, practice, practice … Simple and uncomplicated, with no confusing array of add-ons. h�2246T0P���w�(q.I,I�݃ �̍̀2Avv�n�y%@ѐ#��HȱP02�0�* (�ON-��pq�I�(���0 8�8 Candidates have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam. endobj endobj FffP�H��c�e5,�(?98�$Z?��M?$��D�371=�9V?�? �A��I�g x��V�N�@�[�;��Ab�������*��T= 7�4R�i0Ry��eg7!\Lc{2;�7�3���L��U>(ak+�)�|�sx gi���H��7��$�'y9.&��ݏҫ>���t{v���;�8���� ���L�q�}&q�ۏ�� �q��8B�〠9S`�f�@���O-�n�#�—���Y����}��%����u!� r�(��>΃�(�)V�)�`��Ef� SIE Practice Exam 2 . h��ZYO��+~L���H�H,� 7#3�T T�4M7�.t/�~�s\��Ra�7/A-c���}>���.z!�v1�5�H& �������`����E*y�Sn��Xh��.ya}�T����j�M�fA�S���U �5�5Zb�^E�Qx#�ᝳT'Q"6\R"��\Y|��D�Z�_~)�F���t���?~~�_Oڻ�����t:>�N�*~�\L/��U��N����c3���ף�0��9��Ŭ�m�3��6P�Iq����\���R�S9�{hq�/�r���_���5����`uF�E�+G沵�� %Tۍ���?Ю>|X����w��qs>k����vKж1�^V�0��h ��,��s�I�x[N���,�-��:,(J�TuZZ:@���Jv�v�A�� ���J� ���:����`(V�HfR�)�)�b9�\���,��o��� Wq9����>��IVx ��k�/͡"�3ɾ������@p�����Or��1������|Ԭ/F)�j'3| �: %PDF-1.7 %���� Our answer rationales are written to effectively teach you the material. <> endstream endobj 2740 0 obj <>stream Broker-dealer Sponsorship: not required. NRS Securities Exam Prep course includes “Everything you Need, Nothing you Don’t.” Why study concepts that aren’t tested? Prometric facilities are located in most cities. 1 0 obj endstream endobj 2737 0 obj <>stream x�]��j�0��~ endobj FIRE Drill App: Access to additional practice questions in our free SIE FIRE Drill App, Candidates who correctly complete our program and achieve our designated “Green Light” average score on their practice final exams go on to pass their actual FINRA/NASAA exams. <> The SIE exam is valid for four years after a candidate passes. endstream endobj startxref �p/AmZ zPa�����S����g��QP���P�d�m}���g�+��`7�v���e|�=��]���/..~�,�Ţ^N��-�%h���@oS�Y�������Ż[a�@=�J�pT#}���&qd9ڶ��-&m�$���G���w��^��W��˨���.D+�F�G�xxdͶ�d�1����D���z�����j h=ƞv�����f��"BߤK���G{���K�C�}�3ۀ��6��6�lv�m�I�U2a���$�? Take Exam. endstream endobj 2749 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 2747 0 obj <>stream The SIE, or Securities Industry Essentials Exam, is an exam created by FINRA to test the abilities of prospective securities industry professionals. Do more practice questions! H����n�@��-���zaO�HQ�8�*�"���^T��b�Ha#5�Է�,N�ְNb�Z����G��ouj�� 82F�����ʘ�����R��R��*���kc�U����C�����($�}%�A^�A��G��@9Mg�QpF��ݎG)� ��Y�߿��a�����S�w�ƣ/�O�PVw��y������� ��5p��4�K{3?�j��ᕾ�������0{?������sE�M�L0����[�+�a8��;q:�aB99ގ�t!��!W�pY��z��ֳ�/�N�b >��bX#;�B���2ta����`!U��СP�"�6D�� �iBE$|m�d�? %=�D�PH�Z+�K�l���y]�sI�Us���&h�qe�k{ĝ�'+K ��&���B0�&߀I�.�Of �܃ vX��(���z#��T�]�@�gx�� @� �T � E�� FLqU��t-"�&�,RxK�5�E�yMJ����=��!���$�G��Y���b���~k�X^����ީ��!�Fg� �� Read text 2. 13 0 obj Open the app on your mobile device to get started. The Greenlights are essentially end-of-course exams that are designed to help you determine your readiness for the actual SIE Exam and may only be taken once. )+5d�g.P�%D��@� �)� We even explain why the distractors are incorrect choices so you can fully master the concepts. Our SIE textbook and ebook. And free shipping. endstream endobj 2741 0 obj <>stream ��~:�N�5a�0����=w�;�t\�(p�%0&,(H�41��qD¢I� ���� 9}6��(�-���;P���ȸ*���f��Z� }por]WY��=���L?2]��>��W�?t��ӕ�x�^Ϫ������Gӣ��\TE�ʁ�MNNˬ�����e�l��~�׍.U w�t����T��S��Z$�����|n��=�(A !�Q�Dڽ�(��P,��[k�r���'A[goct�!$����X8q�1���a��L��l1Jg��������0�}m-�3@��E�]�-{*��= �Y�1&ݳ������ե�P�K"9vK�����˿Y6��� ?���'7զ����P��4�x�'o��E���Z�]���^؂a��%h脇�1ؑ��(�Ѷi����#=��X6��$ �vZ{sNF�Im h�4�� Read text 2. In order to receive a dividend, a shareholder must own stock as of the stream Remediation: Instructor Access: Unlimited email/phone access to our expert NRS Exam Prep instructors Within this four-year period, the individual must become associated with a FINRA member broker-dealer and pass a top-off exam (Specialized Knowledge Exam or SKE), such as the Series 6 or Series 7. We are so confident that we offer candidates a “NO-PASS, NO-PAY” guarantee. The SIE Exam Content Outline is comprised of four sections: – Knowledge of Capital Markets (16%) – Understanding Products and Their Risks (44%) z �_\��y�\@R��ы��ȫ؋���e��_�Eb�m�Z�R��vZ�k��LN�_�h� >����>�H�|���3���N��nbdf��ՏGmo�Y��w�k#LE7N��WA ���1���}���:5��[N"�)�W�Zed6���. Our Pass the SIE™ Exam Manual (this textbook) is written in Plain English so you can learn concepts and assimilate the material quickly and easily. endstream endobj 5895 0 obj <>/Metadata 106 0 R/Pages 5889 0 R/StructTreeRoot 138 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 5913 0 R>> endobj 5896 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 5890 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 5897 0 obj <>stream � ?Pf��}%;�霹����.b���~�hS�$eߛ���Dh#�4�b����ʐ '���� I�������=�~��I=��P��NxXX���Ԟͮ�� ���m.�j���-�+$�T5χ��B�����g<>O�Bv��?e���y6�V�\׉��~�����eʽ���$��z %���� There are 85 items on the exam (75 scored and 10 unscored, pre-test items) presented in a multiple-choice format. {./����u �.�J��H���&[�˪^�©�|~!�djT�g�rQh�oj���~���ڙ�e endobj endstream endobj 2745 0 obj <>stream Full-length practice exam includes 75 questions, answers, and answer rationales covering all SIE Exam topics: The SIE is a new regulatory exam covering foundational knowledge used in careers in investment banking, wealth management, sales and trading and more. Study anywhere, anytime. – Knowledge of Capital Markets (16%) Io+ Ask about parking when you schedule your exam. 1E�27��L2qa���F;�b��j��M��`c3x�g���H�<1��q�ˢ$Qi���8߉;�:�D^��D\g�� �@@�%vn����i=���(����0D���G���K� �dU� 9 0 obj endstream endobj 2735 0 obj <>stream Candidates have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam. endstream endobj 2742 0 obj <>stream ��,�aY$fY,fU"fU�ê��g-��h��/fW�ö�';d���v c_��O�8��X�������Ԁ�Oof�JL0Ψ΍�Ʃ'� >����7L�.o��U���}��;��8U��Q�TR��o�B��e�QVJIޥz �����$�ݎ�ɬ�n�����%3 %������t����3!Ž�LR��9�q���f� �Yd�Tz)��;�^����UHi��֎׉��d�c�����������C� �㖖V����.��Be�`Ye�� ���ԩY��FY��m����b;a

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